The rain showers not only freshens up our day but also livens up nature. The flora and fauna are happiest during monsoons. With singsong of birds filling up space with a gentle melody, going on a long drive sounds amazing, doesn't it? That is why we've selected a few nature getaways from Bangalore that you'll fall in love with. The undulating hills and remarkable scenery of these places will leave you completely mesmerised by its beauty.


For nature getaways from Bangalore, let's start with Shivasamudaram Falls. It is basically twin falls, comprising of the Gaganachukki and the Bharachukki falls. The water of the holy river Kaveri jumps off the steep rocks, thus creating the Shivasamudaram Falls.

 nature getaways from Bangalore

Furthermore, this second-largest waterfall of India is situated amongst the dense hills and has a spectacular view. The misty air sprayed with the fragrance of freshwater plus the green backdrop is utterly mesmerising.

Moreover, you can also hire a tokari boat to take you to the middle of the waterfall. From the watchtower, the view of the panoramic Gaganachukki falls is breathtaking.

You'll have to hike a bit along the river Kaveri to reach the falls, but the scenery is worth it.

Time and Distance from Bangalore: 2 hr 42 min; 123.7 km

Food and Accommodation: This place doesn't have any proper lodges or eateries. So you'll have to carry your own food.

Road Conditions: The road facilities from Bangalore to Shivasamudara are well-maintained.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Kanakpur

Best Time to Visit: From July to October is the best time to visit this place. That is because, in other months, the falls might've dried up.

Nearby Travel Spots: Hemagiri, Sathanur Dam

Savandurga Hill

One of the largest monoliths of India, Savandurga, is ideal for nature getaways from Bangalore. It is also a popular trekking destination. The Narsimha Swamy Temple at the base of the hill attracts lots of ardent devotees.

scenic getaway near Bangalore

Karigudda (black) and Billiguda (white) hills constitute the Savandurga hill. The trails at the latter hill are the ones most commonly taken. As you climb higher, the view gets better and better. You'll also come across several caves and small ponds during your trek. The surrounding green forests and the reservoirs look lovely from the top.

Savandurga hill is a perfect scenic destination near Bangalore. However, the hill has a moderately difficult and steep climb. Therefore, it is not an ideal place for children and elderly people.

Time and Distance from Bangalore: 1 hr 31 min; 48.3 km

Food and Accommodation: There aren't any restaurants in and around the hill. However, you'll find small stalls selling light snacks. But if you're planning to trek, then bring along a proper meal with you.

Road Conditions: The road facilities from Bangalore to Savandurga are well-maintained.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Magadi

Best Time to Visit: This hill is open to trekkers and devotees all year round.

Nearby Travel Spots: Kemmanugundi, Bheemeshwari and Ghati Subramanya.


The small scenic hamlet is a well-known film shooting spot. Yet untouched by urban junks, it is a nature lover's haven. The village also has another name called Ranganathittu.

nature getaways from Bangalore

Moreover, the river Kaveri flows through the village. On the bank of the stream is an idyllic place for picnics. There's also a Chalvanarayana Swamy temple near the river.

Mahadevpura shelters lots of migratory birds as well. It is therefore also tagged as Gende Hosali Bird Sanctuary. Since the village is not a very popular destination, you won't find many visitors either. So you'll be able to enjoy the beauty of the place serenely.

Time and Distance from Bangalore: 3 hr 49 min; 140 km

Food and Accommodation: As Mahadevpura is a remote village, there aren't any lodges or restaurants available nearby.

Road Conditions: The road facilities from Bangalore to Shivasamudara are well-maintained.

Nearest Petrol Pump: Shri Rangapatna

Best Time to Visit: You can visit this scenic place near Bangalore all twelve months.


Also known as the Scotland of India, Coorg is the place to go on nature getaways from Bangalore. With picturesque landscapes and rich cultural heritage, this hill station offers nature on a platter.

scenic getaway near Bangalore

Yet another trekking destination, Coorg, is also a popular attraction for thrill-seekers. The tall evergreen hills are a treat for hikers. You'll find multiple trails to explore, and each of them will take you through the beautiful waterfalls and gentle streams.

The Iruppu Falls, Harangi Dam and Nagarhole National Park are a few amazing spots not to miss out on. Also, do not forget to watch the captivating sunset from one of the hilltops.

Time and Distance from Bangalore: 5 hr 15 min; 267.7 km

Food and Accommodation: Coorg has lots of hotels and restaurants to suit you needs and fit your budget.

Road Conditions:

Nearest Petrol Pump: Coorg

Best Time to Visit: August to May is the ideal time to visit this place.

Nearby Travel Spots: Belur, Kundremukh


The last spot for nature getaways from Bangalore is a place known for rock formations. Amidst the greenery of the Sahayadri mountains, these karst formations are a novel unusuality. The two most distinctive formations are the Mohini Shikhara and the Bhaivareshwara Shikhara.

nature getaways from Bangalore

This scenic getaway near Bangalore is easily reachable. However, you'll have to trek a little through the hill. The huge rocks have formed a cave within. The Statue of Chandika and a shiva linga is found in one of the caves.

Time and Distance from Bangalore: 8 hr 43 min; 465.8 km

Food and Accommodation: You'll not come across any stays or eateries in Yana.

Road Conditions: Accessible and well-maintained

Nearest Petrol Pump: N/A

Best Time to Visit: October to June is the best time to explore these rock formations.

Nearby Travel Spots: Badami, Agumbe and Maravanthe

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