Known as the festival of lights, Diwali is loved by everyone. It brings together people from all walks of life. Rituals, good food, gifts definitely add to the festive camaraderie for those five days back to back. However, nothing beats that two-three day Diwali outing with your loved ones and extended family or friends. With Corona Lockdown, we might have to maintain social distancing with our loved ones. Therefore, we curated this list of Safe and Sanitised Resort Near Mumbai and Pune, Hygienic Resorts near Delhi. Quintessentially, for a soothing Weekend Road trip from Mumbai and Pune after Corona Lockdown do check them out:

Dazzle Up Your Diwali

Despite limited holidays that you might get from work, there are some beautiful destinations, weekend getaways near Pune, getaways near Delhi, family resorts near Mumbai , resorts near Pune for weekend in India that you could surely visit.

Where to go this Diwali after Corona Lockdown is Over?

Curated as per the accessibility from the nearest metropolitans and cities, we bet going to these places will definitely make your Diwali outing memorable.


Safe and Diwali Diwali destination in Maharashtra go visit after Corona Lockdown

The scenic views of Shendi are ineffable. Three hours from Pune and four hours from Mumbai, Shendi stuns you with its splendid lakes, waterfalls and surrounding Sahyadri range. The dreamy vibe there transports you to utopia and we won’t be surprised if Shendi lures you to visit it again and again.

Visit Shendi and a safe, sanitized stay there after the lockdown is over: Know more!


Diwali destination near Mumbai

Lofty mountains, serene rivers, ancient caves, ancient temples and a plethora of adventure sports await you at Karjat. The best part about Karjat is also that it is just two hours away from Mumbai as well as Pune. So, you can nonchalantly unwind there during even a short break during Diwali.

Visit Karjat and a safe, sanitized stay there after the lockdown is over: Know more!


Diwali outing in North

Shitlakhet is one of those rare hill getaways rather best weekend getaways from Delhi that have still managed to remain untouched. That’s the very reason why a nine-hour drive away from Delhi is worth it to experience its magic. The old-world charm and the resplendent mountains of Shitlakhet make you skip a heartbeat and we cannot recommend this weekend getaway near Delhi more to you for Diwali.

Visit Shitlakhet and a safe, sanitized stay there after the lockdown is over: Know more!


Kihim Beach for break

Searching for a weekend getaway near Mumbai this Diwali? Get going to Alibag because it is just a boat ride away and takes just within an hour to reach there. Its pristine beaches, palm trees, gushing ocean breeze will refresh you for sure. Miss going to this stunning weekend getaway near Pune this Diwali and it will be your loss.

Visit Kihim and a safe, sanitized stay there after the lockdown is over: Know more!

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