So, had marked on your calendar the Independence Day holiday for a quick relaxing trip but you don't really have any places in mind. Well, then, my dear reader, you have landed yourself at the right place. From spending the weekend soaking your feet in an infinity pool that looks over the beautiful lush green hills in Coorg to watching heritage unfold in front of your eyes, this list has everything you were looking for in Independence Day Weekend Getaways from Bangalore. So, without further ado, let's get the travel plans rolling, shall we?

1. Resort on the Cliff for Independence Day Weekend Getaway from Bangalore

Coorg Cliffs Resort and Spa for independence day getaway from Bangalore

Imagine waking up in a room with a balcony that opens up to stunning views of the rolling green hills of Coorg. The chill of the hills hits you oh-so-soothingly. Even the drive up to the resort is surrounded by dense evergreen forests, spice and coffee plantations, and quaint hamlets. Sounds so dreamy, right? Then pack your bags this 15th August and head to the Resort on the Cliff in Coorg.

Infinity Pool at Coorg Cliffs Resort and Spa

At the resort, unwind at the infinity pool from where you will find ranges of undulating hills as far as the eyes can see. On the other side, you have a dense bamboo thicket where you could occasionally spot the elusive Malabar Grey Hornbill. Pro tip: Keep your phone handy if you want to take pictures. Apart from spending a great time in nature's lap at this traditional plantation bungalow-esque resort, you are sure to love the hospitality of the staff. Nature walks, fishing, ziplining, rope activities, yoga, cycling, night safaris, and a lot more will keep your boredom at bay.

Oh, and you can decorate your own room with assorted fruit baskets, cookie platters, flower arrangements, and the likes. Just make a booking two days prior to your check-in date and you can have a customized room ready at your service.

Suitable for:
Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple, or a family with kids, anyone who likes to be amidst nature, this resort is for them!

Distance from Bangalore to Resort on the Cliff in Coorg: 226.3 km

Time from Bangalore: 4 hrs 42 mins

2. Lakkidi Rainforest Stay

romantic forest stay for honeymoon getaways from Bangalore

We had to add a rainforest stay to our list of Independence Day weekend getaways from Bangalore. Given that it is the monsoons, what more perfect time could it be to just sit on the balcony with a book or your loved one and stare into the dense thickets as the rain pours down. Magical, isn't it? The smell of the wet mud, the croaking of the frogs, and the chirping of the crickets further the delightfulness at this Rainforest Stay in Lakkidi, Wayanad. And let me tell you, it is as offbeat as it could. I mean you only get to reach it via a ride through the dense rainforests on a minibus while your car is parked outside.

nature walks in Wayanad - a honeymoon getaway from Bangalore

There are vibrant butterflies Malabar giant squirrel, Hornbills, and other birds flying around in the area. Oh, boy, what a treat to the eyes! Nature walks in the morning as the rain subsides are a must-do, I tell you! Or better still, take a guided trek in the night and watch a magical sunrise overlooking the forested hills.

Suitable for: Great for couples who enjoy the rain and prefer an offbeat stay. Even families would enjoy their stay as the staff at the resort keep the children occupied in some really fun activities.

Distance from Bangalore to this Offbeat Rainforest Stay in Wayanad: 315 km

Time from Bangalore: 6 hrs 5 mins

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3. Independence Day Weekend Getaway from Bangalore to Green Hideaway in Coorg

resort in coorg

There's little doubt why Coorg is known as the Scotland of India. So, our next pick for Independence Day weekend getaways near Bangalore also takes you to the exotic hills of Kodagu - the Green Hideaway. The warm and courteous staff would welcome you with a refreshing drink, a perfect start to your holiday in the Western Ghats.

independewnce day weekend getaway from Bangalore to Coorg and dining with a view

The rooms are dedicatedly designed for the bespoke traveler. You can choose between executive rooms and golf view rooms. Once you drop your bags in the room, your instant favorite would be the balcony. I mean, just look at the photo above! And, yes, that also means you'd have a gala time relishing the flavors of the dishes prepared here. Don't forget to try out the exotic cocktails at the resort's bar.

Suitable for: I'd say couples should make this resort their first choice. I mean, the in-room dining with the picturesque view from the balcony is the most perfect romantic setting.

Distance from Bangalore to Green Hideaway in Coorg: 233.5 km

Time from Bangalore: 5 hr

4. Riverfront Resort in Kabini

weekend getaway resort near Bangalore for independence day

Very few things come as close to the calming backwaters of the Kabini River when you need a serene and romantic atmosphere for a weekend getaway. Riverfront Resort in Kabini offers exactly that, a stay in nature by the side of the river. Make way through the farms and orchards as Devraj, a local from Sohgarli village in Kabini guides you to find the best hideouts for the birds.

