The mesmerizing lush green vistas, the chilly air, the dense forests, the aroma of coffee straight from the plantations - who doesn't want to escape to the Scotland of India for the weekend? (🤨 This is me frowning if you tried saying a NO to that!) After your week-long toiling with office work, you sure could do with a getaway to Coorg, right? So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head towards any of these five offbeat weekend resorts in Coorg for a vacation in 2021.

Traditional Nature Homestay

traditional homestay - gowri nivas in Madikeri - an offbeat weekend resort in Coorg

Craving for staying tucked away in pristine surroundings? You know it's anyways so hard to find places around Bangalore where you can take a breath of fresh air and feel at one with nature. This Traditional Nature Homestay in Madikeri is exactly what you need to be close to mother earth for your offbeat weekend getaway in Coorg.

What we love about this offbeat weekend resort in Coorg

interior decor of cottage at gowri nivas

Talk about offbeat weekend resorts in Coorg and I would love to introduce you to experiential stays such as this one steeped so deep in history. If you've ever wanted to stay in an ancestral home but never had the chance to, this Traditional Homestay will fulfill your wishes!

I'm sure you'd be much fascinated by the decors like hand-made floor tiles, antique doors, and ancient pillars at this heritage home. There is a certain kind of charm and homely feeling in touching the walls of a house which has served generations of a family member, isn't it? So, book this Traditional Nature Homestay right away.

Suitable for: Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple, or a family with kids, if you enjoy visiting heritage places, then this homestay will be perfect for your getaway in Coorg.  

Time and Distance from Bangalore to Traditional Nature Homestay, Madikeri: 5 hr 8 min; 269.1 km 

Mystic Luxury Resort

misty woods resort in coorg - offbeat resort

How would you feel if I told you that there's a place in Coorg which looks straight out of a fairytale? No, no, I am not kidding! There actually is! Nestled in the dense forests of Karadimool hill ranges dreamy fairytale cottages of Mystic Luxury Resort. The waft of wild honey, the pungency of cardamom, and the aroma of fresh ripe oranges will surround you in blissful luxury when you stay in these forest cabins!

What we love about this luxury offbeat weekend resort in Coorg

outdoor pool at mystic luxury resort in Coorg

Hmm.. where do I start? Imagine spending a quiet evening with your partner by the fireplace as you both sip a cup of coffee and read out your favorite novel to the other? Sounds so romantic right? That's exactly how the Mystic Luxury Resort is built - it engulfs you into its very dreamy, warm ambiance!

There's even a secluded pool - totally lives up to being Mystic, I tell you! Surrounded by towering trees of the hills, your outdoor relaxing swim with sounds of nature couldn't get better! P.S. Don't miss out on a hiking adventure to Thadiyante Mol peak!

Suitable for: If you are ready to be mesmerized by the mystic hills of Coorg, this Luxury Resort is perfect for you! Couples, families, or even solo travelers everyone would love how dreamy this is!

Time and Distance from Bangalore to Mystic Luxury Resort in Coorg: 5 hr 56 min; 262 km

Hilltop Plantation Resort

porcupine castle offbeat resort in coorg

Not sure about you but I for one have always been fascinated by plantation stays! There's just so much greenery all around you, you know? Maybe some ripe fruits or the aroma of coffee and spices - it is just so sensational! And offbeat too. So when I found out about this Hilltop Plantation Resort in Coorg, I couldn't wait to share it with you all! Set amidst the coffee plantations, this resort is a heady mix of untouched nature with mindblowing valley views and traditional Coorg culture.

What we love about this offbeat plantation resort in Coorg for weekends

balcony in porcupine castle - offbeat resort in Coorg

If you are traveling with kids, no worries! There's a designated kid's play zone where you can leave them for a while and go relax at the infinity pool. You can also take a lazy stroll through the estate and just soak in the tranquility. Or better still, go on an offroading adventure through the forests.

Always been fascinated by Coorg's delicious cuisine but never had a chance to know what goes into making it? At this offbeat resort in Coorg, you also get a chance to understand Coorg's culture better by learning about the making of the traditional food of the region.

Suitable for: Great for families and couples hunting for offbeat resorts in Coorg and wanting to experience the Coorgy way of life.

Time and Distance from Bangalore to Hilltop Plantation Resort in Coorg: 5 hr 1 min, 225.8 km

Resort on the Cliff

coorg cliff resort view of the hills from balcony

Do you fancy living right on the edge of a cliff? Just imagine the views of the lush green valleys you'd be getting from your room! Every morning you can wake up to the cold chill of the hills and sip your coffee while overlooking the valley. If such a dreamy getaway is your heart's desire, make no delay and head towards the Resort on the Cliff in Coorg.

Given its location right on the cliff, amidst forested hills and coffee and spice plantations, this is one of the best offbeat weekend resorts in Coorg. You'd feel the calmness when you walk in the forests around the property. Wouldn't you be elated to spot a Yellow Browed Bulbul or  Asian Fairy Bluebird or even the elusive Malabar Grey Hornbill? Birders, take note, will you?

What we love about this offbeat hill resort in Coorg

room with a valley view - honeymoon suite in coorg cliff resort

Who wants to soak in beautiful valleys views while taking a relaxing plunge in the infinity pool? Well, I sure do! Wouldn't you too? Plus there are so many activities available at the resort to keep you engaged during your getaway. You can cycle your way through the plantation, take an adventurous night safari, go fishing, have a soulful yoga session, or take part in rope activities and ziplining. Sounds like a lot of fun, right? It indeed is!

Suitable for: Great for couples (Tip: book the honeymoon suite). Families, friends, and corporate teams can also choose this offbeat resort in Coorg for a quick getaway.

Time and Distance from Bangalore to Resort on the Cliff in Coorg: 4 hrs 42 mins, 226.3 km

Green Hideaway

offbeat resort in coorg - amritara ambatty aerial view

Tucked away in the lush green hills of Coorg is our next pick your offbeat stays in Coorg - the Green Hideaway. Away from the crowds, away from the tourist hubs of Coorg, this hideaway will offer you the most incredible breakfast views! Here, you can relax in the chilly atmosphere of the hills and enjoy the luxury of the rich aesthetics of the rooms. Well, you'd want exactly that in an offbeat getaway, wouldn't you?

What we love about this offbeat weekend resort in Coorg

view of the lush green mountains from the room

If you visit this resort, I'm sure your favorite spot is going to be the balcony! No concrete jungle, but just trees and hills is what you get right outside your room! The staff will welcome you to such a lovely place with a refreshing drink. It totally sets in the mood of a serene vacation, I tell you!

You can enjoy the calmness by relaxing at the pool which also has a lovely sundeck area. Keep those #vacay pictures coming, eh? At night, you can sit in the dark under the twinkling stars and bond with your friends and family over a bonfire.

Suitable for: Away from the crowds, this offbeat resort in Coorg is perfect for couples, families, and friends. Or you can even treat yourself to a solo vacation.

Time and Distance from Bangalore to Green Hideaway: 4 hr 55 min, 233.5 km 

So, now that we have shown you some of the best offbeat weekend resorts in Coorg, which one are you going to book for your next weekend? If you are a nature lover (I mean, who isn't) you should also definitely visit one of these serene nature stays near Bangalore. Wondering if a spiritual getaway could finally bring you peace amidst all the pandemic news? Here, head towards these famous temples near Bangalore. Want some alone time? Then, take these solo trips near Bangalore. Or how about a romantic long drive with your partner for a short weekend getaway? For all your weekend getaways, we, at Yuyiii have got you covered with some amazing handpicked stays near your city! Stay safe and keep traveling!


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