Want to wander around Nature in such a way that you feel peace and calm walking by your side, holding your hands? Thinking of just recharging yourself from your hectic schedule and actually putting aside time for yourself? Have the urge of living life, if not to the fullest, just a little bit with happiness? We have got you covered! Let us take a look at some of the most unique villas near Mumbai- beautiful villas for a weekend getaway that will both make you happy and leave content after visiting these places!

1: Boutique Farm Stay

Karjat, Maharashtra

A Picture Perfect Getaway near Mumbai

A beautiful villa perfect for a weekend getaway near Mumbai

When all of Karjat sleeps, this beautiful piece of architecture, stands in its glory, emitting a bright ray of beauty and grace. Located in a village where the farm is just within your hand's reach, Boutique Farm Stay will make you smile every time you open your bedroom door and feast your eyes on the scenery surrounding this place! The most appreciable thing at this resort is the farm to table concept where you get to eat fresh organic food harvested from the farm itself!

With an Art Village and a Nursery farm within a few feet from your rooms, be prepared to soak in the exquisite experience this place has to offer. From singing with your guitar around the bonfires to simply appreciating the beautiful night sky while you lay awake on your hammock, this is a once of a lifetime experience where you will leave this place, a better person.

What We Love: Tucked amidst beauty, the sunsets that take place from this luxurious villa is to die for! The villa also has a pool inside the property and lo and behold, a private lake. Mostly, for going kayaking, if you are not a big fan, then you can surely go cycling around the property!

Travel Tip: This is a pet friendly resort, so bring your furry friend along for the ride!

Suitable For: This is a beautiful resort perfect for a weekend getaway. Come with your partner, friends and family and have a great time enjoying the elegance!

Distance from Mumbai: 63 km

Time taken from Mumbai: 1 hour 40 minutes

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Beach Family Resort

The perfect villa near Mumbai for your weekend getaway

With the Kihim Beach just 2 minutes from this villa, and the vast ocean from there, the horizonless water body just makes you feel relaxed! With a nature trail to hike on, and like minded people staying near the villa, your evenings will never be boring as there is something new to discover every moment!

This beautiful villa rests just 2 minutes from the ocean which means only one thing: more time to enjoy the beach and the clear water! With a vintage vibe in the rooms and a great atmosphere for chilling and taking in the vibe, this beautiful piece of architecture is what you simply need from the hectic life!

What We Love About This Fantastic Villa That Will Take Your Breath Away?

The highlight of this beautiful villa is obviously the ferry rie you have to take when you reach this destination. And, when you reach, you have to walk through a road bordered with trees on both sides and believe me, it is something out of this world!

Travel Tip: When the sun rises, take a walk on the beach. You will feel content and satisfied with the experience!

Suitable For: Couples, Family and Friends!

Distance from Mumbai: 98 km

Time taken from Mumbai: 2 hours 50 minutes, by road

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Romantic Treehouse

The best villa near Mumbai for a perfect weekend getaway

As the name suggests, this is really situated on a true! With panoramic view of the entire property, including the lake which is in a walking distance. Moreover, the mountains in the horizon, make up for a cozy and comfortable stay here.

The hammock, the comfortable reclining chairs and a cup of coffee! The best combination of enjoying yourself! Might I also include the sunset! With the polite behavior of the staff and the delicious food, you will feel content! And satisfied also!

What We Love About This Beautiful Villa Near Mumbai Perfect For a Weekend Getaway

The highlight of this property is the friends you will get to make along the way! Obviously, I am talking about the bullock cart and their driver! At once, they will take you on a personal journey around the property. And you can discover the nook and crannies of the villa yourself! Along with two respectable and polite friends!

The sunsets are just of this world, and coming across such villas near mumbai with private pool is hard to come by! So, take your chance, pack your bags, and take the step forward!

Travel Tip: Just sit on the bullock cart once! or maybe again, again.....

Suitable For: Everyone!

Distance from Mumbai: 270 km

Time taken from Mumbai: 5 hours 45 minutes, by road

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These were a list of the villa near Mumbai which are available for providing immersive experiences! Moreover these villas provide you with one thing that you keep searching around for: peace! So, if you want to know more about such stays, check out Unique Stays to Celebrate New Years near Mumbai or simply, go through Luxury Weekend Getaways near Mumbai for Couples!

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