Weekends keep coming and going but are you still stuck in your same old flat in Bangalore with a morning cup of tea or coffee on your balcony overlooking the streets outside? Times are tough and you sure could do with a little respite. Now, what if I tell you that you could still have the same cup of chai or coffee in the morning while viewing dense shrubs and trees all around you? Maybe wake up to the sounds of birds chirping and hit the bed with the sounds of wild animals roaring? Huh, Bangalore and wildlife, you question? We say, yes! So, here's five amazing wildlife getaways near Bangalore perfect for your upcoming weekend.

Ready for some adventure into the wild? Dive right in!

1. Wildlife Getaway near Bangalore to Nagarahole National Park

elephant at nagarahole national park near bangalore for a wildlife getaway

Located right on the foothills of the Western Ghats, Nagarahole's picturesque dense forests beckons you for a perfect wildlife getaway near Bangalore. On one hand, you can fill your hearts with streams, verdant valleys, undulating hills, pristine lakes, and gushing waterfalls. On the other, there's the thrill of being surrounded by wild animals like golden jackals, giant flying squirrels, sloth bears, chital deer, elephants, and even the elusive leopards.

A part of the Nagarahole national park is also a tiger reserve and home to the Bengal tiger. Imagine one standing right in front of you, looking straight into your eyes while you are seated in your jeep. One movement and the beast can come pouncing at you! Oh, the spine-chilling excitement! Visit Nagarahole and experience it all yourself. You could take a bus ride or jeep safari for spotting the terrestrial animals. For experiencing aquatic life, you can book a coracle ride.

Distance of Nagarahole National Park from Bangalore: 230 kms

Road Conditions: Well- maintained

Food and Accommodation: If you wish to stay inside the park, you can choose between the forest lodge, high-end resorts like Orange County, or dormitories. Food is available too at these places.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Hunsur

Best Time to Visit: April - May when waterholes go dry and the wild animals come out to the lakeside. November - February temperature-wise is a pleasant time to visit for jungle safaris. During monsoons, the national park is usually shut down for tourists due to heavy rainfall.

2. Mudumalai National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary

tiger inside Mudumalai National  and Toger Reserve - wildlife getaway near Bangalore

Talk of wildlife getaways near Bangalore and you'd not wanna miss the Mudumalai National Park. Why, you ask? Well, how do you feel about spotting the Great Indian Rock Python, a tiger, leopard, or panther? Are you already tingled at the thought of it? There, you have your answer to your "why". Here, apart from a jungle safari, you can also enjoy the quiet of the forests by taking a guided tour of its many trekking trails. You'd become a fan of jungle hikes, I tell you!

For a unique experience at this national park near Bangalore, you could also take an elephant safari or play and bathe them at the elephant camp. If you are a birder, you'd be much pleased to witness the park's abundance of avifauna. Take your DSLRs and you'd come back with eye-catching pictures of peacocks, Malabar grey hornbills, vultures, and various migratory birds. Off you go on an epic getaway to a wildlife sanctuary near Bangalore!

Oh, and you wanna know another interesting fact? Mudumalai is said to be the home to 13% of India's mammal species. All the way more reason to add this wildlife sanctuary near Bangalore on your bucket list, right?

Distance of Mudumalai National Park from Bangalore: 240 kms

Road Conditions: Well- maintained

Food and Accommodation: From budget lodges to luxury resorts, you have various options to choose from in Mudumalai National Park. There's also a restaurant run by TNTDC near Pykara Lake.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Gundlupet

Best Time to Visit: September - October is a pleasant time to visit although you'd probably not be able to sight many animals. The winter months beckon migratory birds, thus, the perfect time for birders and photographers to visit Mudumalai National Park. For animal sighting, February - May would be your best bet.

3. Wildlife Getaway near Bangalore to Bandipur National Park

wildlife inside Bandipur National Park for getaway into the wild from Bangalore

You must have already heard the name of Bandipur National Park, the home to the second largest number of tigers in India. And to think that it is only around a five-hour drive away from your house in Bangalore, huh? Trust me, it is one of the best options for wildlife getaways near Bangalore for a mind-blowing weekend in the wild.

