Being around friends and family is amazing. But sometimes, we just need a little bit of time for ourselves. Away from all the social expectations, we often wish to disappear into a different space. Alone. And it's absolutely okay to desire that solitude. That's why we have these amazing solo trips from Bangalore so that you spend some quality time with yourself. Moreover, you won't feel the need to have someone beside you as you travel through these places. You'll feel joy while exploring the wilderness and enjoying nature.

Manikyadhara Falls

The 'Fall of Pearls' is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of South India. With the backdrop of the ever imposing Western Ghats, Manikyadhara Falls are perfect for solo trips from Bangalore.

solo trips from Bangalore

Also known as Neelikayi Teertha, this waterfall is believed to have healing properties. Additionally, it is also a sacred place for both Hindus and Muslims.

Reaching down a few hundred steps, you can take a dip in the holy water pooled over there. If not, then bask in the captivating cascades' melody and breathe in the cool springy air of the Manikyadhara Falls.

Time and Distance from Bangalore: 7 hr 31 min; 376 km

Food and Accommodation: You won't find any eatries or lodges near Manikyadhara Falls. However, Chikmanglur has many hotels to suit your budget.

Road Conditions: The route to the Falls are quite uneven with lots of pebbles. But the connecting main roads are all accessible and well-maintained.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Chickmanglur

Best Time to Visit: The waterfalls are open to visitors all year round. In fact, it is one of the falls that don't dry up in Summers. Even so, August to March is an ideal time to visit.

Nearby Travel Spots: Bababudangiri Hills, Belur

Iruppu Falls

Tumbling in the Brahmagiri hill range, Iruppu falls is yet another remarkable beauty of Karnataka. This scenic getaway near Bangalore is known for its elysian loveliness and mythological divinity.

popular waterfalls in Karnataka

Also known as Lakshmana Tirtha Falls, it flows from the place where Laxmana struck his arrow. On their way to rescue Sita, Ram asked for water. Finding no visible source nearby, Laxmana decided to strike it from the ground. Thus, the waterfall is named after the devoted brother.

Why is this place recommended for solo trips near Bangalore? Because the picturesque view of the waterfalls is breathtaking. You'll love being surrounded by the evergreen Western Ghats, along with the soothing vibes of the waterfall embracing you.

Time and Distance from Bangalore: 3 hr 20 min; 248 km

Food and Accommodation: Since the falls are in the popular city of Coorg, there are lots of hotels and restaurants nearby.

Road Conditions: The connecting main roads to Iruppu Falls are all accessible and well-maintained.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Mercara

Best Time to Visit: October to June are the best months to visit as there'd be plenty of water in the Iruppu Falls.

Nearby Travel Spots: Nagrahole National Park


Nestled in the mesmerizing Western Ghats, Ooty is a small town. Endowed with all the gems of nature, it is a traveller's paradise. Also referred to as India's Switzerland, it used to be a favourite getaway of Britishers as well.

solo trips from Bangalore

Moreover, Ooty is not only famous for its panoramic settings but also the tea plantations. Since the town has so many hotspots, you should definitely add it to your itinerary for solo trips from Bangalore.

Crystal clear lakes, breathtaking waterfalls, and scenic spots- you may get tired, but the sights to see will not end. The botanical gardens show off the artistic creativity of people and the beauty of the flowers during the flower show.

Visit the National Parks in Ooty and spend some time with the majestic creatures of forests. Touring Ooty and not trying out the Toy train? OH NO! Let the toy train take you through the wonders of nature and admire its tranquil beauty.

Time and Distance from Bangalore: 7 hr 11 min; 296.7 km

Food and Accommodation: The most popular hill station of India, Ooty, has lots of hotels and resorts. You'll love it there.

Road Conditions: All the roads are accessible and well-maintained.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Ooty

Best Time to Visit:

Nearby Travel Spots: Conoor, Bellikkal


Another spot in the Western Ghats, Bisle is a tiny village. Habituating the most remarkable rainforests of India, this village is an absolute delight. For scenic trips near Bangalore, Bisle is a nature lover's home.

scenic hill station near Bangalore

The most popular place is Bisle View Point. It is where you can behold the stunning view of three mountain ranges.

Bisle is also a well-known trekking destination. The giant hills are abundant in things to explore. The small streams and waterfalls along the trails will make your hike even more beguiling.

Bordering the village is the Bisle Reserve Forest. It houses unique flora and lots of wildlife such as peacocks, spotted deer, Sambar..etc.

Time and Distance from Bangalore: 4 hr 53 min; 245.9 km

Food and Accommodation: Bisle is a very small village. So you'll have to bring along snacks with you.

Road Conditions: All the roads are accessible and well-maintained.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Sakleshpur

Best Time to Visit: After the monsoon showers, the enite atmosphere becomes lively and fresh. Hence, October to June is the perfect time to visit Bisle.

Nearby Travel Spots: Pushpagiri, Mallalli Falls

Hebbe Falls

A remote place near the Kemmanugundi Hill station, Hebbe Falls is the last spot for solo road trips near Bangalore. One more entrancing cascade in the Western Ghats, it is a popular stop for nature lovers. The water of the falls passes through lots of medicinal herbs. Therefore, it is said to have healing properties.

solo trips from Bangalore

Tumbling over the dark, dense green-scapes, the Hebbe Falls are a stunning beauty. You can either hire a cab that'll drive you there. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, then you can also trek to the waterfalls.

Time and Distance from Bangalore: 5 hr 36 min; 292 km

Food and Accommodation: The nearest hotels or restaurants are around 11 km from Hebbe Falls.

Road Conditions: All the roads are accessible and well-maintained.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Chikamanglur

Best Time to Visit: The winters are the best season to visit Hebbe Falls (October- January).

Nearby Travel Spots: Kemmanugundi

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