Is all the work at home and office weighing you down? There’s a lot to do and you cannot afford to miss out on it if you take a long vacation. Well, well, you aren’t alone. Been there, done that! Phew! But you know what works at such tiring times? A getaway to a peaceful and off-beat place nestled in the lap of nature and some quality time with family or friends. Wondering now where you can find such scenic beauty near Mumbai and Pune? Dear reader, your search for a unique family resort in Karjat ends here as we bring to you this offbeat Karjat Hill View Resort. What’s so special about this stay, you ask? Read on and I’d tell you.  😄

India’s largest meandering pool at this unique family resort in Karjat

unique family reosrt in Karjat with meandering pool and amazing hill views

Yes! You read that right. The luxurious Karjat Hill View Resort boasts of a massive meandering pool, the largest of its kind in India. Now, how cool is that? All its posh executive rooms have direct access to the pool. You just walk out of your room and there you have it – you can dive right in for a refreshing swim! Add to that the tree-lined poolside and the beautiful serene views of the lush green Karjat valley and you wouldn’t even want to get up from the pool. Am I right or am I right?

Just to add to your pleasure, this resort in Karjat also has another infinity pool. Feeling it's not your day for a swim? Then you could chill and soak in the sun on the lounges by the pool and sip on your cocktail. Who said you needed to go to some far-flung places for your #vacay pictures on Instagram? I say it’s right here at this unique family resort in Karjat. Keep the camera shutters moving, shall we?

What do we love about this resort in Karjat for a family?

Of course, the breathtaking views and unwinding pool waters are on one side. What will make the stay even more amazing for you is the unparalleled hospitality of the staff at the resort with such a relaxing ambiance. You can choose between Executive rooms, Premium rooms, and Deluxe rooms from a total of 49 rooms in the resort.

A pool right outside the glass door of your room, tadah! Yep, as we had mentioned before, the execute rooms open up to the resort’s famed meandering pool. Premium rooms come with bespoke interiors perfect for couples and families. Four-poster beds with red drapes, anyone? For budget holidaymakers, book a Deluxe room and walk out into the garden whenever you feel like it (it leads to the infinity pool by the way).

All of these rooms are equipped with a queen-sized bed, air conditioner, color flat-screen TV, and a mini-fridge. Need to get some urgent office work done (not that we want you to open your work laptop on your family getaway, but we understand you)? No worries, just sign in to the complimentary WiFi and you’re good to go! Tea/coffee makers are present in each room, so, you can also prepare yourself some tea or coffee while you work. With the finest of amenities and interiors that exude a soothing aura, your stay at this unique getaway in Karjat will be pure bliss and worth every dime.

Fine Dining and Spa at the Karjat Hill View Resort

coffee shop restaurant at unique family resort in karjat

Because the Karjat Hill View Resort promises you a wholesome getaway experience, it leaves no stone unturned when it comes to dining. Say yes to lip-smacking delicacies as you enjoy the mesmerizing views of verdant hills in Karjat. You can delve into the best of Indian and international cuisines at the Shop, enjoy some innovative cocktails and a fine collection of wine at Bar, or have the ultimate gourmet experience at the multi-cuisine restaurant.

And if dining amidst other vacationers isn’t your thing (umm.. COVID fears, I get you!) you can always revel in the delicious flavors in the comfort of your room, thanks to the resort’s awesome in-room dining facility.

Now if all that wasn’t convincing enough, you even have access to a relaxing spa session at the Spa within the resort. You can choose between an array of massages and therapies and trust me, you’re gonna come back feeling more alive than you felt while leaving your city for the getaway.

When to visit this resort in Karjat near Mumbai?

over the top bar at this family resort in Karjat for getaway near Mumbai

The best time to visit Karjat Hill View Resort, you ask? Umm, pretty much any time and every time if you ask me?

And if you end up here in the monsoons, the picturesque rolling hills and their verdant beauty will be a treat to your eyes. Disclaimer: DO NOT forget to pack your cameras people! If you forget, well, don't say I didn't warn ya!

With a dedicated play area with toys for children, it absolutely ideal for families looking for a quick getaway in Karjat. For families who love adventures, you can explore the Kondana caves, trek to the Bhimashankar Temple, or go river rafting.

Distance from Mumbai: 62.7 kms

Distance from Pune: 102.6 kms

Think you need more options to check out for resorts in Karjat for families? Your wish is our command at  Yuyiii, ladies, and gentlemen! Here, check out this collection of some awesome short weekend getaways to Karjat. Or, how about this nature's oasis or the wilderness stay or maybe a safe and sanitized farm stay, what say? So, now, what are you waiting for? Just pack your bags and head out to Karjat for your family getaway near Mumbai.

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