Want to wander away from your home on New Year's Eve? Just want to be you and your family or your significant other or your furry friend against the world? Want to celebrate the New year and write resolutions from the comfort and warmth of a place that is far from home as you want to live life? Sit back, and relax as we take a look at some of the best New Year 2024 Getaways near Bangalore.

1: Rainforest Stay

Lakkidi, Kerala

A Lush Green Getaway

A beautiful New Year 2024 weekend getaway near Bangalore

Hidden away amongst the lush green trees, and with various birds and animals singing and roaming around the place, the Rainforest Stay will surely put a smile on your face and peace in your heart as you enjoy Mother Nature like never before!

The high ceiling inside the rooms and the tall trees outside, make for an irony of life. The hot and refreshing filter coffee whilst enjoying the setting sun as it still tries to play hide and seek with the trees, is a view that will etch itself in your mind forever! The beautiful and elegant rooms and the swimming pool amidst the resort, is a nice combination of relaxation and comfort!

What We Love: As far as your eyes can wander whilst you are relaxing in the pool, you will only be greeted with trees and colorful birds that reside in them You should however, in your treks, try to spot the Malabar Giant Squirrel and the Hornbills. Moreover, when you are absolutely silent, you will hear the unique chirps and noises from the different birds and animals that roam around the rainforest. Birdwatching, hiking through the nature trails, patting the head of a stray dog or waking before dawn to experience the sunrise, these are some of the activities that you can partake in before celebrating the New Year with great vigor!

Travel Tip: Early mornings are once in a lifetime experience. Like the backwaters of Kerala, there is way too much grace in it!

Suitable for: Nature Enthusiasts!

Distance from Bangalore: 302 km

Time taken from Bangalore: Around 6 hours, by road.

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2: Heritage Plantation Stay

Sultan Bathery, Kerala

A Stay With Nature

New Year 2024 Heavenly Weekend Getaway near Bangalore

Imagine that you are walking through the forest: only a small road and trees and Mother Nature on both your sides? Exciting, isn't it? This is what the Heritage Plantation Stay has to offer. Lose yourself within Nature and engage with your roots whilst appreciating the beauty this place has to offer!

Consisting of both treehouses and cottages, you can live in either one of them have and have completely different experiences. The swimming pool is clear and relaxing and in your free time, you can go kayaking in the private lake in the property. With the help of the beautiful people, you also get to learn how to craft objects using bamboo and also rest yourself on the 4 poster bed that will be available in your room!

What We Love: The tasty and delicious food, the hot and refreshing weather and of course, the majestic sunsets, check them off on your list of experiencing heaven and its counterparts! The tree houses provides a panoramic view of the forest and the cottage, a grounded one! Moreover, the tree-house is a special place as you get to be on the same level as the setting sun or the hornbill, sitting on the branch of a tree, looking at the sunset, in awe!

Travel Tip: The sunsets are amazing but the sunrise is heavenly!

Suitable For: Who want to have New Year Celebrations with a tablespoon of Mother Nature!

Distance from Bangalore: 262 km

Time taken from Bangalore: Around 5 hours, by road

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3: Riverfront Family Resort

Kabini, Karnataka

A Luxurious Stay near Bangalore

The perfect New year 2024 getaway near Bangalore

On the banks of River Kabini stands the Riverfront Family Resort, overseeing mountains in the distance and a horizon less piece of water body in the middle! If you want to celebrate your New Year in style and also without any tensions in your mind, looking at this scenery will make you forget about life and you will get to truly enjoy yourself!

The polite behavior of the staff, the delicious food which is served organically, and the succulent desserts that come after the main course is to die for! As soon as you wake up, you will be greeted with a fresh plate of fruits which is harvested from the surrounding land! Nutrition and celebration all the way!

What We Love: Apart from providing front row seats to Nature and Adventure simultaneously, you will also get to take a hike on the nature trail available around the place. From listening to the sweet music of the water to lazily swinging in the hammock and appreciating the sunset, you can do it all! You can also try your hands at kayaking and other water sports, or simply playa game of carrom and keep yourself engaged whilst enjoying the serene beauty of the place. Take a lazy swim in the pool or just walk around the property appreciating its elegance!

Travel Tip: Take a stroll through the orchards and look at the various colorful fruits growing fresh!

Suitable for: Friends. Family. Family and Friends

Distance from Bangalore: 214 km

Time taken from Bangalore: 4 hours 10 minutes, by road.

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These were some of the perfect New Year 2024 getaways near Bangalore that you can experience for yourself. If you want to get to know about more of these destination places near Bangalore, then check out Must Expereince Luxurious Getaways Near Bangalore During the Long Weekends or you can also check out Forest Getaway near Bangalore: A Must Try for Solo Travellers.

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At these New Year 2024 New Year Getaways Near Bangalore, you will have a great experience that will make you longing for more!

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