The cool showers always bring out the wanderlust within us. The only thought that crosses our minds is to get out for a drive. So to quench the metaphorical thirst we have found some monsoon getaways from Bangalore for you. Be it a solo trip or if you’re traveling with your friends/family these places will light up your monsoons. So as soon as the downpour begins, head over to these amazing monsoon getaways from Bangalore.


240 km from Bangalore is the capital city of the Hoysala Empire during the 11th century. This town has the most marvelous temples and monuments of that period.

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Out of all those, the Channekeshwar temple attracts tourists for its remarkable architecture. More than 80 Mandanika sculptures adorn the temple in distinctive forms and poses. Murals on the pillars seem to spin tales that have probably been forgotten over the years.

Alternatively, you can also hire a guide who will unmask everything story you’ll need to about this extraordinary temple.

Food and Accommodation: Not available

Road Conditions: Accessible and well-maintained

Nearest Petrol Pump: Hassan

Best Time to Visit: You can visit Belur all year round.

Nearby Travel Spots: Halebbedu, 20 km from Belur


This place is known for its waterfall and Kodada Ram Temple. The waters of the river Kaveri tumbles down the large rocks, presenting a breath-taking view. It is believed that Sita had taken a bath at this place. Thereafter, the waters flowing had a golden tinge to it.

monsoon getaways from Bangalore

In conclusion, if you are looking for a quick trip near Bangalore, Chunchanakatte is the perfect place. The amazing scenery along with the waterfalls will undoubtedly drive away your stress and leave you refreshed. You can simply gaze at the cascading falls and let your mind wander peacefully. How often do you get to do that anyway?

Food and Accommodation: Not available

Road Conditions: Accessible and well-maintained

Nearest Petrol Pump: Chunchanakatte

Best Time to Visit: Chunchanakatte is open to visitors all twelve months.

Nearby Travel Spots: Satodi Falls, 40 km from Chunchanakatte.


On the list of monsoon getaways from Bangalore, Tiruvannamalai takes the third spot. Located 200km from the capital city of Karnataka, this place is yet another pilgrimage town.


The Arunachaleshwara Temple gets swarmed with devotees every full moon to worship Lord Shiva. Moreover, the vast premise of the temple has plenty of places to sit and revel in its divinity. The pilgrims usually circumvent around the Grivalam hill after their prayers. Tiruvannamalai, being one of the popular sacred towns in India, is a very quick trip from Bangalore. Therefore Shiva devotees especially should not skip out of this town.

Food and Accommodation: Not- available

Road Conditions: Accessible and well- maintained

Best Time to Visit: You can visit this town from January to December as per your convenience.

Nearby Travel Spots: Varaahi, 25 km from Tiruvannamalai.


Hemagiri Waterfalls are only 200 km away for monsoon getaways from Bangalore. The panoramic view of the waterfall along with lush hills is what we need. Moreover, you can easily drive over to Hemagiri for a nice picnic with your loved ones.

Monsoon getaways near Bangalore

In fact, you can also make it a solo trip. Just relax and enjoy what nature so generously offers.

Besides, there’s also the Venkataramana Temple, a small worship place near the waterfalls. You will need to climb a few steps to reach the main temple. However, it isn’t very strenuous either.

The best thing about this place is that not many people are aware of these hidden gems. So take the advantage of this secluded, hence uncrowded place.

Food and Accommodation: Not available

Road Conditions: Accessible and well-maintained

Nearest Petrol Pump: K.R. Pertrol

Best Time to Visit: Although this place is open all year round, monsoons are the best time to visit. That is because summers tend to dry out the waters. So we wait for rains to recharge the waterfalls.

Jog Falls

The tallest waterfall in India is at a distance of 380 km from Bangalore. The Western Ghats, the range filled with beauty and remarkable landscapes, is where these waterfalls originate.

Monsoon getaways near Bangalore

The monsoons gift the Jog falls with lots of water thereby enhancing its allure. With the evergreen forests as a backdrop, the falls are a sight to behold. The sound of the rumbling waters creates its own music that you’ll get lost in.

Also, you get ample space and opportunities for clicking the perfect Instagram-able shots at this beautiful landmark. Ordinarily, you are allowed to go to the base of the Jog falls. However, in case of heavy rains, it might remain closed.

Food and Accommodation: There aren't any proper restaurants near Jog falls. Therefore you will either have to bring along your own snacks.

Road Conditions: Accessible and well-maintained

Nearest Petrol Pump: Sagar

Best Time to Visit: Monsoon is the best season to visit Jog falls as the entire region gets a certain charm of its own.

These places don't seem enough, do they? Therefore we also have several other recommendations. Explore these historical places or go on a spiritual journey. Go trekking at these beautiful hills or take a long drive to these quick spots. Check out this luxurious family resort. We also have this rustic farm stay for you. Yuyiii still has many options yet to show.


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