All of us seek escapes from the monotony of everyday life. And for monsoon lovers, the weather itself brings romance and happiness between sips of warm chai. The beautiful monsoon in India opens up a new world, washed over with a new life. So what are you waiting for? These luxury monsoon getaways near Bangalore sound like the perfect getaway you need. So ask a special someone to tag along or just ride solo and make the most of the romantic rainy season in Karnataka.

Best Luxury Monsoon Getaways Near Bangalore

Monsoon brings clear skies and a clearer state of mind. From enchanting vernacular-style cottages to relaxing infinity pool dips, here is a list of monsoon getaways near Bangalore that will wash all your stress away!

Luxury Hill Hideaway, Coorg

Beautiful European-style Architecture

What better way to enjoy a weekend away from the city than a picture-postcard experience of one of the finest luxury resorts in Coorg? Nestled in the charming Coorgi hills, this hideaway’s European-style suites will take you back in time. So go on, enjoy the monsoon in the lap of nature and luxury!

A Romantic Dinner By The Pool

What We Love: While the serene views will make you a fan, do not miss out on the unique coffee experience that the resort arranges for guests! Monsoon and coffee are a match made in heaven! 

Suitable For: If there is an ideal romantic getaway in the monsoon, it’s here. Enjoy a dip in the infinity pool or take a walk right after the rain. There are so many romantic things to do in Coorg.

Time and Distance from Bangalore: 5 hr 40 min; 272 km

Mystic Luxury Resort, Coorg

Vernacular cottages straight out of a fairytale

Imagine this: You decide to step out of your busy life for a weekend away in a place that looks like an enchanted fairyland. Interested? Then this stay is perfect for you! Resting the foothills of the lush Thadiyante Mol, this dreamy resort is ideal for adventures in Coorg.

A Refreshing Dip in the Pool

What We Love: From vernacular-style cottages and an overall dreamy vibe, this place has it all. Bonfire nights and gorgeous waterfalls, this resort will turn this into a monsoon to remember! 

Suitable For: A honeymoon here would be memorable, wouldn’t it? However, bringing your family along or enjoying some quiet, alone time here would also rejuvenate you. 

Time and Distance from Bangalore: 6 hr 17 min; 268 km

Kabini Wilderness Resort, Kabini

Spectacular views of the wilderness beside a bonfire

Looking for a perfect balance between luxury and close touch with wilderness? You’re in for a wild monsoon ride at this African-style tented resort which doubles as a camp. Its spectacular location makes it a unique Kabini sightseeing adventure.

African-style tents for luxury amid nature

What We Love: The resort overlooks the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve, offering spectacular views of the wilderness. Indulge in exciting game viewing from the comfort of a cosy deck or on an African jungle safari

Suitable For: Bring a special one along to the romantic midnight boat ride to seal the deal! You can also enjoy the safaris with friends and family. 

Time and Distance from Bangalore: 5 hr 15 min; 215 km

Countryside Mountain Resort, Coorg

A home away from home!

Sometimes, all one craves is a home-away-from-home wherever they go. This resort is culturally rich and Coorgi in every way possible! Surrounded by coffee plantations and spices, the intoxicating aroma will lure you in. 

Grab a Drink by the Pool!

What We Love: The Ayurveda Spa is just what you need to kick back and relax on your weekend away. Let massage therapists transport you to a world free of worries. Later, grab a drink by the pool!

Suitable For: This homely resort will soothe your senses. Go for a romantic massage date, or make it a family event! What better way to enjoy the monsoon in Coorg?

Time and Distance from Bangalore: 5 hr30 min; 265 km

Mountain View Resorts and Spa, Coorg

Breathtaking Views of the Lush Greens and Clouds

Looking for a luxurious wilderness resort only a one day trip from Bangalore? Well, stop looking! Situated amidst aromatic coffee plantations and beautiful fruit orchards, this engaging resort has breathtaking views and gorgeous pools: one infinity pool and another pool with a spectacular view of the coffee plantations!   

Premium stays that define luxury!

What We Love: We love a variety of activities! Guests can choose to go fishing, cycling, take nature walks or go ziplining! Enjoy a romantic five-course meal under the stars while sipping homemade Coorg wine and fall deeper in love.

Suitable For: Looking for luxury monsoon getaways near Bangalore? You’ve hit the jackpot! With special packages for couples and a special children’s play area, this stay is straight-up ideal.   

Time and Distance from Bangalore: 5 hr 33 min, 232 km

There you go! These are Yuyiii's top picks for luxurious and soothing monsoon getaways near Bangalore amid the wilderness. Looking for offbeat eccentric stays that deliver a unique experience? Check out 5 Offbeat Weekend Resorts in Coorg for unique retreats. Planning to take a special someone out and seal the deal? We have the Best Romantic Monsoon Trips from Bangalore to turn the heat up! Looking for a wild adventure in the laps of nature? Check out 7 Nature Stays Near Bangalore. So, Time to get packin’!


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