Are you are craving for a respite from your daily routine in Bangalore or maybe it's just been too long since you felt connected to your spiritual self. Well, you know what? Beyond beaches and hilltops, Karnataka has a vast number of religious and pilgrimage places, some closer to Bangalore than you would have imagined. So, here are some pilgrimage sites near Bangalore, all within 200 KM, to help you feel closer to the almighty and reconnect with your inner self. Get ready for a holy sojourn!


Someshwara Temple in Kudumalai or Kurudumale - pilgrimage site near Bangalore

When it comes to pilgrimage sites near Bangalore, Kudumalai or Kurudumale Ganesh Temple presents a fascinating trip. You wouldn't just find the legends associated with it interesting. What's more awe-inspiring and humbling at the same time is the massive 13 ft. monolithic Lord Ganesha idol build of black saligrama which draws devotees from near and far. You would feel that the statue is growing in size when you change directions. No no, do not freak out just yet! It is just an optical illusion. Don't believe us? You definitely need to go and see it first-hand.

So, if you were seeking the "Vignahartha's" blessings for a new phase in life or job or something similar, this is your perfect opportunity to pay a visit to the lovely premises of Kurudumale temple. Ganapati here is known to be a wish-granter too. Plus, if you have children at home, take them along too to meet their friend Ganesha.

Distance of Kudumalai from Bangalore: 100 kms

Road Conditions: Well- maintained

Food and Accommodation: As such, you wouldn't find proper stays or restaurants near Kudumalai Ganesh Temple. You might have some decent options near Mulbagal.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Mulbagal

Best Time to Visit: June - March


Veerabhadra Temple complex in Lepakshi - pilgrimage site near Bangalore

For our next pilgrimage spot near Bangalore, let us take you to this quaint historical village called Lepakshi in Andhra Pradesh's Anantapur district. If the Hindu mythological epic Valmiki Ramayana interests you, you would especially want to go here. Remember how the wise old bird Jatayu fell from the sky when he tried to save Sita from the demon king of Lanka Ravana? Lord Ram, hurt at seeing Jatayu bruised and battered, had uttered: "Le Pakshi" ("Rise, oh bird" in Telegu). It is believed that Jatayu fell here in Lepakshi and that's how the village gets its moniker.

Once you visit the place, you will witness the finesse of the artisans and sculptors of the Vijayanaga Empire. The Veerabhadra Temple is a major attraction at this pilgrimage place. You'd find scenes from Hindu epics depicted on the murals that adorn the walls and ceilings of this temple. Two other shrines dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva and the huge monolithic sculpture of the Nandi bull are other must-visits in the area. We can assure you that when you are in Lepakshi, all those imposing sculptures that you'd see around you would inevitably take you back in time.

Distance of Lepakshi from Bangalore: 140 kms

Road Conditions: Well- maintained

Food and Accommodation: Food and accommodation for travelers are scare in this village. You can pack some food and have a picnic instead at this mythological place. Maybe even listen to an audiobook on Valmiki Ramayana or cite legends to your children?

Nearest Petrol Pump: CB Pur

Best Time to Visit: June - March


Karighatt temple beautiful aerial view

Driving some three hours towards Mysore from the hustle-bustle of Bangalore through the verdant landscape of Karnataka takes you to the hill temple of Karighatta. This place of pilgrimage near Bangalore is where you can truly find peace in its surroundings strewn with scrubs and numerous trees.

Fond of hairpin bends? Then the winding roads that take you to the top of the hill (also called Chikka Tirupati) would be a pleasure for you to drive on. For more intrepid travelers, there's a flight of approximately 300 stairs that you can take reach the temple on the hilltop. Needless to say, the panoramic views you will see while climbing is definitely going to make you click the shutter button on your camera or phone. Don't come down too early once you reach the top and are done with the darshan of Lord Srinivasa! Take your time and just soak in the vista.

Distance of Karighatta from Bangalore: 125 kms

Road Conditions: Well- maintained

Food and Accommodation: Being on a secluded hillock and a rather lesser-known tourist spot, food, and accommodation in Karighatta are limited. So, you will need to make arrangements yourself.

Nearest Petrol Pump: SR Patna

Best Time to Visit: Round the year destination


Yoga Narasimha Temple in Melukote - pilgrimage sites near Bangalore

Melukote is one of the best pilgrimage sites near Bangalore and you would agree to us too once you reach the Yoga Narasimha Temple on top of the Yadugiri hillock. Does a little bit of trekking sound good to you? Because there's a flight of around 500 steps that you can take to you to the seat of Yoga Narasimha avatar of Vishnu. If you feel the stairs are not for you, you can take local autos which leave you near the last 170 stairs that you would have to climb (no other way around, oops!)

The most important temple in Melukote, however, is the Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple which houses an exquisite collection of royal jewels. The wonderfully carved top of this temple can be seen from the Yoga Narasimha Temple. What a soothing panoramic view it is! After the hard 500 stairs climb, take a pit stop at the Kalyani lake on your way back. You'd get some rest as well as be able to reflect on your day's getaway.

Distance of Melukote from Bangalore: 100 kms

Road Conditions: Well- maintained

Food and Accommodation: Nothing much is available in Melukote. There's much walking you'd need to do here, so, do carry sufficient food and water.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Mandya

Best Time to Visit: Round the year destination

Pilgrimage Sites Near Bangalore Done - What Next?

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