Heya travelers! Raise your hands when I ask this, okay? Who needs a detox after this grueling pandemic-induced home-bound life? I raise my hand as that hyperactive first-bench kid back in school. Well, I guess, all of you did the same. Didn't ya? Times have been hard and now that the monsoon is here, a spa retreat and the rains would be the best combo ever!! What say? So, here's a list of spa weekend getaways for monsoon 2021 near you where you can pamper yourself to body and soul healing. Time for a destressing health reboot people!

Secluded Wellness Retreat, Nashik

interiors of viveda wellness retreat in Nashik

Let's start with a holistic wellness retreat in this search for spa weekend getaways for monsoon 2021 near you. Every corner of this Secluded Wellness Retreat in Nashik is a reminder that your body is a temple and you should revere it. Be it Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, their integrated wellness solutions will help you reconnect with yourself.

You know, something as simple as having a healthy drink in the morning sitting on a bench amidst a flowered garden can go a long way to refresh your mind. Wouldn't you enjoy the tranquility, only to be broken by the buzz of the bees and chirping of the birds? How do you feel about the overwhelming calmness when you take a walk barefooted on the dewy grass in the morning? If you ask me, there is just so much to do at this Secluded Wellness Retreat in Nashik that will help you adopt the path of mindful living.

Spa at the Secluded Wellness Retreat in Nashik

spa resort near Mumbai in Nashik for luxury monsoon weekend getaway

The spa here brings to the table a myriad of international practices that will help you unwind on your weekend getaway. You'd find so many natural fruits vegetables and other things like honey, essential oils, etc. being craftily used by the masseuses here. And tell you what, you'll feel like all the toxic substances are being flushed out of your body! Now, that's a very reassuring feeling, right?

Time and distance from Mumbai: 3 hr 13 min (173.8 km) via NH160

All Time Luxury Resort, Mahabaleshwar

over the edge restaurant at spa resort near Mumbai in Mahabaleshwar for monsoon weekend getaway

It's time to treat yourself to a bit of luxury and let go of all your worries. If that happens with a spa session at one of the best resorts in the lush green hills of Mahabaleshwar, the awesomeness sure does manifold, right? So, make your way to the All Time Luxury Resort in Mahabaleshwar for your spa weekend getaways for monsoon 2021 near you.

What we love about this Spa Weekend Getaway in Monsoon 2021

spa at brightland resort in mahabaleshwar for monsoon weeekend getaway

Here, you can beat the chill of the Mahabaleshwar hills with an intense gym session or a plunge in the solar-heated swimming pool. To relax your tired body, you can just chill at the jacuzzi or at the sauna. Then, you can follow it up with a proper spa experience. Ayurveda, Oriental, and Western practices find their way to this spa at All Time Luxury Resort. The masseuses are very well trained, so, you are sure to walk out of the spa feeling newly recharged. If you wish to take back some spa products, you can buy them from the boutique.

Time and Distance from Mumbai: 5 hr 16 min (259.2 km) via Bengaluru - Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai - Pune Hwy and NH 48

Luxury Boutique Stay, Igatpuri

tropical retreat igatpuri with swimming pool and luxury spa

Whether it is the stately adorned spacious rooms or a humongous swimming pool, we are all in for a holiday that offers a luxury getaway amidst nature. So, let me introduce you to the Luxury Boutique Stay which is set in the beautiful backdrop of lush green Igatpuri. How about sipping your favorite cocktail while you chill at the swimming pool? Maybeyou can just walk on the lawns in the wee hours of the day and feel a lot refreshed too. So, tell you what? At this boutique stay, you will be pampered with the ultimate luxury and comfort.

What we love about this monsoon spa weekend getaway

one of the best luxury spa resorts near Mumbai for a monsoon getaway during weekends

Firstly, Igatpupri and its beautiful verdant valleys people! If you are like me, a hill person all the way, you cannot say a no to this! You can soak in the calming ambiance as much as you want and then make your way to the luxury spa. The enigmatic aroma, the soothing dim lights, and the experienced therapists will help you to detox your mind,body, and soul. Time for the good energies to take over, people!

