Looking to explore the wilderness in 2021? We have you covered with our picks for Nature Getaways near Bangalore you should check out this 2021!

This Rainforest Stay is a hiker’s dream resort for a nature getaway near Bangalore!

A 7-hour drive from Bangalore, this Nature Getaway near Bangalore is hidden deep in the rain forest of Lakkidi.

 The resort sends over a minibus to drive you off the main road through the mountains into the forest. The resort offers a sustainable luxury experience with independent cottages and rooms that peek over the treetop. The rooms are woody yet luxurious with a balcony that overlooks the dense forest. The high-rise ceilings and scenic views add to the luxurious feel of the resort. The high-rise ceilings and scenic views add to the luxurious feel of the resort. Finally, the food at this resort is to die for! come back to eat food that is divine offering a blend of local and Indian cuisine. 

If you’re someone who loves the outdoors and hiking, this Nature Getaway near Bangalore is the place for you! This resort has breathtaking nature trails that allow you to explore the forest and is known for its hiking trails. Guests rave about the different trails guests have hiked but one has only made it if they meet the Malabar Rain Squirrel. This family-friendly resort is perfect for children wanting to get down and dirty while exploring nature. The hiking trails allow you to get one with your surroundings, feel the fresh air, hear the animals and immerse yourself in nature. Not only is the resort famous for its hiking trails, many talk about the amazing sleep they get in this peaceful getaway! Looking for other getaways to become one with nature, click here!

This Heritage Plantation Stay is the perfect weekend getaway to unwind and recharge!

This Nature Getaway near Bangalore is the perfect place to unwind and relax. A 3- 4 hour drive outside of Banglore followed by a 3.5 km drive by a resort owned jeep will take you to this piece of paradise.

Known for its history, character, and scenic beauty- this getaway is perfect for nature lovers. Located in the middle of a 200-acre plantation, this treehouse resort is surrounded by wilderness, mountains, rivers, and streams. You could choose to spend your nights in a treehouse that offers space and comfort or in a colonial bungalow with vintage aesthetics and old-school charm. The treehouse is spacious and woody with interiors that promise comfort and luxury while the Bungalow has stood the test of time and offers guests a peek into life during colonial times. This blend of old and new works in tandem with the history of this resort, like here to find out more about this heritage stay! 

As a nature lover myself, I can assure you that this is the perfect place to turn off your phone, self reflect, and attain some form of zen. The silence, scenery, and serenity of this place will leave you feeling refreshed and recharged. If you’re there to get your hands dirty and do something adventurous then you can go trekking, take a coracle ride, look at pre-historic caves and watch wildlife. If you enjoy coffee, then you must try the filter coffee during your stay! 

This Riverfront Family Resort is the perfect nature getaway near Bangalore for adventure!

If you’re a water baby like me then you have to explore this Nature Getaway near Bangalore ASAP! Located on the banks of the Kabini river, this is the perfect place for families wanting to have some fun. 

The location of the resort allows you to dabble with wildlife, the Kabani Backwaters, and hiking trails. The property is built in the middle of two tiger reserves and allows guests exclusive access to the Kabini Backwaters, all while overlooking the Barhmagiri mountain ranges. If you’re looking for some adventure then you must go Kayaking, on a boat safari and hiking. If you’re looking to be one with nature then you can go bird watching, explore their nature trails and make some animal friends. 

You can end your day in this comfortable and comfy lodge which offers a balcony that overlooks the river and the dense greenery. The ceiling windows let in sunlight during the early morning which acts as a natural alarm clock and is the most natural start to your day! Not only is the food delicious but you could decide to call it a night in by eating out on the balcony after getting a relaxing massage at their raved about the spa. 


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