Living in Delhi can get very tiring because of the busy city life, constant traffic and cement buildings. I know I definitely get exhausted just living the same schedule day after day. At moments like this, we all dream of a relaxing getaway. And what better than Wildlife Getaways near Delhi? We have curated just that for you. All located a few hours away from Delhi in Sariska National Park! Go on and read this curated life of the best wildlife getaways from Delhi.

Wilderness Stay

wildlife getaways near delhi - sariska national park

This property in Sariska is a dream come true. How? Well haven’t you ever dreamt of living in a luxurious spacious tent that makes you feel like royalty? Well, you don’t have to. You can just live it here!

Nestled in the Aravalli hills, this handpicked wild stay near Delhi is a sight to behold. The luxurious Swiss tents will give you an experience that you will always remember. The rare experience is comfort at its finest in the midst of the hilly ranges and nature. Also the amenities and services ensure all your needs are met.

What we love about this Wildlife Getaway near Delhi

The nights are absolutely beautiful at this handpicked wild stay near Delhi. And the bonfire at this place is an even more beautiful experience. The memories from this are sure to stay with you forever. The luxury and serenity offered in abundance are not the only things you will like here.

This wildlife sanctuary near Delhi offers the option of arranging a wildlife safari just for you! All you have to do is arrange it by calling beforehand. Imagine. An adventurous safari during the day. And a beautiful bonfire under the stars at night. It could not get any better than this. Now stop imagining and actually visit! Also, the food here is absolutely delicious.

Travel Tip: Wake up early to witness the sunrise. It is magnificent and you won’t regret waking up so early.

Time from Delhi: 3.5 hours

Suitable for: The bonfires could be romantic for couples. And the safaris could be memorable for families. So it’s suitable for both!

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Jungle Retreat

handpicked getaways near delhi

The second location on this list of handpicked getaways near Delhi is another hidden gem. It is a beautiful site waiting for you to come and have an adventure of a lifetime. The property contains all the qualities to rejuvenate your soul. The beauty is not only on the outside. It is also present in the property itself. Each corner is thoughtfully and artfully designed. Comfort comes from wholesome surroundings as well. And this location is definitely comforting in its design.

The food here is extremely delicious. In fact, some of the ingredients are grown and sourced locally. Besides the absolutely delectable dishes given, even the service here is commendable.

What we love about this Wildlife Getaway near Delhi

This wildlife sanctuary near Delhi is inspired by the Colonial British Era. The jungle lodge itself is only a few minutes away from the Sariska Sanctuary. Here, you will find one of India’s oldest Tiger reserves. Even the pond at this Jungle resort is a sight to behold.

The handpicked wildlife stay near Delhi contains the most beautiful skies. In the mornings and the nights. The sky is filled with stars that you won’t get to see in the city. And the skies which are known to be grey in Delhi, will be blue here. Do you need any more reasons to visit? I will give you one more. If you like birds, you will thoroughly enjoy it here. The birds chirping in the morning is what will wake you up!

Travel Tip: If you want to go on Safari, inform them beforehand. They will arrange it accordingly.

Time from Delhi: 4 hours

Suitable for: Suitable for all! Families, friends and couples.

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