Bored with all the work at the office and home? How about taking a refreshing break and heading towards the beaches near Bangalore? I mean, wouldn't you want a little bit of salty air gushing against your face as the waves crash at your feet? Or maybe indulge in a beach sport or two as well? But the best of all, you can just chill and enjoy a sundowner. So, get your bags ready as we take you to the best beach getaways from Bangalore in 2021.

Gokarna - one of the most scenic beach getaways from Bangalore

Om Beach in Gokarna - one of the best beach destinations near Bangalore

Are you searching for the ultimate beach destination in India minus the tourist crowds of Goa? Well, then Gokarna it is for you! A number one choice among backpackers, the sundowners at this hippie beach town are going to leave you amazed. The best sunsets ever, I tell you! Just relax on the beach with your friends at the golden hour, maybe with a bottle of beer, and celebrate the bonds you have with each other!

And that's not all! Can you imagine a beach shaped like the Holy Hindu sign OM? Well, Gokarna has one and it is known as the OM beach. Don't you feel it would be so fascinating to get a bird's eye view of this beach from a cliff then? You can book your stay here or on Kudle Beach, both of which also have some really great seaside cafes. If you are a non-vegetarian, you absolutely cannot miss out on the seafood here!

If you are up for an adventure, you can do the Gokarna beach trek to reach the very secluded Paradise beach. Along the way, you can soak up gorgeous views of the Arabian Sea from cliff points (keep those Insta-worthy pictures coming)!

Alternatively, you can also take a boat ride to Paradise Beach. Come back and tell me if you were able to sight a dolphin in the sea on the way. Lucky you! You can also shop for trinkets on the beach to carry home souvenirs from one of the best beach getaways near Bangalore.

Time and Distance of Gokarna from Bangalore: 9 hr 7 min; 484.9 km


Murudeshwar Shiva statue and temple with Raja Gopura - one of the most sought after beach getaways from Bangalore

You might know Murudeshwar as the scenic coastal town with the colossal statue of Lord Shiva. The pictures show the statue perched on a small hillock that overlooks the azure waters of the Arabian Sea. How fascinating! Indeed, you might probably be awe-inspired by the view already! I mean, just take a look at the picture above and try telling me you're not! It is the second tallest Shiva statue in the world and to stand in front of it will be a humbling experience in itself for you. And with the 20-story high Gopura next to it, your visit to this beach destination near Bangalore will be quite a memorable one.

Once you have offered your prayers, you can take the lift to the top of the Gopura and get a bird's eye view of the waves of the Arabian Sea crashing against the shore. Just close your eyes and think about being so high up and witnessing the deep blue sea kiss the sky at the horizon as the air soothes you! Do you feel what I am saying? Well, well.... then pack your bags already!

And while you're here in Murudeshwar, do not miss out on experiencing the diverse marine life by visiting Netrani Island. A heart-shaped island rich with flora and fauna, here you can do scuba diving too! So, are you ready for an adventure?

Time and Distance of Murudeshwar from Bangalore: 9 hr 26 min; 471.1 km


aerial view of Rock Beach in Puducherry - best beach getaways near Bangalore

Known as the French capital of India, you just have to add this pretty coastal town to your bucket list of best beach getaways from Bangalore. Just rent a scooter or bicycle and tour the vibrant and colorful corners of this French colony. Trust me, you're going to come back saying "This corner is so PRETTY, that lane is even PRETTIER, Pondicherry is the PRETTIEST ever"!!!

Start your day early in the morning to watch a spectacular beach sunrise at Rock Beach. Then, head towards the Promenade Beach for a stroll to enjoy its crystal clear waters. It is known to be one of the best beaches in Puducherry and even India and trust me, you would be the one claiming so too once you visit Puducherry! You can also have some snacks at the beach shacks before you delve into the watersports.

I'd highly recommended that you can experience Puducherry's diverse marine life by booking a scuba diving session. You can also try surfing at Serenity Beach. For a more romantic beach landscape, head to Mahe Beach or Paradise Beach with your partner.

