City life can be taxing! We feel you when you sigh to yourself, "Phew! If only the view out of my balcony had hills instead of these boring skyscrapers!" And then comes the capricious rains in Mumbai and Pune to worsen your mood. But hey, don't fret, we've got your back! We are here to ensure that you can spend your holidays this monsoon sipping your morning cup of chai or coffee on the balcony overlooking some beautiful green valleys, maybe with your favorite book as the rain pours outside. Or maybe, go on some epic treks in the Sahyadris. So, we bring you our collection of the best hill stations near Mumbai and Pune in monsoon 2021.

1. Panchgani

beautiful hills in Panchgani

Surrounded by five rolling hills, Panchgani is a must-visit among hill stations near Mumbai and Pune in monsoon. Its crystal clear lake waters will calm you down and leave you enchanted by their wonderous views. You can also go boating at Venna Lake or take a peek into the bygone days by visiting the Kamalgad Fort. Here, in Panchgani, you could be one with nature in the true sense of the phrase.

Why visit Panchgani hill station near Mumbai and Pune this monsoon?

table land in Panchgani hillstation near Mumbai and Pune in monsoon

Panchgani may have served as a summer retreat for the Britishers but its charm manifolds when the rains arrive. There is an abundance of eye-soothing green valley views with a plethora of activities that will make you feel alive during your monsoon getaway. Apart from trekking along its several forest trails, you can sign up for an adventure-packed day by going for rock climbing, paragliding, speedboating, or even horseriding. Don't forget to add Shivaji Circle to your itinerary to carry home some handcrafted souvenirs from Panchgani.

Time and Distance of Panchgani from Mumbai: 4hr 16min; 244.1km

Time and Distance of Panchgani from Pune: 2hr 3min; 100.9km

Top Attractions in Panchgani: Dhoom Dam, Rajpuri Caves, Table Land, Sydney Point, Kate, and Parsi viewpoint

Food and accommodation: Make memories in Panchgani by staying at this Luxury Hill Getaway with a pool or this Eco Farm Stay to get a taste of rural life. Google up some luscious strawberries, juicy raspberries, and other fresh produce in Panchgani.

Road Conditions: Mostly well-maintained but you might encounter potholes in several stretches during monsoon.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Wai

2. Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat near Mumbai and Pune - hillstation in monsoon

This mountain pass in the Western Ghats will become an instant favorite when you visit it this monsoon. Its lush green hills, lofty forts, mystic waterfalls, serene lakes with mountain backdrops, and exotic pink flamingos are every nature lovers' and hikers' paradise. The forts take you back in time, a reminder of rich heritage, of time of glory and prosperity, now weathered and in ruins. The temples and their architecture are an ancient marvel to gape at too!

Why Malshej Ghat is a traveler's favorite among hill stations near Mumbai and Pune in monsoon?

Harishchandragad fort in Maharashtra

Among the forts, Harishchandragad is a unanimous favorite in the region among all trekkers, and then comes the million-dollar view from the top of the fort! You'd have a hard time convincing yourself to leave the place. So, you better not forget to carry your camera when you're going to Malshej Ghat from Pune or Mumbai on a monsoon getaway. And since you will be visiting in the monsoon, you'd only see the rain and the mist adding to the beauty of bountiful nature!

And see, even the flamingos can't resist the green beauty of Malshej Ghat, so, why would you, right? You might spot some of these beautiful birds at the Pimpalgaon Joga Dam lake during the months from July to August.

Time and Distance of Malshej Ghat from Mumbai: 2hr 45min; 126.2km

Time and Distance of Malshej Ghat from Pune: 2hr 43min; 119.4km

Top Attractions in Malshej Ghat: Ajoba Hillfort, Malshej Falls, Harishchandragad Fort, Pimpalgaon Joga Dam, Shivneri Fort

Food and accommodation: There are a few beautiful resorts in the area nestled in the hills of Malshej Ghat and they'd also have a restaurant where you can have food even if you aren't staying. Travelers would often recommend the Flamingo Hill Restaurant at MTDC Resort. Make your bookings beforehand.

Road Conditions: Roads are in good condition and all the way more scenic if you are coming from Mumbai (Sorry Punekars!). Around Malshej, a few spots are a tad bit rough, especially during monsoons, but drivable. The ghats aren't that steep. However, be cautious on the way, and more so when it's raining.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Sitewadi

3. Karjat

Ulhas river valley in Karjat

The quaint little hill station nestled in the bosom of Ulhas river basin is truly one of the most mesmerizing hill stations near Mumbai and Pune in monsoon. In fact, Karjat is so close to Mumbai and Pune, you could even quick day of respite during the monsoons with a refreshing one-day road trip. It is as scenic and adventurous as it could get, so you better get ready to be blown away in awe of this beautiful, quaint destination.

What makes Karjat a much sought-after hill station near Mumbai and Pune during monsoons?

Kondana caves during hill station visit near Mumbai and Pune in monsoon

The calming waters of the Ulhas River and the forested mountains around it will help you soak in the serenity that Karjat has to offer. There are several cascading waterfalls gushing down the rugged slopes of the Western Ghats here in Karjat. The most notable one is the 20ft high Bhivpuri waterfalls - a stunning one if you ask me! Become Dora the Explorer and explore the 200-year-old caves of Kondana to your heart's content.

