The traffic-infested city roads aren't what our heart desires, right? Long drives on highways along green pastures, through rugged hills, and on tree-lined avenue outside the city, away from the cacophony. Isn't that what you crave? So, we bring to you these epic road trips within 300 km from Bangalore to relieve your itchy feet. A little offbeat, a little farther from the tourist crowds, but nonetheless equally rewarding and breathtakingly gorgeous. Now lemme hear you say, "Beautiful destinations, epic road journeys - here we come!"

1. Halebeedu

halebeedu temple complex for roadtrip within 300 km from Bangalore

Do you remember the Hoysala dynasty from your history book? You, know the one that ruled most of the southern half of India for nearly 200 years before Alauddin Khilji and Muhammad Tughlak defeated them? No? It's okay, relax. This is no history quiz. But if you are planning for road trips within 300 km from Bangalore, you should definitely head out to Halebeedu to gaze at the architectural marvel of the Hoysala dynasty.

To give you a feel of the place, Halebeedu translates to "old house". The fascinating intricate carvings you'd see in the Hoysaleshwara and Kedareshwara Temple complexes will make you involuntarily click the shutter on your camera. Everything from the Hindu epics to the daily lives to the Hoysala kings would unfold right in front of you.

Forget being a history buff. If you are a traveler who appreciates art and believes in the wonders mankind is capable of (which I am pretty sure all you travel buffs are), Halebeedu is the perfect road trip getaway within 300 km near Bangalore for you.

Distance of Halebeedu from Bangalore: 210 km

Road Conditions: Well- maintained

Food and Accommodation: Most of the hotels available in Hassan are at least some 20 km away from Hoysaleshwara temple. Since you're on a road trip, it shouldn't be a problem. You could also stay in Chikmagalur which is 35 km away. For food, you'll get several veg and non-veg restaurants in Halebeedu.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Hassan

Best Time to Visit: October - February when the weather isn't too harsh. The Hoysala Mahotsava in March also a great time to tour Halebeedu.

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2. Road trips within 300 KM from Bangalore to hills - Yercaud

hillstation of Yercaud for a short roadtrip from Bangalore

Yercaud may not be the first name that pops in your mind when you mention hill stations in South India. But trust me, this offbeat and picturesque hill station resplendent in verdant undulating valleys and coffee plantations is one of the best road trips within 300 km from Bangalore. Beat the crowd that is flocking around the mainstream destinations and enjoy a serene holiday in the quietude of Mother Nature.

Once you are in Yercaud, you have to visit the dreamy Kiliyar Falls - absolutely a no-brainer! You'd need to do a little bit of hiking to reach the cascading white beauty. Not a seasoned trekker? No worries, it is just a little bit. You could also take a tour of the colonial mansions in the area or go for a walk in the Kottachedu Forest. However, make sure you're watching out for the bison!

Adding to the fun is the 32 km Loop Road which goes around Yercaud lake. This, my dear, is your and any other road-tripper's paradise. The stunning view of the lake surrounded by beautiful green valleys and the aroma of the coffee plantations - doesn't it sound perfect to you? You could stop at the local eateries for a delightful South Indian meal or carry your own for a picnic by the lake.

Distance of Yercaud from Bangalore: 240 kms

Road Conditions: Well- maintained

Food and Accommodation: Several beautiful resorts and homestays are available in Yercaud that also offer lip-smacking food. You could even pitch your own tent and camp in the teak forest by acquiring prior permission.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Salem

Best Time to Visit: October - June for the misty cool weather. Summers aren't too hot and great for sightseeing. Monsoons bring in verdant beauty but become dangerous to drive due to heavy rainfall.

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3. Mekedatu

Chunchi falls in Mekedatu - perfect roadtrip destination near Bangalore within 300 km

Mekedatu and Sangam is the best destination if you are planning for a picnic on your road trip getaway within 300 km near Bangalore. Sangam is the confluence point of the Cauvery and Akravati rivers offering visitors a scenic beauty you'd fall in love with. You can set up your picnic here and then take a coracle ride to reach Mekedatu. It is just about 5 km from here. You could even take a swim at the Sangam and bask in the sun on your picnic.