Time and Distance of Puducherry from Bangalore: 6 hr 45 min; 356.8 km

Varkala - surfing beach getaways near Bangalore

varkala beach

Rocky cliffs lined by towering coconut trees jutting out in the Arabian Sea - that is Varkala for you! And, the best part? It is one of the few beaches in India where you can go surfing! So, your beach weekend getaway from Bangalore is all set to be adventurous and fun-filled. Of course, you should not come back without indulging in a little bit of shopping frenzy at the local markets in Varkala. Food lovers, make your way to Cafe del Mar and God's Own Country Kitchen.

Now, let me also tell you something intriguing. Did you know that the natural springs at Varkala beach are said to have medicinal properties? Well, why don't you check them out yourselves, then come back and tell me? Also, don't forget to visit the Kapil backwater beach which many deem to be among the best-hidden gems of Varkala.

Time and Distance of Varkala from Bangalore: 13 hr 10 min; 679.2 km

Udupi - pristine beach getaways from Bangalore

Kapu beach in Udupi - one of the best beach getaways from Bangalore

Located to the north of Mangalore, Udupi is one of the best beach destinations near Bangalore in Karnataka. Not just its famous temples, you'll find that Udupi's beaches are equally rewarding! Up for magical sunsets at the virgin beach of Malpe and seeing a century-old lighthouse of Kaupe Beach, or Kodi Beach? Well, these are some of the must-have experiences for your beach vacation in Udupi. So, photographers and travelers alike, if you are planning your beach getaways from Bangalore, you should add Udupi to your bucket list right now!

There's also the St. Mary's Island off the coast of Udupi that'll awe you with its quaint beauty. Seeing the crystal clear waters of the Arabian Sea against its white sand beach, you'd have a hard time putting down your camera. When you're in Udupi, do not come back without trying out the famous namesake cuisine. The town is a haven for food lovers and it'll leave you craving for more South Indian dishes! Yum! Yum!

Time and Distance of Udupi from Bangalore: 8 hr 14 min; 404.5 km


Maravante beach getaway near Bangalore

Are you active on Social Media? If yes, then this name might have struck a cord already! Maravanthe has gained popularity as the place with the beach and backwaters on either side of the road. And to top it off, it lies on the backdrop of the scenic Kodachadric Hills. Have you seen some of the drone shots from the place? Well, they are just terrific, right (here's your cue to Google up in case you haven't yet)? Honestly, just a drive along NH 66 is such a beautiful experience. Oh, and do make pit stops to drink fresh coconut water from the local vendors.

At sunset, take a boat ride on the Souparnika River. So, now, you have cliffs, backwaters, beaches, sunsets, boat rides on rivers, and an amazing drive. What more could you ask for in a road trip? Then, tell me, would you want to miss the endless golden sandy shores and the verdant palm trees against a blue sky in Maravanthe?

Time and Distance of Maravante from Bangalore: 8 hr 34 min; 426.5 km


N4 beach fishing harbour in Chennai

Now, you've heard about the iconic Marina beach in Chennai, right? Well, being India's longest and the world's second-longest beach, the beauty of this long stretch of sand along the Bay of Bengal is hard to miss. So, when it is just some six hours drive away from Bangalore, how could we miss it in our list of beach getaways from Bangalore? Whether beach vacations are all about building sandcastles, watching sunsets, or water sports for you, Marina beach doesn't disappoint at all.

While you're here, pay a visit to Elliot Beach as well. Let me tell you how great a spot it is for a moonlight walk on the sandy shore, an experience you wouldn't want to miss with your loved one! You can pick up some shells on the beach too to bring back souvenirs.

And thrill-seekers, where are you? Up for some adventures like parasailing, scuba diving, and windsurfing? Then, you can head towards the Kovalam beach. Are you a couple or family seeking quieter stretches? The serene Breezy Beach and VGP Beach are calling you then.

Time and Distance of Chennai from Bangalore: 6 hr 16 min; 346.7 km

Now that you're sorted for the most memorable beach getaways from Bangalore, why don't you also check these amazing places you can visit near Bangalore? Since the rains are here, you can also take a weekend getaway to these offbeat stays near Bangalore. Or take these road trips near Bangalore in the monsoon. Just pack your bags and leave it on us to have the accommodations sorted for your getaway. You can search for all our handpicked stay options near your city here.

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