Waterfalls are a true beauty of nature and visiting them a soothing as well as an exhilarating experience. And for you city-dwellers, the good news is there is no dearth of waterfalls near Bangalore. Ample opportunities to experience these majestic creations of nature up close, I tell you! So when the rains bring a boring mood to the city, head out to these stunning waterfalls near Bangalore in monsoon 2021.

1. Hogenakkal Falls

hogenakkal falls for monsoon getaway from Bangalore

A rocky terrain jutting out into a narrow roaring stream with several channels (14 if you do a count) of milky white water pouring down from the top - Hogenakkal is hands down, among our top five favorite waterfalls near Bangalore in monsoon 2021. The winding flow of Kaveri through Karnataka to descend down a craggy landscape and enter Tamil Nadu (interesting state border, no?). Pay a visit, stand on any of its several viewing decks and you'd instantly why we are hyping so much about it. Such a visual treat it is!

Visiting one of India's best waterfalls near Bangalore in monsoon 2021

visit hogenakkal waterfalls near Banaglore in monsoons 2021

Monsoons bring in the rainwater that adds to the gusty flow of the Hogenakkal waterfalls, turning it into a misty beauty that often has visitors like you reckoning it as India's Niagra Falls, although that title is contested (and won) by Chitrakoot Falls in Chattisgarh.

Niagra or not, its varying drops from 15ft to 65ft across the 14 channels is jaw-dropping enough to make you exclaim "Wow!" for days. Talk about post-trip reminiscing, phew! That reminds me, don't forget your cameras. A word of caution: you might wanna keep it away when you are going for a coracle ride. The spatters from the waterfall from both sides as you ride through the stream of Kaveri wouldn't be the best for your camera. The rides may be suspended if you are visiting during incessant rains for safety concerns.

Oh, and by the way. Hogenakkal comes from the Kannada words "hoge" or smoke and "kal" meaning rocks. So, literally (and well, visually too), Hogenakkal is Smoky Rocks.

Time and Distance of Hogenakkal Falls from Bangalore: 3hr 18min, 127km

Road Conditions: Well- maintained

Food and Accommodation: Hogenakkal is heaven for fish lovers. You can choose your favorites (which are absolutely fresh from the Kaveri river) and have the locals at the stall cook them for you. For stay, you would find good resorts some 30 - 40 km away. Before that, options are limited.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Dharmapuri

2. Chunchanakatte Falls

chunchanakatte waterfalls near Bangalore for visiting in monsoon 2021

Chunchanakatte falls is a 350 ft. wide, 60 ft. tall terrific cascading beauty that you'll find on the Kaveri river in Mysore. The force of nature comes alive in front of your eyes as you hear the water roar at this waterfall. Add to that the lush greenery of the surroundings and it is sure to blow your mind. It is a popular attraction in Mysore that you cannot miss out on this monsoon.

What you'll love about the Chunchanakatte Waterfall near Bangalore during monsoon 2021?

Kodana Rama Temple at Chunchankatte waterfalls near Bangalore for monsoon

You know, it isn't just the gorgeous gushing waters that add to the mystic beauty of the place at Chunchanakatte Falls. So the legend goes like - during his exile, Lord Rama stayed in the forests here at the request of the tribal couple Chuncha and Chunchi. And during the stay, it is believed Goddess Sita took a dip in the waters. From then on, the water had a turmeric tint to it.

So, it is considered holy to take a bath in the Kaveri river here. Although, exercise increased caution when you visit this waterfall near Bangalore during monsoons. The Lord Kodanda Rama temple also sits right on the banks of the waterfall.

Distance of Chunchanakatte Falls from Bangalore: 3hr 50min; 205.3km

Road Conditions: Well- maintained

Food and Accommodation: Given its closeness to Mysore, your best bet would be to book an accommodation of your choice in Mysore itself. Limited options for food along the way. So, it is better to pack your own food for having a good day of the picnic.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Chunchanakatte

3. Talakona Falls

talakona waterfall near Bangalore in monsoon 2021

Tirupati is one of the most sought-after weekend getaways from Bangalore and while you're here, add Talakona Falls to your itinerary. At a splendid drop of 270ft., Talakona is the highest waterfall in Andhra Pradesh. It might not be as voluminous as some of the other waterfalls on our list but its resplendent beauty and location within a dense forest make it one of the most popular waterfalls near Bangalore in monsoon 2021.

What to do at Talakona falls on your monsoon getaway from Bangalore?

Talakona waterfall near Bangalore

To reach here, you'll be trekking for around 1.5km, a stretch that does get a little sketchy towards the end. Once you see the Talakona waterfall peeking through the trees, you would be elated, trust me! If you can swim, go all out with your GoPro and dive into the pool that has formed below the waterfall.

Now, the Talakona fall breaks over the rocks along its 270ft. drop. Climb a little higher from the bottom and under one particularly long plunge at the top, you can stand right under the waterfall with its water sprinkling all over you. Your heart is sure to somersault out of sheer happiness for sure! Even the serenity of the place, the sound of the waterfalls, and the chirping of the birds and crickets wouldn't fail to charm you.

