When asked to imagine what your utopia would be, does it have a beach? Walking along the endless shore with cool winds ruffling your clothes and hair- that's what you thought of, right? Because we have some incredible beach getaways from Mumbai just like that. So come on! Let’s have that relaxing weekend we so badly need.

Manori Beach

Also known as mini-Goa, Manori beach is one of the best beach getaways from Mumbai. On the sandy beach, the sea tides bringing along the gentle breeze, you get a serene cocoon.

beach getaways from Mumbai

Manori beach is also popular for cashew trees that grow nearby. Moreover, a dense patch of greenery close to the shore makes for a picturesque view.

If you like going on picnics, then this place is perfect for you. Hand in hand with your partner, strolling along the shorelines, how romantic!

Also, there are lots of small stalls at the beach selling delicious Chinese dishes and seafood. Enjoy these bursts of flavours while you take a ferry ride across the shore.

There is a beautiful Shiv temple near Manori beach- Samudeshwar Temple- that you could take a detour for. The architecture of the temple is especially fascinating. Furthermore, the Sufi Dargah is also worth visiting.

Time and Distance from Mumbai: 2 hr; 50.6 km

Alibaug Beach

A beach with a view of a fort- the Alibaug beach is one of the popular beach getaways from Mumbai. Commemorated for its cleanliness, you will have fun swimming and splashing around in the salty blue waters of the sea.

sea retreats near Mumbai

Just a boat ride away, there’s the Colaba Fort which has withstood several battles and was the headquarters of the Maratha Army. And since you’re already there, you can also visit the 400-year-old Ganesh temple.

This beach is, of course, a good picnic spot. However, you won’t find any water sports activities happening around. It is basically a quiet shoreline that you can visit to have a tranquil getaway.

Time and Distance from Mumbai:2 hr 26 min; 97.2 km

Murud Beach

If you are an adventure junkie and a getaway for you means thrill time, then Murud beach is where you go. It is famous for water sports activities such as parasailing, paragliding and banana boating.

beach getaways from Mumbai

Did you know that the sea waters at Murud beach have dolphins? And if the luck is on your side, you might also get to swim with one! And you certainly cannot go back without trying out the local Konkani food from the nearby shacks. Also, if you too are putty for sunrise and sunset views, then Murud beach is perfect for it.

Time and Distance from Mumbai: 3 hr 46 min; 144 km

Kihim Beach

The fourth spot on the list of beach getaways from Mumbai is also known for water sports activities. Alibaug has lots of wonderful beaches on its coastline. Its namesake, Alibaug beach being one of them.

sea retreats  near Mumbai

Jeep parasailing, bumper ride and jet skiing are a few of the exhilarating activities to tick off your bucket list at this beach.

However, this place does remain bustling with excited people. While you’re waiting for your chance at the water sports, collect the unusual seashells that you’ll find on the white sand as a souvenir.

Also, the Kihim beach is home to many migratory birds that you’ll find hopping along the shorelines.

Time and Distance from Mumbai: 2 hr 29 min; 98 km

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Diveagar Beach

On the Konkan Coast, we have our next spot for beach getaways from Mumbai. With green-scapes on one side and the vast Arabian Sea on the other, Diveagar beach is that picture-perfect place.

beach getaways from Mumbai

Sitting on the white sand and listening to the song of the tides feels oddly serene. As for the fun activities, there’s motorboat riding at the sea and ATV riding on the beach. And as for games to play here, beach volleyball is the best one.

Besides, there are lots of sea- view resorts nearby. So you can also make it a long holiday and relax at one of the luxurious stays.

Time and Distance from Mumbai: 4 hr 22 min; 179.9 km

Kondivali Beach

You might not have heard of this beach before. It is a pretty secluded spot. So if you are looking for uncrowded beach getaways from Mumbai, then this is the ideal place.

sea retreats near Mumbai

Since Kondivali beach does not attract many tourists, there aren’t any water sports activities available there. But the real charm lies in the mesmerising scenery. Besides, you can directly drive over to the shore.

Shrivardhan hills, which are quite close to the beach, are a popular trekking destination. The lush cliffs provide a good challenge. Are you up for it?

Time and Distance from Mumbai: 4 hr 36 min; 184.4 km

Kelva Beach

Also called Kelve beach, it is a slowly emerging popular weekend Beach getaways from Mumbai. This beach is also known for its cleanliness. So if you’re planning to dive into the inviting waters, don’t resist the temptation.

beach getaways from Mumbai

And enjoying the beach with the fresh coconut water, that’s just the icing on the cake. In the evenings, bhelpuri and panipuri stalls get flocked with tourists. As the day ends, enjoy the sunset with ice golas, perhaps of the same yellow and orange colours.

The clear sky at night shimmers beautifully with tiny dots of stars. You don’t get to see this beauty from the city, do you? So soak in this magical view as you lie on the smooth sand while listening to the rhythm of the tides in the background.

Time and Distance from Mumbai: 2 hr 39 min; 110.4 km

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