Have you had an uninspiring week, month, or even year? I know for a fact that the daily life of the residents of metropolitan cities is quite boring. You mostly have the same schedules day in and day out. While i hope everyone is doing something they enjoy, you still want to take a break at times. I am also well aware that sometimes you just want a weekend getaway. Well if you're a resident of Mumbai (and even if you're not), i have prepared a list of villas near Mumbai - Beautiful Villas for a weekend Getaway just for you take your well deserved break.

Boutique Farmstay

villa near Mumbai

If you need a break, trust me this is the perfect spot for you because it is wonderful and allows you to just relax. The service is wonderfully wholesome and loving. You will surely feel welcome at this villa near Mumbai. Not to mention, the food is absolutely scrumptious! It will make you an extremely happy human, i assure you!

This villa near Mumbai also has a private pool you can access thus, making it one the best villas near Mumbai with a private pool. Now you have got to visit. Who wouldn't want the best after all? Fun fact: Every single one the rooms is different from each other so you have the luxury of aesthetics, design, and absolute comfort.

What we love about this location on the list of Villas near Mumbai - Beautiful Villas for a Weekend Getaway

The bonfires are a great place to make memories. Imagine sitting with family and friends with your guitar in hand (take yours if you have one!), singing songs and roasting mushrooms. A thing out of movies just waiting to be made real. It is a place to enjoy with your loved ones including your furry friends (yes, this resort is Pet friendly!). You can embark on an adventure by going Kayaking. And if you just want to laze around and discover the grounds of the property, you can try cycling around.

Travel Tip: ND studio is only a two minute walk from this resort if you're a movie buff

Suitable for: Learn about farming and planting with Family, Friends or as a couple. You will have a wonderful experience with all.

Time from Mumbai: 1 hour away by road

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Beach Family Resort

villas near Mumbai with a private pool

This is on the list of villas near Mumbai with a private pool making it an ideal getaway for you! It is a 2 minute walk away from Kihim Beach and there are also other beaches in close proximity from the getaway. This beach family resort is perfect for those who want a home away from home. But extremely luxurious (;

The rooms are spacious but designed in a minimalistic fashion. Thus, making it the perfect spot for those who want a simple and cozy room above all else. The food is delicious but the view is even more exciting. Lush green surroundings and a beautiful coastline to just keep staring at. This is your dream getaway from your heavy schedules.

What we love about this location on the list of Villas near Mumbai - Beautiful Villas for a Weekend Getaway

The spa is an absolute delight for those who want to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. It is never crowded at this resort and holds the warmth and love of a homestay. You will get to hear the birds chirp, relax while staring the beautiful scenery, and just enjoy your time. You can go with your family and friends or even as a couple. All just to relax.

Travel Tip: If you want to reach here in a fun way, you can take a ferry. It is just a 40 minute ride away.

Suitable for: Families and friends and also couples, all would have a relaxing time away from their busy schedules.

Time from Mumbai: 2.5 hours away by road

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Romantic Treehouse

Treehouse cottage villas

If you're searching for a truly different experience, here is one of the most rare and luxurious Treehouse cottage villas for you. It is especially for all the couples! It is extremely romantic and a great relaxing time away for all those couples who are looking to enjoy their time together. It is comfort at the finest level even though it is a treehouse. You must remember it is a Luxurious treehouse though.

What we love about this location on the list of Villas near Mumbai - Beautiful Villas for a Weekend Getaway

The food is absolutely delicious. You will finish while licking your fingers clean. Not to mention, it is a bird watcher's delight! You will wake up to the sounds of birds watching and sleep to the serenity of the surroundings. There is also a boating facility for the adventurous lot. If you are going on the getaway, you might as well try this as well, right?

Travel Tip: Try to wake up in the morning to witness the sunrise yet again! Also the resort houses only 4 treehouses and few cottages so book in advance!

Suitable for: Couples would enjoy having a lovely time here because it is extremely romantic.

Time from Mumbai: 4 hours away by road

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