And once again, the capricious rains are just around the corner! How many times have you left your home for office during the monsoons without an umbrella thinking, "Oh it's such a bright sunny day"? And then, by afternoon, you can't even go out during your lunch hour because it's pouring cats and dogs! Relatable right? Leading a city life in Bangalore and the rains may not be the best of combinations. But you know what is? A road trip to witness the resplendent greenery of nature in Karnataka. Got the weekend off? Then hop on to these refreshing road trips from Bangalore during monsoon 2021.

1. Nisargadhama

bridge walk in Nisarga Dhama when you go on a road trip from Bangalore this monsoon 2021

For those of you who really wish to be at one with nature, visit Nisargadhama near Kushalnagar in Coorg. It is a beautiful island (well, delta actually) formed on the Cauvery river and is covered in dense foliage and bamboo grooves. The deer, rabbits, and peacocks which stroll around the place make it one of the most sought-after getaways near Bangalore during monsoons for families. Children always seem to be fond of animals and birds, right?

Visiting Nisargadhama during monsoon 2021

forested lands of Nisarga Dhama during monsoon

When you're here at Nisargadhama, you will be greeted with a hanging rope bridge across the river that takes you from the mainland to the island. Doesn't that sound quite thrilling to you? Don't forget to take pictures on the bridge. Apart from sightseeing, you can also go for an elephant ride and boating on the Cauvery river. If you are a family with kids, they'll particularly enjoy the children's playground area. You would also see pretty orchids of a variety of species at Nisarghadhama.

Time and Distance of Nisargadhama from Bangalore: 4hr 50min; 224km

Food and Accommodation:  Several food stalls line the outsides of Nisargadhama, so you wouldn't have issues finding food. Since it is in Coorg, there is no dearth of accommodation options nearby. There are also guest houses run by the forest department in Nisargadhama.

Road Conditions: Accessible and well-maintained if you are coming by the Kushalnagar route from Bangalore.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Kushalnagar

2. Harangi Dam

Harangi dam near Bangalore for a road trip in monsoons

Harangi Dam is a lovely place with bountiful nature with gurgling waters of river Cauvery the only sound to break the silence. The scenic natural setting of Harangi makes it a perfect picnic spot for your road trip from Bangalore in the monsoon. It also happens to be the first dam on the river Cauvery. There is a well-maintained garden where you can stroll and view the bedazzling architectural pattern of the dam.

Why road trip to Harangi from Bangalore during monsoon 2021?

go for a picnic at Harangi Dam from Bangalore

On the first go, Harangi might not sound really appealing. You know, it's just a dam with a quiet reservoir of water. But that is exactly what appeals to visitors who have been there. Trust me on this, the tranquility and serene beauty of the place will leave a mark on you. There aren't too many tourists around so you'll have a great time with your friends and families. Set up a barbeque party and just chill in the cool breeze. Plus the drive through the forests right before you reach here makes one of our best picks for road trips from Bangalore in the monsoon.

While you're here don't forget to add Namdroling Monastery Golden Temple - yep, you heard me! A monastery in South India. The Dubare Elephant Camp is also a must-visit within 15km of Harangi Dam.

Time and Distance of Harangi Dam from Bangalore: 4hr 38min; 238km

Food and Accommodation:  Given the dam's closeness to Coorg, you would be spoilt with options for accommodation. The closest division is Kushalnagar which boasts several premium resorts and homestays as well as budget options. There are several restaurants within a 10km radius where you can get good food, including traditional Coorgi cuisine. Alternatively, you can pack your own to have a nice picnic by the side of the dam.

Road Conditions: Accessible and well-maintained for most of it but they do get a little shabby during the last half through the forests during monsoons (the views make up for it though).

Nearest Petrol Pump: Kushalnagar

3. Bheemeshwari

Bheemeshwari along Cauvery for a road trip from Bangalore

On the banks of the river Cauvery, lies the pristine hideaway of Bheemeshwari. Far from the madding crowd of Bangalore, here you can enjoy some peaceful time by the river and also engage in water sports. As soothing as nature here is, Bheemeshwari also welcomes you with a tinge of water adventures like kayaking, coracle riding, and rafting. There are also trekking trails through thick forests. Off you go into the woods, explorer!

