Sequestered inside the house and looking at the same things every day, life lost its luster, didn't it? That’s why we've picked out these beautiful landscapes and exhilarating waterfalls that’ll make your eyes pop. Check out these scenic road trips from Bangalore and get a breath of fresh air. Take your friends and family with you because they too need this escape from monotony. So click lots of photos and hike through the thriving hills. Let your mind and body wander to the scenic road trips from Bangalore.

Bababudangiri Hills

About 250 km from Bangalore is one of the highest peaks of Karnataka. Bababudangiri hills are a part of the exuberant Western Ghats. The view from there is so amazing that you could simply keep gazing at the picturesque landscapes all day.

Scenic road trips from Bangalore

This beautiful destination near Bangalore attracts lots of trekkers. These expansive hills provide trekking trails not only for beginners but also for professionals. There are different routes for trekkers and hikers of all levels.

Want to add a bit more challenge to your trekking expedition? Then try out the route to the beautiful Manikyadhara waterfalls.

However, Bababudangiri hills are famous for another reason. The popular religious place of the Dattatreya Petta temple and the Baba Budan shrine is in the same cave. What could be a better symbol of the fraternity between Hindus and Muslims in India than this?

Food and Accommodation: Not available

Road Conditions: Accessible and Well-maintained

Nearest Petrol Pump: Chikkamagalur

Best Time to Visit: October- June

Harangi Dam

The second spot on the list of scenic road trips from Bangalore goes to Harangi Dam. The calm waters of river Harangi indeed ooze tranquillity. Since the dam is tucked away from the spotlight, it is less crowded and more peaceful.

scenic road trips from Bangalore

Moreover, there’s also a park near the dam where you can stroll around and enjoy the view leisurely. Needless to say, it happens to be a great picnic spot. With ample space for kids to play while adults chitchat, it’d be a day well spent.

What’s more, is that there are some hills nearby. And where there are hills, there are trails. So we have yet another trekking spot for you.

Furthermore, 9 Km from Harangi Dam is Namdroling Golden Temple. It is the second-largest monastery in India. This spiritual sanatorium is known for the huge golden statues of Buddha.

Food and Accommodation: There are several lodges and eateries near Harangi Dam. However, the resorts near Nisargdhama are better and more comfortable.

Road Conditions: Accessible and well-maintained

Nearest Petrol Pump: Kushalnagar

Best Time to Visit: There is no specific season to visit Harangi Dam. It is open all year round.

Nearby Travel Spots: Ranganaitthu, 80 km from Harangi Dam.


 The Nisargdhama Forest Park is about 240 km from Bangalore. The park is situated on a small forest island. The main attraction is the river Kaveri flowing through the wilderness. Experience life among the wild deer and chirping birds. Away from the crackling of the city, this park is a cocoon woven by nature.

beautiful destinations near Bangalore

You have probably watched the adventurers on the Discovery channel travel through the dense Amazon. At Nisargadharma, you get the chance to explore the forest just like them. So just imagine a cameraman trailing after you as you venture around describing what you see. It would be fun becoming Bear Grylls for a day, wouldn't it? (wink, wink)

Moreover, you can also choose to go for activities like boating and elephant rides. Besides, don’t forget to check out the deer and rabbit parks as well.

Food and Accommodation: There is a river-side guest house and cottages owned by the Forest Department. You will also find nice hotels and restaurants in and around Nisargdhama.

Road Conditions: Accessible and Well-maintained.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Kushalnagar

Best Time to Visit: June to October are the ideal months to visit Nisargadhama. The rainy season doesn't get many visitors because of frequent heavy showers.

Nearby Travel Spots: Lepakshi, 60 km from Nisargdhama.


250 km from Bangalore is the single hill of Kemmangundi, which has hoarded the most beautiful landscapes. From waterfalls and lush forests to coffee plantations and idyllic points, this place has it all.

beautiful destination near Bangalore

Beginning with Z- point, it offers a stunning view of the Western Ghats. The sunset from this point is something you’ll deeply regret not witnessing if you happen to miss it.

Kemmangundi is a hill; hence, there are going to be several trekking routes, of course. And if you want some incentives for trekking, there are a couple of must-visit waterfalls unreachable by vehicles.

One of those waterfalls is the Hebbe falls. The water of this fall has healing properties as it passes through lots of medicinal herbs. Therefore, this beautiful destination near Bangalore is also an important spot for botanists and researchers.

The Shiva temple, Kalhatti Falls, and the Rock Garden are a few more popular tourist spots in Kemmangundi.

Food and Accommodation: There are lots of resorts and restaurants nearby. So you can comfortably enjoy your stay at Kemmangundi.

Road Conditions: Accessible and well-maintained.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Chikkamagalur

Best Time to Visit: June- October


Finally, we have reached the last spot on the list of scenic road trips from Bangalore. Talakaveri, where the river Kaveri originated, is 260 km from the capital city of Karnataka. A small spring sprouts from the ground in a Klondike, which then flows underground. It re-emerges a few meters away from River Kaveri.

Scenic road trips from Bangalore

The Shiva temple at Talakaveri might have been established by the great sage Agasthya. Along with Lord Ganesha's temple, both the pilgrimage spot draws hundreds of devotees.  

Since this hill station is on the Brahmagiri hills, the view from this place is spectacular. You can also go on trekking expeditions at this beautiful destination near Bangalore.

Food and Accommodation: Comfortable hotels and restaurants are found in Talakaveri to fit all budget types.

Road Conditions: Accessible and well-maintained

Nearest Petrol Pump: Mercara

Best Time to Visit: September- May

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