There's a certain kind of serenity that comes with the rain, isn't it? It's blissful, it's calming and honestly it's best enjoyed amidst nature. So what better place to be at than chill at homely getaway over the weekends? Maybe a cup of tea and your favorite people to enjoy the drizzles with! If that's what has been on your mind, wait no more! We have found you these magical monsoon retreats in Karnataka where you can just chill and have fun! Read along, dear traveler!

Green Hideaway in Coorg

green hideaway - one of the best monsoon retreats in Karnataka

If you are in search of places to chill during the monsoon, the Green Hideaway in Coorg is one of the best places to be at for a holiday. In the lush green hills of Coorg, imagine yourself having breakfast on the balcony with the most amazing view. In the chilly atmosphere, the rains outside will soothe you while the tasteful luxury of the room will pamper you. It's offbeat, it's serene, it's surrounded by nature. What more could you ask for in monsoon retreats in Karnataka?

What we love about this monsoon retreat in Karnatak

resort in coorg

There's a pool at the resort with a lovely sundeck area. You can take lots of #vacay pictures here for your Instagram and then take a plunge in the pool to wash away all the exhaustion. At night you can ask the hotel staff to arrange for a bonfire and then have a great bonding time with your partner, children, or friends, i.e. whoever you are traveling with.

Suitable for: I'd say couples should make the Green Hideaway their first choice. I mean, the in-room dining with the picturesque view from the balcony is the most perfect romantic setting.

Time and Distance from Bangalore to Green Hideaway in Coorg: 5 hr; 233.5 km

Village Wellness Retreat, Junasandra

our native village near Bangalore - a monsoon spa weekend getaway

This one's very special and close to my heart! I have a fascination with the rural environment since it reminds me of my childhood visits to my grandparents' house. If you too miss your childhood days, it's time to walk down the memory lane, this time very close to Bangalore at one of the best monsoon retreats in Karnataka. It is the Village Wellness Retreat in Junasandra. Unmade dusty roads lead up to this resort and when you reach here, you'd get that strange feeling of being at a familiar place, a place so close to your heart - earthy and warm!

What we love about this monsoon retreat in Karnataka

games at our native village retreat

One of the best things about this stay are the numerous games they arrange for at the resort. Be it gilli danda or football in an open field, here you are about to ditch all those manmade courts and turf grounds to enjoy games just the way you did when you were young. A breath of fresh air infused with the relaxation of a spa treatment - tell me if that doesn't sound too exciting already!

To make matters more unique, this resort near Bangalore also arranges for bullock cart rides. You will be traveling on the bumpy village roads just like the locals do. If you are traveling with your children, it's gonna be double the fun for sure!

Suitable for: The village stay in Junasandra is great for families. Even while working from home, you probably struggle to find time for your family. So, why not spend this Independence Day with your loved ones and make the day even more special.

Time and Distance from Bangalore: 1 hr 12 min; 38.5 km

Traditional Nature Homestay, Madikeri

traditional nature homestayin madikeri is one of the best monsoon retreats in Karnataka

Have you ever had the opportunity to stay at an ancestral home? If you have never stayed at one, then let me tell you how warm the feeling of staying at such a place is. You are in the same room where decades after decades, generations after generations people have lived, played around, and grown-up at. No, no. It's not the eerie kind that those ghost films show you! It's a different kind of warmth, especially displayed by the current owners who mostly happen to be successors of the same family. So, this monsoon, head out to the Traditional Nature Homestay in Madikeri to listen to stories of the yesteryears.

What we love about this monsoon retreat in Karnataka

interiors of the heritage house in Gowrinivas - a safe and sanitized weekend getaway for Independence Day near Bangalore

As step inside the property, you'd be pleased to be at such an offbeat place with unspoiled natural beauty. As you walk towards the rooms, what will lie in front of you is the picture of a quaint heritage home. It's homely, it's mesmerizing, it's peaceful. The hand-made floor tiles, antique doors, and ancient pillars make it a whole different affair, especially during the monsoon!

Suitable for: Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple, or a family with kids, if you enjoy visiting heritage places, then this homestay will be perfect for your getaway in Coorg.  

Time and Distance from Bangalore to Traditional Nature Homestay, Madikeri: 5 hr 8 min; 269.1 km

Experiential Wilderness Getaway, Kabini

bison stay in kabini for monsoon retreat in karnataka

Now, the monsoons might not be the best time for a safari, you'd complain! But don't let these thoughts stop you from visiting Kabini for experiencing a different kind of wilderness. One of the best finds in our list of monsoon retreats in Karnataka, we have the Experiential Wilderness Getaway in Kabini. If you have ever fancied staying in luxury tents out in the wild, this is your cue to book this stay. It has African-styled tents where you can experience the wildlife of Nagarahole National Park. Like never before, I repeat!

What we love about this monsoon retreat in Karnataka

machan stay in Bison resort safe and sanitized getaway near Bangalore

Truth be told, rains can bring magic to the arid lands of Kabini and transform it into a lush green Eden garden. It is the time when the parched forest comes alive and animals rejoice in the happiness. Spotting an animal against this prominent verdant backdrop is a delight for any wildlife enthusiast (wildlife lovers and photographers, taking a note, are you?) Right from your room, you can spot herds of deer grazing the land. Maybe an elephant or two will come near the water body - wouldn't you love that?

Even the tents are a total vibe, I must say! Who wants to sleep on a four-poster bed? Raise your hands! Your room will have wooden floors and original antiques. Concrete jungle, ummm... what's that? It's a getaway in the dramatic landscape of Kabini and for you, my traveler, it will be a journey of a lifetime! Disclaimer: Do not try to forget your cameras at home. You will regret it otherwise!

Suitable for: Wildlife lovers and photographers and for people looking for a glamping experience, this getaway is perfect Would suggest it for couples, solo travelers, friends, as well as families.

Time and Distance from Bangalore to one of the best monsoon retreats in Karnataka: 4 hr 49 min; 215.0 km

Now that we have added some of the magical monsoon retreats in Karnataka, how about staying at an offbeat place in Coorg? Check out these 5 offbeat weekend resorts in Coorg curated just for you. Not sure where you want to head out near Bangalore this monsoon? Then we have a few amazing places near Bangalore for you.  If you are a nature lover (I mean, who isn't, right?) you should also definitely visit one of these serene nature stays near Bangalore. For all your weekend getaways, we, at Yuyiii have got you covered with some amazing handpicked stays near your city! Check them out, travelers!

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