So you want to make a trip and you are doing your research on the place, finding hidden gems, and planning your itinerary. What do you? Turn to the huge world of travel blogs, right? Or maybe one fine evening you are just sitting at home, uninspired. You are missing your vacation days but there's no way you can travel now. So, you just switch on your YouTube and start watching travel vlogs. Or, if you are like me, start reading about different destinations on travel blogs. The best travel bloggers can simply make us travel to distant and far-away lands with just their words, isn't it?

So, here is a list of the top 15 travel bloggers you should already be following in 2021 for loads of wanderlust vibes (in no particular order). They are my absolute favorites and if you go through their content, you'd fall in love with it too!

Matthew Kepnes aka Nomadic Matt

vietnam travel guide - one of the popular travel guides on nomadic matt's website - best travel blogger

"How to Travel the World on $50 a Day" - the author of the New York bestselling novel is a name that every travel blogger can vouch for, He is the guru of budget travel and has doing the same and blogging about it for over a decade now! Anything related to travel, be it destination guides or finding the cheapest accommodations, Matthew's blog is there to help you out! I personally go through his travel blog A LOT!!! Because all his articles on travel tips are so detailed that you are barely going to come out with any doubts after reading them.

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Christin - Be My Travel Muse

If you were looking for solo travel inspirations, you can turn to Christin's adventures from around the world on her blog Be My Travel Muse. She has extensive guides on solo female travel starting from packing lists to safest destinations and everything in between for solo female travelers. And to say that her photos are beautiful would be an understatement! She goes out all the way to teach you how to take #vacationselfies for all you solo adventurers out there.

The Blond Abroad - one of the best female travel bloggers

sechylles travel guide can be found on kiki's the blonde abroad blog - one of the best female travel bloggers

Girls, this should be your go-to travel blog for any international destination. Kiersten or better known as Kiki is a pro when it comes to mixing fashion with travel! Missing out on her packing list blogs is an absolute No-No. One of the best travel bloggers the industry has seen, The Blog Abroad attracts over a million viewers every month and that is something, right? But first things first. You will surely fall in love with the aesthetics of her blog! Kiki's blog also features a lot of lifestyle content like her recent tryst with buying a house.

Expert Vagabond - one of the best adventure travel bloggers

Matthew Karsten aka the Expert Vagabond goes on some crazy amazing adventures. Outdoor enthusiasts, here is a travel blog that you absolutely cannot ditch. He climbed an abandoned skyscraper in Bangkok, hiked 100 miles in Afghanistan with the locals, climbed up an active volcano in Guatemala that is spewing ash all around, and then came back to tell all these stories to his readers. Told ya, he's an expert at everything crazy and adventurous. Are you too?

Lost with Purpose - one of the best female travel bloggers specializing in offbeat travels

Langar to Murghab | Pamir Mountains, Tajikistan

So you want to visit Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan. As a tourist. How many big NOs are you already getting? Now you want to visit these places as a solo traveler. Hmm, now have your family members locked up you? Well, here is a woman who did it all as a solo female traveler. As unbelievable and dangerous as it sounds, Alex is known for visiting places off the beaten track.

You wouldn't find her soaking up a sunrise view at the treehouse in Bali clicking a #balisunrise picture. Instead, you would find her struggling her way through jampacked buses, hitchhiking on the world's most dangerous roads (read her story of hitchhiking the Manali Leh Highway), or going on road trips around Saudi Arabia. What you'd love about her is how the stories are so raw and real. Plus her storytelling is just top-notch.

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Hand Luggage Only

Run by the duo Yaya and Lloyd, Hand Luggage Only is one of the few blogs on the internet which provides extensive guides on travel, photography, food, and so much more. There's no way you're not gonna fall in love with their writing and sense of humor. They have a massive viewership of over a million people every month and that should be enough of a cue to check out their blog right away.