Time and Distance from Mumbai: 2 hr 11 min (122.5 km) via NH160

Karjat Hill View Resort with Meandering Pool

spa resort in Karjat with meandering pool - The forest club resort

Think about this: you walk out of your room and two steps in, you have the access to India's largest meandering pool. The water's crystal clear and reflecting the cotton candy clouds in the blue sky. There are palm trees lining the pool on the other side and lush green lawn adding to the serene view of the setting. Now imagine having this relaxing swim in the ever-so-beautiful valleys of Karjat. Does this sound like a perfect weekend getaway near you? Then book the Karjat Hill View Resort right away!

How to unwind at this spa retreat in Karjat

monsoon spa retreat at forest club resort in Mahabaleshwar

But it isn't just the meandering pool which I am fond of at this resort in Karjat. It is a spa resort guys and there are so many therapies and massages to choose from which will help you heal. Maybe you'd like to feel the sensational calmness of aroma relaxing. Are you still rooting for an international holiday? Then, how about a Swedish or Balenese massage and bringing international to you? Or maybe just a facial since you haven't had the time to pamper your skin for a very long time? Which one will it be for you?

Time and Distance from Mumbai: 1 hr 19 min (62.7 km) via Bengaluru - Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai - Pandharpur Rd/Mumbai - Pune Hwy

Authentic Keralan Backwater Resort, Kumarakom

beautifully decorated room at kumarakom lake resort

Have you seen how dreamy and picture-postcard-like beautiful the backwaters of Kerala are? If you haven't yet, this is your cue to head to this Authentic Keralan Backwater Resort in Kumarakom right now! There are villas with private pools and traditional houseboat stays up for grabs, people! It is the ultimate definition of luxury with serenity, trust me! And do you know what's even more interesting? Each of these villas is actually a reconstruction of traditional homesteads manas that were prevalent in 16th century Kerala! So, if heritage getaways fascinate, let this be your next choice.

Choose a Package of Your Choice at this Monsoon Spa Weekend getaway

kumarakom lake resort - a luxury spa getaway for weekend during monsoon

But now, you might ask, umm... hey! So, this is an awesome stay in Kerala but how come it is included in the spa weekend getaways for monsoon 2021 list? Well, because there is the Ayurnama, a heritage spa retreat within the resort. Would you believe me if I told you that this Ayurveda spa is 200 years old? People of the Chathamangalathu Mana family have been catering to travelers for generations now!

So, you can only imagine how experienced they already are with the healing power of nature and natural products. Whether it is your concentration that needs a boost or your skin that needs healing, there are ample options to choose from!

Time and Distance from Bangalore: 10 hr 57 min (590.6 km) via NH 44 and NH544

Village Wellness Retreat, Junnasandra

our native village near Bangalore - a monsoon spa weekend getaway

If you are living in Bangalore, the Village Wellness Retreat is perfect for a quick spa getaway on your holiday! It's just an hour's drive away and as the name suggests, you can experience rural life here and connect with mother earth in a unique kind of way. The Nirmaaya Spa here is a conglomeration of traditional and modern practices, thus gives you the wellness of the past and comfort of the present therapies.

What we love about this Spa Retreat for Monsoon Weekend Getaways

spa retreat near Bangalore for monsoon getaway

There's a certain kind of healing you would experience during your stay at Village Wellness Retreat. Maybe it'll be the spa, maybe it will be the quaint ambiance or the close-to-earth activities like pottery and traditional games. But whatever it is, you would absolutely love the stay. I mean I came back feeling so jovial. And Stress, WHO? If you have a few days at hand, opt for their holistic spa package which brings in the best of Chinese practices like reflexology and natural healing therapies from Europe.

Time and Distance from Bangalore: 1 hr 21 min (39.0 km) via SH 9

We also have these luxury resorts within 250 km of Mumbai and these amazing getaways within 300 km of Bangalore. Or maybe, you're planning a trip to Rajasthan. Then check out these safe and sanitized luxury stays. Want to escape to the mountains for the weekend? I'm sure you'll have an amazing experience at these unique and exotic resorts near Delhi. If you are traveling with your family, you would want to check out these safe and sanitized child-friendly stays. We have so many other handpicked options near you waiting for you at Yuyiii. Check them out!


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