Go ziplining, ATV biking, rope courses, river rafting, rappelling, and trekking around the sublime hills of Karjat. Everything that makes you feel alive, every spine-chilling activity that you crave for, every bit of serenity that you want in life is right here in Karjat. So, this monsoon, say yes to an awesome getaway to the hills of Karjat.

Time and Distance of Karjat from Mumbai: 1hr 25min; 62.7km

Time and Distance of Karjat from Pune: 2hr 4min; 102.4km

Top Attractions in Karjat: Ulhas Valley, Kothaligad Peth fort, Bhivpuri Falls, Kondana Caves, Bekare Falls

Food and accommodation: Wondering where to stay in Karjat? Check these out for your short monsoon getaway to this beautiful hill station. Several good dining options are available in this hill station too.

Road Conditions: Well maintained but be cautious about driving in monsoon

Nearest Petrol Pump: Neral

4. Igatpuri

indian railways near Igatpuri during monsoon

To escape the hustle-bustle of city life in Mumbai and Pune, Igatpuri will offer you the perfect serene monsoon getaway close to your home. It has some of the highest ranges in the Sahyadris with greenery that will leave you bewitched. In fact, Kalsubai, the highest peak in Maharashtra is just a few kilometers away from this quaint little town. If you really wish to experience Igatpuri's resplendent greenery and untouched environs, you cannot miss out on the Kalsubai trek.

A little hill station in Maharashtra for a monsoon getaway

Igatpuri Plateau in Maharashtra

Of course, that is not all about Igatpuri in the monsoons! There's so much more waiting for you to explore amidst its thick green woods, in its alluring waterfalls, and around the corners of a quaint old fort, all against a stunning verdant mountain background. The clouds, the rains, the fog, and the sprays from the gushing streams and waterfalls during the monsoon adds to the awe-inspiring beauty of this hill station.

Be it the ancient forts of Tringalwadi and Avandha, river rafting in the rapids of the Vaitarna, the bursting flora and fauna of Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary, or getting yourself wet at Vihigaon waterfalls Igatpuri has all that takes to win the hearts of travelers. So, plan a visit to this hill station in Maharashtra this monsoon 2021. And please, do make it a point to carry your cameras, will you?

Time and Distance of Igatpuri from Mumbai: 2hr 17min; 120.8km

Time and Distance of Igatpuri from Pune: 4hr 39min; 243.1km

Top Attractions in Igatpuri: Trigalwadi Fort, Vihigaon waterfall, Kalsubai peak, Bhavali dam, Vipassna center, Kasara Ghat

Food and accommodation: From budget hotels to high-end resorts, there are many options for stay in Igatpuri. Several restaurants can be found in the region that offer the local Maharashtrian cuisine.

Road Conditions: An excellent driving route; after Kalyan till Igatpuri, it is a 4 or 6 lane highway. But in the monsoons the fog in the region gets a bit dense, so drive carefully.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Several along the Mumbai- Nashik Highway in Igatpuri

5. Khandala - Lonavala's twin hill station near Mumbai and Pune to visit in monsoon

highway in Khandala - a beautiful hill station near Mumbai and Pune in monsoon

If you are tired of your friends and colleagues suggesting Lonavala whenever you ask them about visiting hill stations near Mumbai and Pune in monsoon, worry not! Head to Khandala this year, the twin hill station of Lonavala. Its green mountains surrounded by the monsoon mist are equally beautiful, but somewhere I feel it is a lot underappreciated with all the hype around Lonavala. It's enchanting setting in the lap of the verdant Sahyadris is straight out of a postcard that you wanna cherish forever!

Visiting Khandala hill station in Maharashtra during monsoon

Khandala Ghat road

So what makes Khandala such a dreamy hill station in Maharashtra in the monsoon? Honestly, there's quite a lot! The views from the vantage points like Sunset Point and Rajmachi Point are simply amazeballs! Rajmachi is a famous fort in the Sahyadris, an easy and adventurous trek that you could take in the monsoons. If you're planning for the trip right at the onset of monsoons, you'd be in for yet another of nature's many surprises. The trek well famed for fireflies. Oh, what a view it is to see the yellow lights glowing in the pitch darkness of the dense green forests. Feeling like packing your bags right away, no?

Time and Distance of Khandala from Mumbai: 1hr 48min; 79.8km

Time and Distance of Khandala from Pune: 1hr 21min; 68.4km

Top Attractions in Khandala: Rajmachi Fort, Sunset Point, Kune falls, Bhaja and Karla caves, Tiger's Leap, Visapur fort

Food and accommodation: There are quite a few resorts, cottages, and villas in Khandala that offer just breathtaking views of the green hills all around. Most of the restaurants are on the Lonavala side with few options in Khandala as well.

Road Conditions: Landslides aren't uncommon in the Khandala area in monsoons and roads often get blocked for the same. Check local news if it is raining heavily around the time you will be visiting Khandala.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Lonavala

For those who wish to travel to offbeat places near Mumbai and Pune this monsoon, we have this handpicked collection of stays just for you. If you are worried about safety during this pandemic, make your way to our safe and sanitized stays near Mumbai and Pune. Click here to choose a stay of your choice near your city and make the best out of your weekend getaway.

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