To truly immerse yourself in the charm of Pune, your stay is as crucial as the adventures that await you. When the air sings the tune of Jingle Bells and the beautiful city of Pune prepares itself for a celebration to be beckoned with, you get to experience it firsthand! Celebrate your New Years in the picturesque sceneries of Pune and spend your time at these luxury getaways. Take a look at this list of villas perfect for New Years around Pune | 2023 and prepare to be mesmerized by the experiences they offer!

1) Boutique Farm Stay

Karjat, Maharashtra

A Premier Getaway in Pune

An amazing villa perfect for New Years around Pune | 2023

Nothing short of a magical escape into tranquility, this villa is an ideal spot for a memorable New Year's celebration. From the moment you arrive, the charming blend of rustic ambiance and modern amenities creates an enchanting atmosphere to enjoy.

One of the best villas perfect for New Years around Pune | 2023, this piece of beauty is situated amidst lush greenery, offering an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. From nature walks to bird watching and even a small organic farm tour, there is never a moment to waste! Perfect for a peaceful yet festive retreat, this farm stay will allow you to ground yourself with nature and celebrate New Year like never before!

The farm to table dining experience really blows you away! Fresh, organic, locally sourced ingredients were transformed into culinary masterpieces. And when the New Year arrives, you can expect a lot of different flavors on your plate!

What We Love: The bonfires under the clear night sky is also a magical experience you should take advantage of! The warmth of the bonfire, coupled with a stargazing session, added a touch of joie de vivre to the experience. Not to mention cycling, kayaking, exploring the art village and the nursey farm for your daily adventurous activities

Travel Tip: Being a pet friendly villa, you can bring your furry friend and celebrate the New Years together!

Suitable For: Travel and Adventure Enthusiasts

Distance from Pune: 100 km

Time taken from Pune: 2 hours 30 minutes, by road!

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2) Private Beach Resort

Ganpatipule, Maharashtra

The Perfect Villa For New Year's Celebrations

The best villa perfect for New Years 2023

Ganpatipule is known for its breathtaking sunsets, and the Private Beach Resort offers front-row seats to this daily spectacle. From water sports on the beach to a rejuvenating spa, there is something or other for everyone. The resort's well-maintained pool also provided a refreshing break for those seeking a leisurely swim.

The beach in the distance is always present for its use! The dinner featuring a lavish spread of coastal delicacies, live music, and a lively dance floor will be the best way to celebrate the New Years.

What We Love: The highlight of this place was the direct and private access to the beach. Celebrating New Year's Eve with a moonlit walk along the shoreline and the gentle lull of the waves is an experience that cannot be described in words and might be one of the best things you ever feel in your life! Moreover, the Arey Ware Beach and the Malgund Beach are on a walking distance from here!

Travel Tip: You can participate in paragliding or simply go on a trek along the nature trails surrounding this villa and celebrate your New Years with an adventure. There is also a mini waterpark where you can enjoy with your loved ones!

Suitable For: Family, friends and couples! With something for everyone, this villa does not disappoint as they provide private access to beaches, water sports and also the cottages and villas from where you can appreciate a beautiful sunset!

Distance from Pune: 327 km

Time taken from Pune: A 6 hours 50 minutes drive!

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3) Luxury Hill Getaway

Panchgani, Maharashtra

A Heavenly Villa Around Pune

A serene villa near Pune for New Years celebration 2023

This luxury hill getaway boasts a strategic location atop the hill station of Panchgani, offering breathtaking views of the lush valleys and surrounding mountains. The serene atmosphere, coupled with the cool mountain air, creates a serene backdrop for a New Year's celebration is how you want to celebrate it!

The well-appointed rooms provides a cozy retreat, while the private balconies offers panoramic views of the beautiful landscape. A perfect blend of comfort and nature, this is one of the best places to spend your New Years. With such heavenly views while you are swimming in the infinity pool or just laying on your bed, trying to hear the chirping of the birds, you will be transported to the place where peace resides!

With such heavenly views while you are swimming in the infinity pool or just laying on your bed, trying to hear the chirping of the birds, you will be transported to the place where peace resides!

What We Love: With a salon, spa, gym, tennis court, snooker and various indoor games to be played, you can also keep yourself engaged when you are bored from just appreciating the beauty of the place!

Travel Tip: The Panchgani market is just 5 km away, so you can visit it in the evening to see how the New Year preparations are coming along with the locals!

Suitable for: Hill and Mountains Enthusiasts!

Distance from Pune: 98 km

Time taken from Pune: 2 hours

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4) Scenic Resort

Shendi, Maharashtra

A Romantic Villa Around Pune

The best cottages for new year in Pune

An unforgettable celebration of human life, the Scenic Resort actually provides happiness once you arrive here! The charming cottages and the treehouses seamlessly merge aesthetics with modern comforts. Each room feels like a private haven, from where you can enjoy nature!

The resort resides in its idyllic location along the serene banks of a tranquil lake. The calming presence of water surrounded by lush greenery sets the stage for a peaceful and rejuvenating New Year's retreat.

The treehouses are a real beauty and moreover, you can take a hike through the nature trails with your pet and have a great time together! With an unique rustic charm, the Scenic Resort with its treehouses and villas does not disappoint!

What We Love: From nature trails to boating on the lake, you can choose your adventure and be prepared to be mesmerized by your choice! Remember, you can also celebrate your New Year amidst a room full of people singing ghazals and karaoke!

Travel Tip: The Ghat Roads on the way to this resort is even more beautiful than the view from the balconies!

Suitable For: Treehouse Enthusiasts and couples!

Distance from Pune: 164 km

Time taken from Pune: 4 hours 15 minutes, by road!

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This is the place where we bid you adieu. This was the list of curated places for you in Pune, where you get to have a once in a lifetime experience of having an adventure whilst also celebrating the New Year altogether. From the lush trees to the clear beaches, believe me, you will leave a changed person! Come to these Villas Perfect for New Years Around Pune | 2023 and have a great experience! Don't forget to write down your resolutions for the New Year though!

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