You must get aboard a jungle safari to experience nature and wildlife at its best. Don't forget your camera back at home because there are elephants, antelopes, langurs, and even leopards here in Bandipur. And you've always wanted to see a tiger in the jungle too, haven't you? Well, you wouldn't wanna miss your chance to spot the fierce predator, hiding away from plain sight in the shades, as the leaves rustle under its prowling paws.

Distance of Bandipur National Park from Bangalore: 220 kms

Road Conditions: Well- maintained

Food and Accommodation: Several resorts are available in Bandipur for a memorable stay in comfort and luxury with lip-smacking food.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Gundlupet

Best Time to Visit: A year round destination, although best explored from October to May for animal sightings when the rains are gone.

4. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

tiger inside Bhadra wildlife sanctuary for wildlife getaway near Bangalore within 300kms

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary near Bangalore is a haven for nature lovers and wanderers (aren't you one too?). Stunning verdant views, dense forest canopy walks, formidable wild animals, and the tantalizing aroma from the coffee plantations in the surrounding areas - everything you were looking for in your wildlife getaways near Bangalore is right here. Leopards, elephants, jackals, wild boars, pit bulls, bush quails, and numerous other species of birds and animals call Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary their home. If you are the lucky traveler, you can also spot a tiger on your safari.

For the more adventurous lot, you can go rafting in the Bhadra river or try your hand at rock climbing. There are also other trekking trails where you can just breathe in the magnificence of Mother Nature. And if that wasn't enough convincing, let me tell you that there is a 300-year old giant teak tree named Jagara in the forest. Think you'd really wanna keep yourself from photographing this majestic being? I guess not!

Distance of Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary from Bangalore: 270 kms

Road Conditions: Well- maintained

Food and Accommodation: A stay in the area can be arranged at Jungle Greens Home Stay in Muthodi Village or River Tern Jungle Lodge near Lakkavalli, Bhadra Dam.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Chikkamagalur

Best Time to Visit: October - February

5. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

See Beautiful Birds in Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary on your wildlife getaway

Maybe not a tiger, but how about being in a boat and spotting a croc basking on the bank right next to you? Do you want to enjoy this kind of thrill and also watch some rare birds along the way? Nature lovers, you've got to head to the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary. From white ibis, painted stork, herons, to migratory birds from Siberia, Australia, and North America, you are in for a wonderful treat to the eyes!

The best way to explore this wildlife getaway near Bangalore comprising of six tiny islands is by taking a boat ride. And you know the best part? These boatmen are all locals and appointed by the forest department. So they are very well informed about the avian fauna of the region. Tell them, and they would even take you to all those hidden spots around the island to photograph birds while they are nesting. If you have children at home, they would especially love this enriching birding experience.

Oh, and about the crocodiles, they wouldn't eat you, I promise (or at least the local oarsmen do!)

Distance of Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary from Bangalore: 130 kms

Road Conditions: Well- maintained

Food and Accommodation: Within the sanctuary, there is no accommodation facility. A small canteen near the lake usually suffices for the time you are on the boat. Otherwise, you'll get restaurants and comfortable accommodations in Srirangapatna which is around 5 km away. You could also return back to your resort or homestay in Mysore.

Nearest Petrol Pump: SR Patna

Best Time to Visit: June to November (nesting season), December and January for migratory birds. Morning boat rides are best to avoid the crowds and see birds feeding.

Umm... some more getaways from Bangalore maybe?

Didn't think that you'd find such amazing wildlife getaways near Bangalore, right? But now that you do, go have an epic weekend! You might also wanna check out these historical places and hills near Bangalore perfect for road trips. We. know you'd love it (who doesn't love road trips, anyways?). Or wait, is your birthday coming up? Then check out these unique birthday getaways near Bangalore (advance happy birthday wishes from us). For more such handpicked getaways near your city, Yuyiii is at your service, dear reader!

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