City life can drain you out and trust me, I feel the same! Aren't there times when you feel that you want to ditch everything and just escape to an unknown place where it will just you, maybe your loved ones, and just untouched pristine nature. So, to make your wishes come true, we have with our best picks for winter nature getaways near Mumbai for 2021. Whether you are a hill person or you want to spend a weekend at a secluded resort amidst the forest, we got you covered for everything! Now, let's head into Mother Nature, shall we?

Mountain Stay at Malshej Ghat

saj by the lake beautiful stay - one of the best winter nature getaways near Mumbai

Isn't Malshej Ghat the perfect weekend destination from Mumbai for a lot of you? Its rolling hills, gurgling waterfalls, and forts from bygone days must have enamored you already. But what if I tell you that against the backdrop of the mountains by the side of the lake, you could spend your days in comfort and luxury? Wouldn't it be amazing? The freshness in the air, the earthy feel of the resort's decor, and the lush green surroundings make this Mountain Stay at Malshej Ghat one of our best picks for winter nature getaways near Mumbai.

What we love about the winter nature getaway near Mumbai

room with a lake view at winter nature getaway near Mumbai at Saj Lake

When was the last time you ate out of earthenware? At this Mountain Stay, you would find the amazing flavor of mud or "maati" commingling with your food, thus, imparting a very unique and earthy feel to it. So, even if you say that so many resorts out there can offer you amazing views of Malshej Ghat, this one is special. They even cook in an open space in mud pots! Just like the old times!

Right from your room, you have the most wondrous views of the mountains and lake. It is a dose of nature that comes with the best of elegance. During the day, you even just chill by the lake or ask the resort to arrange for a picnic for your group. You can also enjoy boating at the lake. At night under the starry sky, you can have a gala time over a bonfire or get cozy and romantic with your loved one. Talk about the best kind of date nights!

beautiful courtyard at the saj by the lake resort

When you are staying at the Mountain Stay and you are a trekking enthusiast or even a history buff, you should definitely visit the nearby Shivneri fort. It is the birthplace of the great Maratha Emperor Chhatrapati Shivaji and it is quite an adventure to reach the top.

Suitable for: The place is perfect for families with children, couples looking for a romantic getaway, or a group of friends planning for winter nature getaways from Mumbai.

Time and Distance from Mumbai: 3hr 21min; 133.6km

Valley Resort, Lonavala

aerial view of the nature getaway near Mumbai for winter

Let's ditch the laptop for the weekend and just soak in the beauty of the beautiful valleys of Lonavala. The mists have shrouded the hills and you can feel the chill in the air. How fascinating, right? So, our next pick for top winter nature getaways near Mumbai is the Valley Resort in Lonavala.

What we love about this winter nature getaway near Mumbai

room inside the upper deck resort in lonavala

Well, firstly, raise your hands if you need a relaxing swim in the mountains! Then let's plunge into this swimming pool of tranquility while enjoying superb lush green valley views.

Here, at the resort, they serve you authentic Maharashtrian cuisine which is something you wouldn't want to miss out on. The chef's got magic in his hands, I'm telling you! You can also have some Italian, Chinese, or other Indian cuisines as your heart's desire!

beautiful upper deck resort in Lonavala

Plus guys, you are in Lonavala, like, please?! The natural beauty is just bountiful! It is a haven for hikers too. Take a deep dive into history and adventure by visiting one of its many forts like Rajmachi Fort, Visapur Fort, Lohagad Fort, and others. Once you come back to the resort from your thrilling outdoor activities, you can enjoy a luxurious steam bath in the jacuzzi. Time to pamper yourself a little, travelers!

Suitable for: Perfect for a romantic or family getaway. Even for a corporate meet since they have well laid out conference rooms.

