Looking to getaway for the day? Miss being out on the road? We have our favourite waterfall destinations near Bangalore for winter road trips! 

Gokak Fall 

This waterfall is located on the Gharaprabha River in the Belagavi district of Karnataka. This is the perfect destination for a senic roadtrip! The largest drop of the fall is 52 meters and the cliff is made of sandstone- located in the center of a rugged valley. 

The waterfall is shaped like a horseshoe which adds charm to the overall view. The roads to the waterfall are relatively well kept with a few patches of disturbance. The best months to visit are from October to June. 

This is an ideal road-trip to pack some steaming food to drive down to the location of the waterfall. The landscape is lush, green, and breathtaking. One could set up a picnic overlooking the waterfall. The waterfall lights up once the sun starts to set. The is a must for any photographers looking to break out their camera and sharpen some skills! The waterfall is considered to be a small-scale Niagara Falls which makes the drive worth it! 

Satodi Falls 

This is the perfect waterfall destination near Bangalore for a winter road trip! The fall is located in the Uttara Kannada district near Yellapur. The waterfall is a result of several unnamed streams joining at the Kallaramane Ghat. The roads to the location are well maintained and the waterfall is 400 KM out of Bangalore. Petrol stops are in Sirsi. 

The waterfall has a staircase-like build of the rocks makes it seem as though there is a hidden walkway underneath the flowing water. While there are little to no food stops or lodges on the way- this is a 10/10 recommend for a gang of friends looking to re-connect and refresh. 

You could start the day early by driving down to the waterfall and chill by the banks of the waterfall. One could bring their speaker and turn this getaway into a natural pool party as the waterfall is shallow enough for people to go for a swim. The day out could end with some food and a scenic and smooth drive back home! 

Magod Falls 

If you’re looking to explore then this is the road trip for you! This relatively unknown waterfall is the perfect combination of outdoors and relaxing. Located on the Western Ghats of Karnataka, this waterfall roars in all its glory during the winters and monsoon. Located in the Uttara Kannada district, this is a two-tiered waterfall acting as the meeting point for Bedti and Shalmala rivers. The highest drop is a stunning 200 m. The waterfall is 400 KM out of Bangalore with a petrol stop-in Sirsi.

We advise that you visit during the winters as opposed to the monsoon because of the inability to hike. While visiting during the monsoon will allow you to see the water stream split into two, visiting during the rainy season would not allow you to hike the kilometer to the top to look at the waterfall from the viewing point. The best time to visit is between October and February.

This is the perfect road trip for a family wanting to keep the children entertained! A road trip to the location would build up their energy which trekking to the top will drain- we can guarantee a peaceful ride home with children excited to get to bed early! 


This is the perfect road trip for nature lovers looking to take some fantastic pictures or to breathe some fresh air. Located in Chikmagalur, this beautiful location is just a two-hour drive from the city! The waterfall can be found in the dense forest of Baba Budangiri hills in the Western Ghats of India and has a height of around 30 feet. The waterfall is 270 KM out of Bangalore with a petrol stop near Chickmangolore.

This waterfall does not drain out during the summer making it available all year round but we recommend visiting during the monsoon to view the fall in its true glory. The name translates to a string of pearls and the location is considered a holy site by Hindus and Muslims. Locals believe that bathing in the waterfall can cure issues that pertain to health and clarity.

This road trip is perfect for those looking to drive out to become one with nature and rejuvenate. You could spend your day exploring the hills, take a dip in the waterfall and bask in the beauty around you. The roads are well-kept and there are various food joints on the way to and back.

 Irpu Falls 

Also known as the Lakshmana Tritha Falls - this Waterfall destination near Bangalore is perfect for a winter road trip. The waterfall is a part of the Nagarhole National Park. The waterfall is 250 KM from Bangalore and has a petrol stop in Hunsur.

This is the perfect road trip for those looking to get away from the hustle-bustle of the city. The way there is full of boards and signals and google maps takes you to the exact location but the last 200m of the drive is a little difficult. 

The waterfall is located within a temple which is followed by a 750-meter trek with the rumbling inviting you from much before! This might not be the perfect waterfall to take a dip as the area is known to be home to various snake species but one can enjoy the hike to the waterfall and then a walk nearly into the waterfall. This waterfall is calmer than the others on the list but there is a charm in the peace it offers! Getting to the waterfall is more trek heavy so this is perfect for someone trying to challenge themselves with a workout!

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