Are you feeling bored and stressed out in Mumbai? Looking for someplace near Mumbai where you can chill and enjoy your heart out during the Winter holidays? Or more specifically, Christmas and New Year, 2023? And also. relax? Whether you are a nature lover, an adventure seeker, or a culture enthusiast, there is something for everyone.  Let us hop on the vacation train and look at some of the beautiful Christmas and New Year getaways near Mumbai- 2023.

1: Scenic Resort

Shendi, Maharashtra

A Treehouse Getaway in Mumbai

The perfect Christmas Getaway near Mumbai 2023

The Scenic Resort is a resort comprising of beautiful cottages and treehouses. The scenic route you have to take while discovering the place, through the lush greenery while the sun sets in the distance is an experience to cherish! The architecture of the rooms are minimal yet majestic, adding touches of vigor and creativity in the walls!

The beauty of nature followed by the green mountains in the distance while you sip tea with your partner by your side and your furry friend (this is a pet friendly resort), are the memories you need! The diverse range of accommodations such as treehouses, cottages, garden villas and rooms looks out for a comfortable stay for everyone!

What We Love: The highlight of this place is the boat ride you can take with your significant other! You get to also get to go island camping amidst the middle of the river, underneath the starlit sky. A great way to celebrate the winter festivities, am I right?

Travel Tip: Take a ride and have a bullock cart experience!

Suitable For: Couples, Travel Enthusiasts and Nature Lovers!

Distance from Mumbai: 270 km

Time from Mumbai: 6 hours, by road

Bags already packed and ready to know more about the Scenic Resort for the perfect celebration of Christmas and New Year? Take a look at some of the real photos and videos. Click here

2: The Mountain Resort

Mulshi, Maharashtra

A Nature Stay In Mumbai

Finding your perfect spot to celebrate your Christmas and New Year by visiting a kind getaway with your significant other? Enter Mulshi Mountain Resort. Your Christmas decorations will never look prettier and New Year's Eve will never look more heavenly after you visit this destination!

Tucked between the mountains and overlooking the Mulshi dam, bring your partner along, as they can enjoy the magnificent backyard this resort has to offer. Apart from the scenic sunsets, the majestic trees bordering the roads and a picturesque view of the mountains in the distance entertain you along the way! The Bougainvillea cottage is literally housed at the base of a mountain!

What We Love: Apart from the beauty this place has to offer, the architecture of the cottages also takes a front seat in attracting you to them. The man-made pool and the delicious food will make your stomach hungry and your mind calm. Apart from that, there is a stable with horses to greet you, a small koi fish pond and a small coop with chickens and ducks walking around!

Travel Tip: You can take some horse-riding lessons here!

Suitable For: Horse-riding Enthusiasts

Distance from Mumbai: 145 km

Time from Mumbai: Approximately 3 hours 30 minutes by road

Embark on a journey at this picture perfect Mountain Resort in Mulshi for a grand winter stay amidst Christmas and New Year! To know more about this stay, view some of the real photos and videos. Click here!!

3: Boutique Farm Stay

Karjat, Maharashtra

A Luxury Stay in Mumbai

The best weekend getaway in Christ mas and New Year 2023

Your private balcony from where you can enjoy the sunshine, your private backyard where you can lie down and relax, and your private bathtub where also you can lie down and relax! This beautiful Boutique Farm Stay was built for this very reason! Relax and wash your stress away!

With delicious and organic food that is cultivated on the farm itself, be ready to be swept away with this intimate setting while celebrating Christmas and New Year. Give Christmas gifts to your significant other while taking in a view of the sunset between the mountains in the distance!

What We Love: This piece of beauty also allows you to take planting and farming workshops, if you are bored from describing how beautiful this place looks! Apart from that, you can go kayaking in the private lake, cycle around the property or simply take a swim in the pool. If you have finished all of them, then just relax on the hammock on your balcony! The highlight of this getaway near Mumbai is obviously the bonfire nights you can enjoy with your significant other and your pet and the community of people residing there!

Travel Tip: Be sure to check out the Art village and the nursery farms!

Suitable For: Come with your partners and your pets and have a relaxing winter festivities!

Distance from Mumbai: 63 km (approximately)

Time from Mumbai: 1 hour 45 minutes by road

Excited to know more about the Boutique Farm Stay and how you get to have a luxurious village experience? Browse through the gallery of real photos and videos. Click here!!

4: The Countryside Stay

Panchgani, Maharashtra

A Homestay Experience In Mumbai

The perfect Christmas and New Year getaway near Mumbai in 2023

This scenic marvel rests on the brink of a lake with mountains surrounding it! Come to the Countryside Stay. With the lush mountains in the distance reflecting on the blue waters of the lake, you will see yourself dancing along the glittering sunlight in the water!

This countryside resort with a pool also provides you with a private backyard that is to die for! The sunsets are out of this world and looking at it while sipping tea, really makes you believe that you are experiencing heaven! The architecture of the resort is unique and very retro, and you will leave a piece of yourself when you leave this place! The organic food served fresh on the plate are both nutritious and delicious!

What We Love: From cottages to tents, the choice of accommodations are extensive. Be ready to have a great Christmas by decorating the Christmas trees present on the property. Also, have a romantic New Year's Eve whilst taking in the chilly atmosphere of the place. Moreover, the highlight of the place is the children's park. I assure you, you will feel like a child again while you sit on the rides!

Travel Tip: Go strawberry picking!

Suitable For: Couples and Couples Only!

Distance from Mumbai: 242 km

Time from Mumbai: 4 hours 40 minutes by road

Attracted towards the intense allure of this Countryside Stay? Want to know more about how you can spend your Christmas and New Year at this resort? View some of the real photos and videos of the place. Click here!!


These were some of the Christmas and New Year getaways near Mumbai-2023. If you want to want to know more about such getaways near Mumbai, be sure to check out Villas Near Mumbai- Beautiful villas for a Weekend Getaway or Unique Stays to Celebrate New Years in Mumbai | 2023.

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At these Christmas and New Year Getaways near Mumbai - 2023, you will have the time of your life!

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