Are you a travel enthusiast? Are you in love with nature? Do you prefer being in the wildlife to your concrete jungle? Well then, not to fret. This weekend getaway resort in Tadoba, Maharashtra is the answer to all of your questions. Especially if you want to getaway from humans and live with animals instead. This will definitely be one of the best wildlife resorts to stay at when visiting Tadoba.

best weekend resort to visit in tadoba

Surrounded by greenery, this beautiful resort is just the place you want to visit if you want to unwind. The two beautiful cottages they offer, deliver the best comfort. They are equipped with beds that make you sleep like a baby. Also, the design at these cottages is absolutely beautiful and aesthetic. Everyone would have a wonderful time here whether they come with family or friends.

This is definitely one of the finest resorts amongst Tadoba national park resorts. Don't you ever feel like taking a break and just relaxing in nature? Do it then! And do it here because while relaxing so you can also hear the sounds of birds chirping. This luxury getaway has some of the most wholesome staff. They will offer stories about the tigers of Tadoba and you are sure to be amused during your stay here.

What we love about this weekend getaway resort in Tadoba

This will be one of the best wildlife resorts to stay at when visiting tadoba for wildlife enthusiasts. It is comfort conjoined with luxury and a lot of stories of adventure. If you want to venture out during your stay here, you can visit the tiger sanctuaries for the wildlife sighting. You can also take a boat ride in the Irai Lake for birdwatching. However, even this weekend getaway resort in Tadoba is visited by a lot of birds. All one needs to do is sit outside!

Even if you don't want to leave the comfort of your cottage, you will still be immersed in nature. And while you're here, you will be served the most delicious food as well. Yummy and scrumptious are not enough adjectives for the food served here. So, hurry up, pack your bags, and spend your time at this weekend getaway resort in Tadoba.

Travel tip: Visit this location either in the summers or winter. You will enjoy your time with pleasant weather conditions.

Suitable for: Families and friends who are wildlife enthusiasts would have a wonderful time here!

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