Diwali, the festival of lights and happiness is here. Lord Rama returned to the prestigious Kingdom of Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. Our being trapped inside homes due to this long Covid-19 pandemic is nothing less than that. Don’t we deserve a royal, king-like celebration this 2020 too? This Diwali, we have something really special for y’all. Our Heritage Stay at a 300 year old fort hotel makes for the best option for a safe Diwali weekend getaway from Mumbai and Pune.

Heritage Stay near Mumbai & Pune

Heritage stay near Pune

One of our best properties for a weekend getaway from Mumbai and Pune, this place takes you back to the time when the Marathas and the Peshvas ruled over the beautiful lands of Maharashtra. The place, filled with a rich history is an experience you would cherish for life.

Luxury diwali weekend Getaway

As you walk in to the Fort you are welcomed by the mavlas (royal guards) with tutaris just how Shivaji Maharaj was once welcomed here. Amazing, right? And remember how you heard stories about forts and palaces having “surangs” as a kid, this stay also has secret pathways, dungeons, and larger than life lawns.  This luxury getaway near Mumbai and Pune actually makes you feel like you are living in a Period Drama.

Why we love this Place?

This place is home to a lot of species of birds who would come greet you as you’re walking around the lawns of this fort. Our very own “Birdman” aka Sumedh is a frequent visitor at the fort and if you are lucky enough, you could hear him make sounds of various birds. You will be stunned. Be sure to check out the video ;)

Luxury Stays near Mumbai and Pune

This heritage stay near Mumbai and Pune has original rooms of the Maharaja and Maharani and still maintained, just for you. That’s not it. The walls of the Fort are also one of the sides if many rooms here. You could also stay in a tent here. Every moment spent here feels like a royal celebration. The rooms have great antique interiors that’ll please your eyes. Want to be there already, right?

Diwali Weekend Getaway

This place offers some amazing adventure activities. You can go ziplining, zorbing, eat finger licking delicacies from our restaurants, explore the 300 year old museum or just walk around this massive fort.

Who is this place best suitable for?

Saswad Fort, Pune

This place is great for families who are travelling with children and senior citizens. The massive gardens of this fort is awesome as kids could run around without feeling clamped up in rooms and also indulge in a lot of activities. This place is also great for senior citizens as the reception and restaurants are easily accessible from rooms.

Time and Distance from Mumbai and Pune

This Royal fort is around 40 kms away from Pune and 182 kms away from Mumbai. The nearest airport in Pune is 35 kms away and is at the distance of an hours drive. This makes it a great option for weekend getaways near Mumbai and Pune within 200 kms this Diwali 2020.

Diwali Getaways Near Mumbai and Pune

Covid 19 Safety Measures

We know all of us are looking for safe and sanitized Diwali weekend getaways this year. Rest assured, this place follows such strict safety measures that there’s no way you are risking the safety of your loved ones and you. We check for your temperature using thermal cameras and anybody having a temperature above 100.00 F will be directed towards medical assistance. Frequent cleaning using the best disinfectants and physical distancing are strictly followed. Hand sanitizers are placed at every intervals and the guest safety is the priority here. This property is one of the best options for safe and sanitized weekend getaways near Mumbai.

Heritage stay near Mumbai and Pune

Diwali couldn’t get any better. Indulge yourself this 2020 in a royal and luxurious stay at a Royal Maratha fort near Mumbai and Pune for a safe and sanitized Diwali getaway and thank us later :P !!! Looking forward to see you there walking in the lush green lawns this holiday. ;)

Checkout the photos and videos of this Heritage Fort in Saswad for a luxurious Diwali getaway near Mumbai and Pune: Click here!

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