Riverfront Family Resort in Kabini

In the early morning, you can go for a cycling tour of the river banks and relax on the wooden benches when you feel you need a break. At night, you could have dinner by the same river, now gleaming like diamonds under the moonlight. Speaking of dinner, the lip-smacking food at this riverfront resort is something that leaves a lingering taste for very long! It's straight from the farm, the freshness of which makes food even more enjoyable.

Go kayaking in the river or take a dive into the swimming pool of the resort. A cherry on the pie for your Independence Day getaway would be a wildlife safari in the Kabini forest while you're here. Come back and let us know if you were lucky to spot the national animal of India.

Suitable for: A great place for friends, families, and couples who are looking for some fun time together.

Distance from Bangalore to this Romantic Kabini Riverfront Stay: 213 km

Time from Bangalore: 5hrs 20 mins

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5. Mystic Luxury Resort in Coorg for Independence Day Getaway near Bangalore

Vernacular styled cabins in Coorg at Mystic Coorg Resort

The Mystic Luxury Resort in Karadi mool hill ranges in Coorg is a hideaway in nature's bosom, minus the Independence Day tourist crowd. The aroma and flavors of wild honey, cardamom, and oranges will welcome you to the property that houses some dreamy cottages. There are also mansion houses and vernacular-styled cottages. And, inside, you'd also find a loft and a fireplace. Straight out of a fairytale, I tell you!

secluded pool at the mystic luxury resort in Coorg

There are roaring streams flowing amidst the forests that surround the property. The sound of gushing water can alone make you want to never leave the place. Chill at the secluded pool as the blue sky and towering green trees make it an even more dreamy swim. Of course, you can also go for a dip in the natural pools formed by the waterfalls in the region.

What makes the stay even more perfect? Undoubtedly the trek to Thadiyante Mol peak, the highest peak in Coorg. If you are lucky to get a clear weather day, you'd get the most stunning view of the Coorg valley and the Arabian Sea in the distance.

Suitable for: If you are ready to get beguiled by the mystic hills of Coorg, this Luxury Resort is perfect for you! Couples, families, or even solo travelers - it is really perfect for everyone!

Distance from Bangalore to Mystic Luxury Resort in Coorg: 262 km

Time from Bangalore: 5 hr 56 min

6. Heritage Plantation Stay in Treehouse

heritage romantic stay in treehouse for independence day getaway near Bangalore

We couldn't stop gushing about this Heritage Plantation Stay in Sultan Bathery for Independence Day weekend getaways from Bangalore. That calming vibe in the ambiance is sure to get you into the holiday mood right from the start. As the abundance of mystic greenery encompasses the property, the aroma of tea, coffee, and spices from the 200 acres of plantation and the sounds of the birds chirping adds to the wonderful stay at this property.

tree house near Bangalore in Sultan Bathery

And, if that wasn't convincing enough, let me tell you that you get to stay at an authentic treehouse built on actual jackfruit trees. A welcoming four-poster bed, a spacious balcony, and the woody essence of the luxurious rooms are everything you could dream of for an Independence Day getaway from Bangalore.

Learn from Anand, the property's current owner, about how his great grandfather had purchased the land from Mr. Mackinzie in the pre-independence era. A little dive into the history of our country is a must for Independence Day. Don't you think so too? You get to stay at a heritage bungalow and learn a little more about India under British Raj. Like, could it be any more perfect?

Suitable for:
Who doesn't love staying in a treehouse, huh? Everybody loves it right? There, you have your answer to "suitable for"!

Distance from Bangalore to Heritage Plantation Stay in Sultan Bathery: 261 km

Time: 3 hrs 20 mins

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7. Wellness Village Retreat for Independence Day Weekend Getaway from Bangalore

independence day resort near Bangalore for romantic couples - swimming pool area

This Independence Day, the Wellness Village Retreat will help you connect with the roots of our motherland. Sounds just about perfect when you are celebrating the independence of the country from British Raj, right? Play the traditional games like lagorigilli-danda, spinning tops, fly a kite, or simply explore the farmlands on cycle or a bullock cart ride.

deluxe rooms at the village resort stay near Bangalore

You can learn about elementary farm techniques, milking cows, doing pottery and so much more. To unwind at the end of the day, take a plunge into the pool or relish the rejuvenating power of an Ayurvedic spa. What's more awesome is the authentic Kannada cuisine at the retreat's in-house restaurant. Time to tingle those taste buds while you are on a relaxing getaway from Bangalore this 15th August.

Suitable for: Be it families or couples, travelers looking for an immersive rural experience would love this Wellness Village Resort.

Distance from Bangalore to Wellness Village Resort: 39.2 kms

Time: 58 mins

So, now that your plans for the Independence Day weekend are all set, would you like to visit more places around Bangalore? I hear a unanimous YES! So, check out these mystic monsoon getaways, or if you love the idea of visiting hills during monsoons (they come with spectacular views by the way), head for these hill stations near Bangalore. Fancying some road trips from Bangalore? Then pack your bags and get into your car for these epic road trips from Bangalore within 300km. Rest assured, we got your back with these handpicked getaways near your city.

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