Mekedatu is this stretch of gorgeous gorges jutting out into the Cauvery river which takes the shape of a narrow stream here. How picture-perfect, right? Did you know that Mekedatu actually mean's "Goat's Leap"? The river path is so thin at parts that it is said even goats could cross by taking a leap. An interesting moniker I'd say.

Why do we feel Mekedatu is one of the best road trips within 300 km from Bangalore?

Mekedatu in Kanakapura is a fantastic destination for roadtrips within 300km near Bangalore

Instead of the coracle ride, you could also trek all the way to Mekedatu from Sangam. The forested trails, chirping of birds, and the beautiful ravine views are a treat for city dwellers like you and me! Somewhere on the way, you would also encounter the Chunchi waterfalls, a sight to behold! With waters thunderously roaring down the steep slopes, it is quite a thrill to witness nature's bounty. The drive on the lush green landscape that leads to Sangam from Bangalore is itself so beautiful. It will be one of your most memorable road trips from Bangalore.

Distance of Mekedatu from Bangalore: 80 km

Road Conditions: Well- maintained

Food and Accommodation: Staying in the area is not allowed and there aren't too many options for accommodation either. There's the KSTDC Hotel Mayura Sangama Mekedatu near Sangama and Galibore Nature Camp some 9 km away. Pack your own food to have a great picnic with your friends and family.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Kanakapur

Best Time to Visit: While Mekedatu and Sangama come into full glory during the monsoons, they may sometimes become inaccessible due to the dangerous waters. Post-monsoons from October - March would be perfect.

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4. M. M. Hills

shri male mahadeshwar temple - M M Hills for pilgrimage roadtrip near Bangalore

If you wish to connect with your spiritual self while you're searching for road trips within 300 km from Bangalore, drive to the scared M. M. Hills or Male Mahadeshwara hills. While the place teems with devotees during the festival season, the hills are still great for a holy sojourn any time of the year.

The ancient temple here is dedicated to Lord Shiva built in the memory of Saint Mahadeshwara, an incarnation of the Lord himself. But even if visiting pilgrimage spots near Bangalore isn't on your list, Male Mahadeshwara hills will entice you with their lush green forested hills. Situated over 3000 feet, it will be a rewarding journey for all nature lovers.

Distance of Male Mahadeshwara Hills from Bangalore: 210 km

Road Conditions: Well- maintained

Food and Accommodation: The closest accommodations near Male Mahadeshwara Betta is in Kollegala taluk which is almost 70 km away. For a wider array of options, you can stay in Mysuru. For food, you'll need to find something on the road or otherwise pack some from home.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Kollegal

Best Time to Visit: Year-round destination. Visits during festivals like Shivaratri, Diwali, etc. are the best.

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5. Road trip getaway within 300 km near Bangalore to Kabini

single tusk elephant at kabini forest for roadtrip from Bangalore

Adding a wildlife safari to your road trips within 300 km from Bangalore will make for one very adventurous trip for you. And if you are a wildlife enthusiast, a nature lover, or a hobby photographer, this becomes indisputable, right? So, head to the wild beauty of Kabini forest reserve which is a section of the larger Nagarahole National Park.

Situated on the banks of the calming waters of the Kabini River, Kabini's forested lands and deep valleys would fill your hearts. Elephants call Kabini their sweet home, so you are sure to see one in the jungles. If you are lucky, you can even spot the elusive black leopard and tiger on your safari. Keep your DSLRs ready, will ya?

Distance of Kabini from Bangalore: 230 km

Road Conditions: Well- maintained

Food and Accommodation: There are several lodges, resorts, and guesthouses in the area which are perfect for your wildlife retreat near Bangalore.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Mysore

Best Time to Visit: October - May since the weather is pleasant and chances of animal spotting are high in the dry season. Avoid the monsoons if you can due to the torrential rains that flood the region.

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