More often than not, we look for holidays in the tranquility of nature which take us far away from the hustle-bustle of the city crowds. Right? Hills, beaches, spiritual getaways - trips give us peace of mind. But these days, hasn't it become more difficult to escape the tourist crowds? A lot of us love to travel and especially for a place as beautiful as Mahabaleshwar, who wouldn't want to? But fret not, let us help you sneak away from the tourist's eyes. We present to these offbeat monsoon weekend resorts in Mahabaleshwar for your next getaway in 2021.

Vintage Villa Stay

mahabaleshwar citrus hotel sit out area

Don't you feel like you have entered a world from a different era when you enter a fort, an ancient temple, or even a centuries-old villa? Say you are taken to the colonial era. What would be one of the first things you'd notice? The elegant architecture of the buildings, right? So, let me introduce you to one of my favorite offbeat monsoon weekend resorts in Mahabaleshwar which will give you a taste of the past: the Vintage Villa Stay.

The atmosphere is very charming; it's elegant, it's beautiful. You know, there are English villas that dot the land and they are so magnificent! You'd almost feel like you have been transported to India during British raj or to Europe and its Renaissance architecture. In fact, let me tell you that you'd actually be staying on a heritage land. It will be such a visual treat to your eyes to be walking on the nature trails on this land.

What we love about this offbeat monsoon weekend resort in Mahabaleshwar

room at resort Citrus Chambers - an offbeat monsoon weekend resort in Mahabaleshwar

The rooms are classic and yet so complete in modern amenities to cater to tasteful travelers. Take a look at the picture above and tell me if it doesn't give you this vibe? Such a seamless amalgamation of vintage vibes with present-day luxury! You'd find the view right outside your room much soothing! Perfect for your weekend getaway in Mahabaleshwar, no?

Now, let's see. How many of you cannot do without a swimming pool on your getaway? Yes, you? Because that's me too! Any offbeat resort with a pool and I'm all in, which is why the Vintage Villa Stay is more appealing! And you know what, it doesn't end there! You even have access to jacuzzis. Hmm... time to start the water therapy for your soul, eh? If that isn't enough, you can also let your body heal in the aroma of tranquility at a spa session at the resort.

offbeat monsoon weekend getaway in Mahabaleshwar - vintage resort for monsoon

And of course, the delectable food! It is a vintage restaurant where the decor in itself will ensure that you enjoy your food to the fullest! Plus they are bringing authentic Mediterranean cuisines to the table along with your favorite Indian dishes. So your tummy's going to be really happy!

Time and Distance from Mumbai to this offbeat monsoon weekend resort near Mahabaleshwar: 4 hr 55 min (262.6 km) via Bengaluru - Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai - Pune Hwy and NH 48

All Time Luxury Resort

pool at one of the best offbeat monsoon weekend resorts in Mahabaleshwar - Brightland Resort and Spa

Now, if a getaway in the hills during the monsoons comes with a luxury spa, wouldn't you love it? So, the next one among offbeat monsoon weekend resorts in Mahabaleshwar is a spa retreat for you.

Here, at the All Time Luxury Resort, a walk on its soothing lawn grass is all you'd need to kickstart your weekend. Wouldn't you just love the entire vista of the lush green hills of Mahabaleshwar unfold in front of your eyes? After all, the mountains had been calling and you should answer, right?

Not just the outside, all the rooms, and suites at the resort are so elegantly adorned. You know, those kinds of houses where you enter and you just feel an overwhelming sense of comfort? Well, here's a resort for you which is literally an oasis of luxury living! You would be contemporary chic furniture and beautiful paintings inside the room and balconies and French windows offering surreal views of the hills.

Amenities available at this offbeat monsoon weekend resort in Mahabaleshwar

spa at offbeat monsoon weekend resort in Mahabaleshwar

Would you like to spend a lazy afternoon soaking in the comfort of a jacuzzi? Or, is it a private garden that you desire? Whichever it is you love more, you're going to be spoilt for choices with the rooms and suites at the All Time Luxury Resort in Mahabaleshwar.

Dig into the lip-smacking deliciousness at the restaurants of this offbeat monsoon weekend resort in Mahabaleshwar. You can dine under the stars at the barbeque restaurant, sip a martini at the lounge bar, or try out their signature brick-oven pizzas. Who says no to fine dining with great valley views, anyways?

Activities at this Luxury Resort in Mahabaleshwar

swimming pool at brightland resort and spa

But then what's a getaway without having a chance at exploring the destination, especially one like Mahabaleshwar, right? Worry not, traveler because the resort will make arrangements for all sorts of activities like horseriding, trekking, and bird watching, all with local guides!

Or wait, is it your first time in Mahabaleshwar? Then, you can request tours of the hill station in private taxis to the Venna Lake, Table Land plateau, Pratapgarh Fort, and other viewpoints. After your day excursions, you can go for a spa session at the resort to relax your body. Time to your keep your body and mind happy this monsoon, traveler!

Time and Distance from Mumbai to Al Time Luxury Resort in Mahabaleshwar: 4 hr 51 min (259.2 km) via Bengaluru - Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai - Pune Hwy and NH 48

So, which of these offbeat monsoon weekend resorts in Mahabaleshwar will be your next getaway? Umm.. probably you're looking for more options, eh? Then how about heading out to any of these 8 offbeat resorts near Mumbai? If you haven't yet planned anything for the 15th August holiday, you can drive to these Independence Day getaways near Mumbai. Mountain lovers, you might wanna check out these hill stations in Maharashtra for an epic monsoon getaway. Missing the beach too much? Then here are 7 of the best beach getaways near Mumbai for you! We at Yuyiii have many more options for handpicked stays near you to suit your taste! Check it out.

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