Bheemeshwari for a road trip from Bangalore during monsoon 2021

coracle ride in Bheemeshwari

But nature is not all that you will experience in Bheemeshwari - one of the must-do road trips from Bangalore during monsoon. This place is an angler's paradise. Fishing is very common here, no not for eating but as a sport. Whether you are a hopeless angling enthusiast or a pro player, try your luck at catching the world-famous tropical game fish Mahseer here.

Time and Distance of Bheemeshwari from Bangalore: 2hr 23min; 102.4km

Food and Accommodation:  There are adventure camps and jungle resorts around the area but make your bookings before visiting as options are limited. Finding fishing camps in Bheemeshwari wouldn't be difficult too are there are quite a few. Dining under the starlit skies in these camps is an experience like none other.

Road Conditions: Accessible and well-maintained

Nearest Petrol Pump: Kanakapur

4. Baba Budangiri

Baba Bundangiri from an epic roadtrip deom Bangalore in monsoon

At Baba Budangiri, a spell-binding view of the green-carpeted Nilgiri hills await you at the top. Here you would wanna fill your gallery with pictures and videos. Thick forests, grasslands, and a moraine-filled rive mark the path to the top here. You'd be reaching the Mullayanagiri peak, the highest in Karnataka and then you can hop on to the next one which is Baba Budangiri.

The shrine at the top is a pilgrimage spot for both Hindus and Muslims. Once you reach the top and are done soaking in the views, you can head towards the grave of the Sufi saint Baba Budan. A stairwell from here will take you to Dattatreya Caves which is believed to have been the home of the Hindu deity Dattatreya once upon a time. A mystic beauty coupled with mystic figures from the bygone days - now how fascinating is that for a road trip?

Road trip to Baba Budangiri from Bangalore

beautiful landscape of Baba Budangiri

For those of you who do not wish to trek all the way up, you can go offroading with your car. No tar roads though, mind you! You might not particularly be a fan of the muddy and often slippery roads that you'll encounter on the hike to the top. But honestly, the views make it all worth it. No words could describe how stunning the views are! You've got to add this to your bucket list for road trips from Bangalore in monsoon to realize why I sound so pumped up about this place!

Time and Distance of Baba Budangiri from Bangalore: 5hr 24min; 276.2 km

Food and Accommodation:  Being a prime tourist attraction in Chikmagalur, you'll have various resorts, hotels, and homestays to choose from in and around the main town. You can have some snacks from the roadside vendors but pack and carry your own food for a heavier meal.

Road Conditions: Drive from Chikmaglur main town is a sketchy one with dangerous curves on roads that become muddy during monsoons.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Chikkemagalur

5. Kemmangundi

If you are a nature lover, a hobby photographer, or a trekking enthusiast, Kemmangundi near Chikmaglur has loads to offer! The mystic valley views with their burst of greenery will make it one of your most memorable road trips from Bangalore during the monsoon. On one hand, you would be beguiled by the aroma rising from the coffee plantations (Coffee people, where are you?). On the other hand, the spectacular views of the Western Ghats will enrapture you! Of course, the beautiful ornamental plants grown here by the Horticulture department are a sight to behold too!

Visiting the beautiful Kemmangundi on a road trip from Bangalore during monsoon 2021

Hebbe falls in Kemmangundi from Bangalore during mosoon 2021

Trek till the Z viewpoint and you'd find a pristine view awaiting you. The sunset from Rav Bhavan overlooking the hills will be one of the best you've ever seen in your life, I promise! There are the Shanti Falls and Hebbe Falls nearby which are accessible by treks. Just relax here by dipping your tired feet in the cold waters, and enjoy the untouched serene nature around you. You can also visit the Kallathi Falls, a holy cascade inside a temple some 10 km away.

Time and Distance of Kemmangundi from Bangalore: 5hr 22min; 273km

Food and Accommodation:  There are several resorts in Kemmangundi where you can spend the night after your long drive from Bangalore. This includes the heritage resort of Mysore King Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV, now run by the government of Karnataka.

Road Conditions: Accessible and well-maintained till Chikmaglur but from then onwards, the roads aren't that great in condition, especially during monsoons.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Chikkamagalur

Think you need more options for epic road trips from Bangalore? Then, head out for these road trip destinations within 100 KM from Bangalore or these amazing places within 300 KM from Bangalore. For monsoon lovers, we also have these getaways near Bangalore. And while you're traveling, you needn't worried about safety during this ongoing pandemic as we have curated this collection of safe and sanitized resorts near Bangalore. You can find more handpicked stay options here.

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