Tired of the same old grind, going to work or college every day? Let's switch it up! It's time for a change! Take a well-deserved break and explore these beautiful places, for Winter Getaways near Bangalore for families.

Ditch the routine, and check out some cool winter spots with us. Pack your bags, let the hunger for adventure take you where your heart wants, and get ready for some awesome family time. Embrace the magic of these beautiful destinations, perfect for a family getaway.

1. Hidden Paradise Campsite

Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

A coffee plantation winter getaway Near Bangalore

A charming cabin nestled in a winter landscape, surrounded by trees, getaway near Bangalore.

Winter's here, and guess what? It's getaway o'clock—because you've earned it!

How does the idea of gathering around a warm, cozy bonfire surrounded by the hills, with your loved ones and sipping on the freshest coffee sound to you? Don't just wait Escape to the Hidden Paradise Campsite in Yercaud, Tamil Nadu.

Imagine waking up in cozy Swiss tents with balconies that offer breathtaking views of the valley. Each tent is super comfortable and clean creating a homely atmosphere.

With three rooms suitable for families it is perfect for a Winter Getaway near Bangalore for families before 2024 begins. Picture yourself enjoying the best coffee amidst green plantations and misty forests, while discovering nature trails and wildlife wonders.

Explore nature trails and wildlife in the nearby green coffee plantations. As the sun sets, gather in a tree-surrounded dining area. Enjoy peaceful walks in the beautiful garden under the starry sky.

Warm up by the cozy bonfires or treks with friends or walks. If this got you excited, don't wait – go for it!—book your stay here and start 2024 with the happiest memories.

What We Love:

The warm hues of the stunning sunset and sunrise, surrounded by the hills are pure bliss.

Travel Tip:

Don't miss the sunset or sunrise.

Suitable For:

Solo travelers, adventure and trek lovers should visit this campsite, It is a good place to spend time with family and friends.

 Distance from Bangalore (nearest city): 229 km

Time taken from Bangalore: 5 hours 24 minutes, by road!

Ready for a camping adventure with nature? Check out some actual pictures and videos that capture the charm of the experience, at Hidden Paradise Campsite in Yercaud. Click here to explore!

2. Yercaud Bungalow Stay

Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

Homestay Winter Getaway near Bangalore

Explore Winter Getaways near Bangalore for families. Discover curated destinations offering cozy stays, stunning views, and delightful family activities.

Escape the concrete jungle and embrace a break at our Homestay, a Colonial Bungalow that promises heritage, history, and family comfort. With three spacious rooms accommodating 10 guests, enjoy a balcony, cozy bedrooms, and a beautiful garden.

Immerse yourself in the British charm of this 100-year-old property. Step away from the city bustle and find peace at our Homestay— making every moment a walk down memory lane amidst peaceful surroundings.

Enjoy your evenings by the campfire, let the kids play freely in the open grounds, and let the cozy bedrooms become your retreat. Decorated with care and well-maintained, Yercaud Bungalow Stay offers a chance to escape the chaos and create lovely memories.

What We Love:

The bungalow steals the show with its calm surroundings and lovely garden. The villa is not just beautiful and clean. The caretaker's kindness adds to the charm, making it an ideal spot to relax.

 Travel Tip:

Bring your friends along to this bungalow and have the best time. Ensure your electronic devices are fully charged. Power outages are common.

 Suitable For:

Family and Friends looking to spend some quality time together.

 Distance from Bangalore (nearest city):  229 km

Time taken from Bangalore: 5 hours 24 minutes, by car

Ready to go back in time and enjoy the best of winter?

Check out some actual pictures and videos that capture the charm of the experience, Yercaud Bungalow Stay. Click here to take a peek!

3.  Hidden Mountain Cottages

Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

Yercaud's Hidden Winter Getaway Near Bangalore

Warm, cozy cabins for the perfect stay for Winter Getaways Near Bangalore for Families.

Escape to the Hidden Mountain Cottages in Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, a hidden gem in the Eastern Ghats, offering an ideal winter retreat. Surrounded by lush greenery, this cozy property invites you to unwind in spacious cottages that blend comfort with the beauty of nature.

Picture cozy forest resorts which offer not just relaxation but fun activities like fishing in the private lake and, if you’re lucky you can spot majestic Indian bison in the forest.

Take a stroll along nature trails or join a plantation tour to discover macadamia nuts. Swap out the loud traffic and the never-ending clock ticking for the soothing background of a thousand birds. The perfect atmosphere for your stay.

For food enthusiasts, have delicious meals and, as the sun sets, witness breathtaking views from the ledge seating area. The property is perfect for playing basketball and cycling. In the evenings, gather around the campfire for a cozy and warm atmosphere –(we recommend having a bunch of the best ghost stories ready to go!)

With 12 rooms, each equipped with essential amenities like a desk, dining area, sofa, and toilet, Hidden Mountain Cottages ensures a delightful stay for big groups, families, and friends. Enjoy the perfect blend of comfort and nature at this inviting retreat.

 What We Love:

Catching breathtaking sunsets and sunrises from the ledge seats and exploring the vast hiking and trail areas.

 Travel Tip:

Explore the fun of fishing, whether you're a pro or a beginner. It's never too late to pick up new skills, especially in the friendly atmosphere of this beautiful spot.

Suitable For: 

Perfect for large groups, family gatherings, and reunions with friends.

Time taken from Bangalore:

1 hr 29 mins(167kms) from BLR

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the winter beauty, surrounded by wildlife and nature, on your Winter Getaways Near Bangalore for Families? Explore real pictures and videos that perfectly capture the charm of this unforgettable experience- Hidden Mountain Cottages, click here to take a look!


This gives you a sneak peek into our carefully selected list of Winter Getaways near Bangalore for families. Every place offers a special and unforgettable experience. Make memories that will last a lifetime.

Get ready, pack your bags, and favorite board games, and embark on a journey of exploration!

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