Shivya Nath - one of the best travel bloggers from India


Today, Shivya Nath is an inspiration for all the young women out there who have big dreams in life. Did you know that just at the young age of 23, she left her corporate job to follow her passion for traveling? Her award-winning blog, The Shooting Star is an amalgamation of her (mis)adventures around the world on the blue Indian passport. You cannot but fall in love with her way with words. She is also the author of the bestselling novel The Shooting Star.

Ankita - Anki on the Move

This Indian woman with her cheerful smile and bubbly nature brings stories from all over the world for her readers. One of the best travel bloggers from India, Ankita Singh has such a beautiful way with her words. When you go through her blog, you'll be hardly able to stop yourself from booking tickets for your next vacation. Road trippers, you will be having so many road trip destinations to add to your bucket list from her blog.

Footloose Dev


Footloose Dev is an India-based travel writer and photographer. He left his film-making job in 2015 in England and after, there was no looking back. He does a lot of real talk on his travel blog which, as a tourist, you would find very useful. I, for one, am particularly fond of his budget travel guides in the Himalayas. You are looking to get started in the travel domain, his practical blogging tips can guide you through the process.

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Wandering Earl - one of the best travel bloggers visiting little known places

Duke has been on the road for over two decades now. Yes, over twenty years of traveling and a million stories to recite. Whether it is visiting "forbidden" places like Syria and Yemen, getting kidnapped in Bangladesh, or ending up in a Bollywood movie during one of his 30+ times visiting India, you will be on a reading spree when you land on his travel blog. Even if you are not looking for long-term travels, his experiences will be definitely your guide to visiting your dream destinations!

Oneika the Traveler

protest by black women

You must have felt that not a lot of travel bloggers talk about the real sides of travel. Especially with social media trying to promote destinations in their best-photoshopped versions, a lot gets lost in cultural faux pas and political borders. Oneika does the real talk when it comes to traveling the world as a black female traveler. She has traveled to almost 120 countries now across 6 continents and doesn't shy away from talking about politics, or racism.

Legal Nomads - one of the best travel bloggers

Years ago a lawyer left her high-paying job in the US and traveled to Chile and then, she never looked back. She wasn't particularly experienced at traveling nor was she fond of packing. But she wanted to learn and that's what has kept her going. Jodi is the travel blogger at Legal Nomads and she is the one food travel blogger I swear by. To capability to capture photographs of food and describe their history through her writing is something you are absolutely going to love!!

Adventurous Kate

What would have done if you got caught in a shipwreck during one of your travels but luckily you survived? Do you think you'd ever go back to traveling to unknown places, let alone solo? Adventurous Kate still does and if anything, she's a pro at it. Her blog is a collection of memoirs from all her solo travel adventures across the world. Through her travel blog, you'd feel a sense of freedom gushing through you, making you want to book those long-awaited vacation tickets right away! Who's ready for a journey of strength and independence?

Anuradha Goyal

Anuradha Goyal is a veteran among top Indian travel bloggers. If you want to read a blog that is culturally and historically enriching, Anuradha's blog is one of the best out there. You would literally feel her putting all her life into her writings when you visit her blog. She can make you travel with her words like a magician!

Jeff Jenkins - Chubby Diaries

tablet on the beach - something that all travel bloggers do

When it comes to positivity in the travel domain, the lines can get a little blurred. Social media gets flooded with #vacationgoals photos and accept it or not, body shaming is just as common as the air we breathe. Tackling all such prejudices, Jeff's positivity will overwhelm you. If you are feeling low and travel makes you happy, I suggest you read his travel stories at Chubby Diaries. Trust me, you wouldn't be disappointed!

So, who is your favorite travel blogger? Who do you look up to for destination guides or travel photography tips? Now, if you are looking for bucket-list destinations in India, add these 20 top places to visit in India. Want to give yourself a much-needed break from the grueling pandemic and office load. Get rejuvenated at these spa resorts near You! Find all our handpicked stays here, curated just for you traveler!

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