Time and Distance from Mumbai: 2 hr; 86.2 km

Blissful Hill Resort

tea at resort in igatpuri

How about an escape to the beautiful green hills of Igatpuri? Amidst untouched nature, you can finally relax and let time slow down a little. The Blissful Hill Resort is truly a mesmerizing place to be if you love the hills and were looking for winter nature getaways near Mumbai. Here you can experience a form of luxury camping, also known as Glamping. You get the comfort of modern amenities while being able to stay close to nature. Isn't that amazing?

What we love about this winter nature getaway from Mumbai

glamping stays in touchwood bliss igatpuri

Time for a digital detox, folks! Enough with spending time on your laptop or mobile - at the Blissful Hill Resort, you will experience nature at its fullest without being distracted by technology. So, no WiFi. And Spotify, who? There's a saregama carvaan which has almost 5000 preloaded songs from the 1960s to the 2000s. Reminiscing childhood days much? Classics are classics, right?

If not camps, you can also stay in courtyard villas that are so elegantly adorned while not missing out on the sense of simplicity. You have access to indoor games like scrabble, Chinese Checker, jenga, etc. So, with travel mates, beit your kids or your friends, it will be like revisiting the childhood.

machan at touchwood bliss igatpuri - one of the best winter nature getaways from Mumbai

There's a Machan and it offers the most majestic 360 degree view of the entire valley. You can ask them to prepare your cup of chai and order some garmagaram pakora with it. If it's drizzing, the atmosphere will be so much more enchanting, I promise! You can also go trekkingin the region. There is a waterfall close by where the Blissful Hill Resort arranges for a "waterfall meditation". You have nature to heal you!

Suitable for: Friends, families, or couples looking for a blissful experience sans technology for a quiet weekend getaway can choose this resort to be close to nature.

Time and Distance from Mumbai: 2 hr 53 min, 125.8 km

The Countryside Stay, Panchgani

countryside stay in Panchgani

Imagine spending your weekend at a beautiful farm in a tiny village tucked away in the Western Ghats. The lush green countryside, the simple way of living, the abundance of nature - everything you want in your offbeat getaway from Mumbai is here at the Countryside Stay in Panchgani.

What we love about this Countryside Stay near Mumbai

beautiful countryside in Panchgani for winter nature getaways near Mumbai

Now you might have stayed at one or many of the farms stays across the country but have you been to one where you can pluck fresh luscious red strawberries? The Countryside Stay in Panchgani offers that opportunity. And not to forget there's the infinity pool that has my heart. You could just relax at the pool, soak in the lush green valley views and spend a happy weekend amidst nature. No stress, no hurrying, and scurrying around!

Maybe you've never slept in a four-poster bed, or have you? It's a different kind of experience, no? Feels very raw and real while comfortable at the same time! Here too, you can enjoy such a room tastefully decorated and having a four-poster bed. The sunrise and the sunset from the room make this even more special!

four poster bed in the countryside stay in Panchgani

Are you a bookworm? If yes, then you have something amazing waiting for you at this winter nature getaway near Mumbai. Some 15 minutes away from Panchgani is India's first village of books. At every corner of the village, you can find a Book library. Now doesn't that found like a dream come true? You know, a place where you could just spend all day, all night!

For a detailed review of the Countryside Stay in Panchgani along with photos visit here.

Suitable for: Suitable for friends, families, and couples who are looking to experience a taste of rural life while on their winter nature getaways near Mumbai. Children could play in the kid’s area or go for a swim in the beautiful pool.

Time and Distance from Mumbai: 4 hr 20 min; 250 km

So, which of these winter nature getaways near Mumbai will be your weekend retreat in 2021? Maybe you also want to add these exotic reosrts with best view in Maharashtra. If you are planning your romantic anniversary, here is our top 7 picks for best romantic getaways near Mumbai. Need some travel inspiration? Chcek out the top 15 travel bloggers you should be following in 2021 to experience wanderlust through words! For handpicked stays for your next weekend getaway near your city, Yuyiii is right at your service!

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