With all that has gone down in the last two years, people seem to have turned away from bursting crackers in the name of Diwali. However, enjoying a relaxing weekend in the city full of firecrackers and smoke may not be your ideal weekend off. Here, we've got a list of 5 places you can visit for a quiet but memorable Diwali weekend outing near Pune.

Looking for a Diwali Weekend Outing Near Pune?

Well, look no further. From luxurious getaways to escapades close to nature, Yuyiii has got you covered. These Pune getaways are sure to turn your mood around and light up your world this Diwali weekend. 

Check out these quick Diwali getaways if you're looking to dazzle your weekend off work. However, if you're still wondering if it's safe to go out amid a global pandemic, don't worry. These safe and sanitized stays near Pune are just right for you to wash away your fears!

Dazzling Diwali at Lake View Resort, Malshej

Luxury while staying in touch with nature at this weekend getaway near Pune

There's nothing like fresh air and breezy mornings for a quiet vacation. With manicured lawns and a beautiful indoor garden, you can experience luxury while keeping in touch with the traditional. Spend Diwali dipping your feet into the calm lake waters or taking a picnic. You'll have a gala time! We're sold on this weekend getaway from Pune, are you?

Enjoy delicacies slow-cooked in earhen pits at this weekend outing

What We Love: The lip-smacking food and hospitable staff would make your getaway near Pune one for the books! The in-house restaurant, known for its delicacies that are slow-cooked in earthen pits, will blow your mind! 

Suitable For: Anyone looking for peaceful places in Pune by a beautiful lake should spend time here. The stay is Ideal for couples, friends and family.  

Time and Distance from Pune: 3 hr 18 min (112.8 km) via NH60

Weekend Near Pune at Colonial Charm Stay, Mahabaleshwar

English-colonial-style architecture at this resort near Pune is bound to charm you

What better way to spend a quiet weekend near Pune than to hide out in a beautiful place that takes you back in time? The stay's English colonial-style architecture and vintage restaurant pack all the charm! 

What' s better than a drink by the pool on a weekend outing?

What We Love: Enjoy a lazy weekend at this weekend outing near Pune complimentary breakfast in bed! The stay offers a variety of cuisines, and we vouch for the delicious taste!

Suitable For: The dreamy stay is a great way to spend quality time with a special someone. However, bringing your friends and family around is also a great idea if they're vintage-lovers

Time and Distance from Pune: 2 hr 59 min (119.3 km) via NH 48

Weekend Outing at All Suite Luxury Resort, Lonavala

With traditional low-rise Asian-Colonial design,, this resort near Pune has our hearts

Now, this is one of the weekend getaways from Pune that are every nature lover's dream! With a traditional low-rise Asian-Colonial design, the retreat has scores of 70-year old trees that make for a pristine view. So spend your Diwali amidst nature here!

At this weekend stay, scores of 70-year old trees that make for a pristine view from your balcony.

What We Love: If you're big on culture and art, this stay is a must-visit! Don't forget to grab freshly baked goodies while checking out gorgeous indigenous handicrafts.

Suitable For: Give your family the ultimate Pune weekend getaway! There's something for every age group with amenities like a spa, health club, library, and even cricket.

Time and Distance from Pune: 1 hr 26 min (66.3 km) via Bengaluru - Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai - Pune Hwy/Mumbai - Pune Expy

Pune Weekend Getaway at Luxury Plantation Stay in Khairavali, Mira Road

The unique interiors and aesthetics of this stay near Pune are gorgeous

Are you tired of ordinary life? Are you looking for offbeat places near Pune to spend a quiet but quirky Diwali weekend? This luxury resort, with its unique interiors and unusual aesthetics, is the solution.  

A private gazebo fine-dining date at this weekend outing her will be the most romantic thing you'll ever do

What We Love: Ask your special one out on a unique and private gazebo fine-dining date! These charming Balinese huts make for the most romantic date nights!

Suitable For: One of the most offbeat places close to Pune, the stay is great for everyone who likes the quirky and unique. The gazebo dining is simply a must-do for couples.

Time and Distance from Pune: 5 hr 12 min (207.2 km) via Bengaluru - Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai - Pune Hwy

Weekend Getaway at Karjat Valley Retreat, Karjat

Bring your pet along to make this Diwali weekend outing unforgettable

Yes, pets hate Diwali because of all the noise. So what better way to have a family trip in one of the best pet-friendly places to visit for a Diwali vacation? Come together at this rustic resort in the lap of nature and celebrate the joyous festival.  

These cute and well-equipped cottages will make your weekend outing relaxing and insta-worthy

What We Love: Stay in cute cottages well-equipped with all amenities like wi-fi, a minibar air-conditioning and your very own private sit-out! These quaint cottages are adorable, comfortable, and even insta-worthy!

Suitable For: One of the best romantic resorts near Pune, this stay is great for hanging out with friends or families with pets too!

Time and Distance from Pune: 2 hr 17 min (104.2 km) via Bengaluru - Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai - Pune Hwy/Mumbai - Pune Expy

So, these were our picks for 10 Pune getaways you can escape to for a genuinely peaceful Diwali weekend outing near Pune. We hope you took notes!


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