You will also find cave-like structures cut out in the Talakona hills. It is believed that during ancient times, sages used to meditate here. There's also the Siddeshwara Swamy (Lord Shiva) temple nearby if you would like to pay a visit.

Time and Distance of Talakona Falls from Bangalore: 5hr 5min; 268km

Road Conditions: Well- maintained

Food and Accommodation: CBET forest guesthouse is good for a night's stay at Talakona falls. You can choose between private log huts or dormitory beds. If you are coming here from Tirupati, pack your own food as the vendors here only sell snacks and stuff. Although, leave it back in your car or eat it before going to falls. You wouldn't want the monkeys coming right at you for food.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Kodur

4. Jog Waterfalls

jog falls at Shimoga near Bangalore

If you are living in Bangalore, you must have already heard about Jog Falls in Shimoga. It also happens to be one of the at least and most beautiful waterfalls in India. Surrounded by dense evergreen forests, the four cascades named Raja, Rani, Roarer, and Rocket of Jog Falls is sure to take your breath away.

You can behold this beauty from two open viewing decking. One is from the inspection bungalow and the other is the main viewpoint at the entrance. Here you can take your car and keep it in the parking area. There's, in fact, also another location from where you can view Jog Falls and it is the KSTDC Hotel Mayura, should you decide to stay here.

Once you're done gaping at the gorgeousness, you can make your way down to the bottom of the waterfalls. Just imagine yourself standing at the foot of these gorges with the waterfalls right away you and you are enjoying a nice shower of the vaporous sprays from its flow. Isn't it so thrilling?

Why visit this waterfall near Bangalore during monsoon 2021?

jog falls in monsoon season

Just look at the picture above and tell me if it doesn't make your feet itch to go here right away! The abundance of greenery and milky white majesty will make you wanna fill your Gallery with loads and loads of pictures. Makes way for a great Instagram feed too! You could even spot a rainbow at the falls now and then. So, do make it a point to add Jog Falls to your bucket list of must-visit waterfalls near Bangalore in monsoon 2021.

Oh, and by the way, you might also Jog Falls by Gerusoppe Falls, Gersoppa Falls, or Jogada Gundi. They are just some alternate names, so don't wreck your brain if you hear people calling it by these names.

Time and Distance of Jog Falls from Bangalore: 7hr 27min; 407.2km

Road Conditions: Well- maintained although several stretches may be flooded a bit during torrential rains

Food and Accommodation: Sharavathi Adventure camp is a great place to stay at Jog falls if you wish to go hiking, kayaking, riding coracles, and other activities. There are several other luxury and budget stay options in the area as well. Food isn't that high-end, be it the Mayura restaurant at KTSDC's property near the falls or the other smaller ones nearby.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Sagar

5. Iruppu Falls

Iruppu waterfalls in Karnataka

If you need your dose of the chill of the hills and the tranquility of the waterfalls, you should visit Coorg this monsoon 2021. And with a waterfall as beautiful as Iruppu, you have all the way more reason to visit it from Bangalore. Are you a trekking enthusiast? Then you just have to add a visit to Iruppu waterfalls. Why? Because Iruppu is a part of the Brahmagiri forest hills and a trail of dense thickets from the waterfalls takes you to the peak of Brahmagiri. You'd need the forest department's permission, however, to embark on this trek.

Iruppu or Lakshmana Tirtha falls may be among our topic picks for waterfalls near Bangalore in monsoon 2021 but it is also considered to be a holy place by many devotees. If you take a dip in its waters, it is said that all your sins will be washed away. You would see several devotees flocking at the Rameshwara Temple near the falls.

Visiting Iruppu waterfalls from Bangalore during monsoon 2021

iruppu falls

The place has an abundance of flora and fauna in this region. You could even spot the endangered “Malabar Blue Bandit” butterfly fluttering near the Iruppu waterfalls. Just think about soaking your feet in the cold waters of the cascading waterfall in the pool at the bottom and enjoy your "nature therapy". If you are a thrill-seeker, head to Kodagu Whitewater Rafting which is merely 9km away. Ready for an adventure, well, are you?

Time and Distance of Iruppu Falls from Bangalore: 5hr 15min; 248km

Road Conditions: Well- maintained and very scenic roads

Food and Accommodation: Go for a camping stay in the Nirmale forest if you wish to be close to nature. To include wildlife on your getaway, book your stay at the forest lodges or resorts in Nagarahole National Park which is just about 20kms away. You could also travel to Mysore for a wider range of options that suit your budget. Pack your food for a picnic by the waterfalls.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Hunsur

Loved these waterfalls near Bangalore for your monsoon getaway, didn't you? Then how about adding more destinations to your monsoon getaway from Bangalore? If you are longing for a long road trip from Bangalore with your friends or family, click here right away! For shorter road trips within 100 km, you can visit these awesome places near Bangalore. And about stays, you wouldn't have to worry a dime. Yuyiii's got your back with some amazing handpicked options curated just for you. Off you go touring!

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