Wildlife Winter Getaways seems like a phrase straight out of a book, impossible to find. The cool winter air caressing your skin. The wind flowing through your hair. You relaxing and having a wonderful time in nature. Well this is not out of reach at all. Find this in this list of Wildlife Winter Getaways In 2023 curated just for you. These handpicked wildlife stays are sure to offer a wonderful time.

Safari Getaway in Maharashtra

wildlife getaway in winter

This Tadoba resort is located right by the Chimur Taluka in Maharasthra’s Chandrapur district. It is a getaway for all the animal lovers out there. The real jungle is a great substitute for the concrete jungles we live in. The delicious food here could be a memory that stays with you forever.

You have the options of a premium cottage and an executive cottage where you will sleep like a baby. The hospitality is warm and the people are homely. You are sure to feel extremely comfortable at this location.

What we love about this reserve sanctuary getaway:

The adventures you can have at this wildlife sanctuary are a definite bonus. The private lake is a sight to behold and is perfect for those who enjoy bird watching. You might get to see tigers on your jungle escape. Living in the woods doesn't get better than this!

Travel Tip: Go during the winter if you want to see tigers.

Suitable for: You would make lovely memories if you went with family and friends!

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Safari Getaway in Rajasthan

wildlife getaway sanctuary in india

This is the second opportunity I list out for you to sight a tiger. This resort in Sariska has a beautiful landscape. This winter wildlife getaway is luxury and comfort combined with its enchanting stay. The stone cabins and tents will make you feel cozy and warm. Go with family and friends and pet. Yes! It is pet-friendly. This trip will stay with you forever.

This handpicked stay offers you an experience of a lifetime out in nature with its location. There are safaris you must go on to spot a wild animal. You will hear birds chirping and smell the wildflowers all around you. Visit this camp if you’re near Rajasthan.

What we love about this Wildlife Sanctuary

The service here is absolutely wonderful and there are many stories you can hear from the staff itself about the wild animals that roam the same site you’ll be living in. The tents will provide you with the utmost comfort. You can tell all your friends about the animals you spot here.

Travel tip: Look at the skies! The sunrise and sunset are absolutely breathtaking. The night skies are full of stars and constellations. You must witness them both.

Suitable for: Families and friends to make lovely memories.

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Tiger Reserve Sanctuary

tiger reserve sanctuary

This lodge nestled in Ranthambore is the finest luxury you could find. The experience you have here will be the most comfortable and beautiful one. The wildlife winter getaway is a stunning sight to behold with the natural surroundings.

The hideaway garden cottages and junior suites ensure that you have the most wonderful time at your getaway with the air conditioned and spacious rooms, wifi, minibar and more. You can find this everywhere. We can't say the same about the luxury offered here. Why? It is extremely unique. That's why.

What we love about this Tiger Reserve Sanctuary:

Located in Ranthambore, you have the opportunity to have an adventurous wildlife getaway. You can go on safaris, to perhaps spot a tiger (again, go on the safari. You will not regret it!) and other wild animals and birds. The Rajasthani architecture, aesthetically designed rooms, and delicious food ensure that you will have a thoroughly relaxed and memorable time

Travel tip: Go on the safari! And visit the in-house spa at this resort. The massages you will receive will be divine.

Suitable for: This resort is extremely romantic. It is definitely a location for couples. Families have a wonderful time here.

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