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Cottages Munnar, Kerala

Munnar SkyKite Resort


My birthday is right around the corner, and this year, I'm ditching the usual for something special. My fam's been working their tails off, and they deserve a break, right? So, here's the big secret plan – a surprise getaway to the downright dreamy Munnar SkyKite Resort in Munnar!

Waking up to misty mountains surrounding this property, fun activities, and making memories outside city chaos. I've been planning this for a while and by the looks of it Munnar SkyKite Resort, seems the perfect place for it.

I’m already dreaming of waking up to panoramic hills with the perfect cup of tea in my hands, surrounded by family. Lush green hills, fluffy clouds, the wind, all the birdsong ( and not car horns for a change!) and a feeling like you've stumbled into a National Geographic documentary.

But it's not just about the views (although, seriously, can we talk about those views for a sec? Breathtaking doesn't even cut it!). Inside these cottages, it's all luxury and coziness. Fireplaces, fluffy beds and balconies where you can sip chai and watch the world (or rather, the clouds) go by.

Now, if you're the adventurous type (or just have a competitive streak), get ready for the "Cryptic Trail." It's like a hike through a secret garden, leading you to hidden waterfalls. And if you're feeling more "Netflix and chill" than "Indiana Jones," worry not! There's a library with more books than your local bookstore, board games to unleash your inner child, and a spa that'll melt your stress away faster than a snowman in July.

But the pièce de résistance (that's fancy French for "best part," don't judge) are the cottages. We're talking Premier Cottages for your whole squad, Honeymoon Cottages with jacuzzis for getting all lovey-dovey, and Sunset View Cottages with jacuzzis for, well, watching the sunset from your jacuzzi. Because why not?

So, ditch the crowded beaches and forget the boring city lights. Munnar SkyKite Resort is calling your name (and probably waving a kite at you, because, you know, kites). This hidden gem in Munnar is waiting to make your vacation legendary (and maybe a little hazy, but that's just the clouds, not the tequila... hopefully). See you there, fellow adventurers! Let's get lost in the magic of Haze and Kites!

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Adventure along with Greenery!

They have tons of fun activities from Cryptic Trail Magic, a hidden trail leading to the mountain cap, covered in lush greenery and clouds. Explore the beauty of the hills of Munnar. Get ready for views that'll make your Insta(not to mention-you) go wild. The Munnar SkyKite Resort wraps you in wonder and magic, ensuring you leave with the best memories of Munnar. They have Splendid Cottages, from Premier Cottage, A double-decker room! Double beds, balconies, and a shared rooftop terrace. Ideal for a squad getaway or a family vacay, to honeymoon Cottage with Jacuzzi, a single villa with a rooftop terrace, balcony, and a double jacuzzi tub – perfect for lovebirds. Sunset View Cottage with Jacuzzi for that sundown experience(Don’t miss that solid sunset bunny :)) ! Five cottages with balconies, rooftop terraces, and jacuzzi tubs, ready to host your fam or romantic escapade. But wait, there's more! Munnar SkyKite Resort doesn't stop at just being cozy; it's a full-on adventure hub. Village tours, trekking, cycling through the hills, kite flying, bird watching, and even a spice garden tour – it's an activity-packed party.

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Munnar, Kerala

Munnar SkyKite Resort
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