Long drives are always fun and romantic, right? Whether you are with your friends, family, or partner, you cannot just say no to road trips. After a hectic weekend at work, you've got to give yourself a much-needed break. So why stay amidst the crowd when there are such beautiful places around Bangalore for a quick getaway? Do you love hill stations or is it beaches all the way for you? How about a spiritual sojourn after this grueling pandemic? Check out these weekend long drives from Bangalore you can take in 2021.


kasrkod beach in Honnavar - weekend long drive from Bangalore

If you ask me, the tiny coastal town of Karnataka called Honnavar is a true hidden gem in India. You may have heard about it as the port town of great historical importance but there is so much to explore here!

Would you love to visit a waterfall amidst the forests. Then head to the Apsarakonda Falls will magically transport you to a paradise named Bali.

Visit the Sharavati Hanging Bridge to get a bird's eye view of the lush greenery of Honnavar over Sharavathi River. Yes, it is the same river that forms the famous Jog falls guys! So, when you are in Honnavar, there's no saying no to a visit to this mighty waterfall! You'd be much fascinated by this gurgling beauty.

Towards the end of the day, when you want to enjoy a serene romantic sunset, dip your feet in the salty water of the Arabian Sea at Kasarkod Beach.

Time and Distance of Honnavar from Bangalore: 8 hr 36 min (463.0 km)

Food and Accommodation:  Several budget options among hotels, lodges, and homestays are available in Honnavar.

Road Conditions: The roads are quite decent.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Honnavar

Somanathapura - weekend long drive from Bangalore for a spiritual getaway

temple at Chennakesava Somanathapura - spiritual getaway for weekend long drives from Bangalore

Let me see, who all are history buffs here? Do you love to visit archeological places and explore ancient architecture? It sure is some kind of experience to get transported to a past era, I must say. So, why not visit Somanathapura from your bucket list weekend long drives from Bangalore?

Scattered across Karnataka, you might already have come across the beautiful architecture of the Hoysala Empire. Didn't the carvings and motifs fascinate you? Then I'm sure, you'll be equally awed when you visit the Chennakeshava temple in Somanathapura! You'd find mythological tales inscribed on its beautiful artistic walls.

Since Somanathapura is so close to Mysore, you can also tour this historical down during your visit. Do you want to see a desert in South India? Yes, you heard me; a desert I said! Don't believe me? Then head to Talakad, a mini desert only 25 km away from Somanathapura.

Time and Distance of Somanathapura from Bangalore: 2 hr 51 min (133.0 km) 

Food and Accommodation: Mysore is very close to Somanathapura. So, you will find a lot of accommodations here as per your budget.

Road Conditions: Highway in excellent condition till Bannur. However, here after, the road gets a little bumpy.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Bannur

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Coonoor - weekend long drive from Bangalore for those missing the hills

tea garden in coonoor - a weekend long drive from Bangalore

Now, who was missing the hills like me? How about clubbing this desire with a long drive from Bangalore to Coonoor? I mean, you can just beat the heat of the plains and relax in the chill of picturesque hill station right? And when you have a UNESCO heritage toy train joy ride waiting to take you through tunnels and along the winding roads, you really cannot say no the such a weekend getaway!

Are you a tea person like me? Then the mist-wrapped emerald hills of Coonoor will be a paradise for you, thanks to the Nilgiris tea. As you sip your hot piping tea, make your way to the Hidden Valley for a day of hiking through some mysterious rainforests.

Since you love to drive, you are going the roads till Lamb's Rock. Once you are at the top, some mesmerizing valley views will welcome you. I mean, who doesn't love such beautiful views in the hills?

Now, when in Coonoor, your trip is incomplete without a visit to the tea factories and taking a chocolate tasting session. The latter is a chocolate lover's delight, which I am sure most of you are. (Don't tell me you don't like chocolate. Not even hot chocolate? Oh, please!) You'd also have a lot of fun when you visit the famous Indian Bakery in Coonoor. Bring me some cookies, will you?

Time and Distance of Coonoor from Bangalore: 6 hr 51 min (285.1 km) 

Food and Accommodation: Coonoor is a popular hill station in Tamil Nadu. From luxury resorts to quaint homestays, options are many. There are lots of restaurants and bakeries to keep your tummy happy.

Road Conditions: There are a few rough patches except which the road is just fine.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Coonoor

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Udupi - weekend long drive from Bangalore for a beach getaway

kapu beach in udupi - one of the best beach getaways near Bangalore

The salty air blowing your hair as the roaring waves wash against your feet - is that your ideal vacation idea? Well, then, beach lovers, here's our next pick for weekend long drives from Bangalore - Udupi. Spiritual temples with the serenity of beaches and a ton of deliciousness, that's what you'll be in for when you visit Udupi.

Why don't you just chill and enjoy a magical sunset at the virgin beach of Malpe? Never seen a lighthouse? You can find one on Kaupe Beach and Kodi beach. If walking on a white sand beach is your heart's desire, you can visit St. Mary's Island. It is off the coast of Udupi but totally worth a visit for the crystal clear waters of the Arabian Sea.

And, not to forget, Udupi cuisine! Lipsmacking South Indian dishes to tingle your taste buds, travelers! Who's up for a food tour of Udupi with me?

Time and Distance of Udupi from Bangalore: 7 hr 57 min (404.4 km) 

Food and Accommodation:  Udupi is famous for its namesake cuisine. You'll find lots of restaurants and roadside stalls serving the South Indian dishes.

Road Conditions: A few stretches have potholes.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Udupi

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temple at the entrance of horanudu - a weekend long drive getaway from bangalore

If you are feeling lost and disconnected, you know what's the solution? A calming spiritual getaway to Horanadu can really help. Here, there is the famous temple of Sri Annapoorneshwari Devi where you seek blessings. Do you know what the popular belief is? If you come here and offer your prayers to Devi Ma, you would never suffer from a scarcity of food in your life. It is such a humbling experience to be in front of such divine power in Horanadu. No matter your religion, caste, or creed, when you visit the temple, you will be offered a three-course vegetarian meal.

The place itself is very beautiful. Located amidst lush evergreen forests, Horanadu's natural beauty will grasp you instantly! Just imagine driving through such forested roads in the Western Ghats. Mesmerizing, right? I know!

Time and Distance of Horandu from Bangalore: 6 hr 13 min (315.5 km)

Food and Accommodation:  There are some homestays and lodges in and around Horanadu. Luxury options are limited.

Road Conditions: Road through Magundi has ghats and many turns.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Kalasa

So, are you ready for your next weekend long drives near Bangalore? If you love to travel on your weekends after a hectic workweek, here are the 7 best nature getaways near Bangalore to help you relax. Or maybe you'd want to check off these 10 best places around Bangalore from your bucket list. How about taking these romantic long drives with your partner? For the best places to stay near your city, you can always back on Yuyiii to hunt down the best for your getaway.

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