All of us are aware of the magic that monsoons can create! Romantic drizzles, lush green valleys, blooming flowers - the nature just is so full of beauty during this time, isn't it? If you love the monsoons like I do, then you are surely on the hunt for the best getaways in these verdant hills. Am I right or am I right? Now that the second wave of pandemic is almost behind us, you are probably just adding places to your bucketlist. So, let us help you with some of the most magical monsoon retreats in Maharashtra. Read along to find out what's so magical about them! All set? Let's go!

Vintage Villa Stay, Mahabaleshwar

english villas at citrus chambers - mahabaleshwarmonsoon retreat

Who doesn't enjoy a tad bit of old-world charm? If I take you back to the colonial era, would you not be fascinated by the elegant architecture of the buildings? So, let me lead the way to one of my favorite monsoon retreats in Maharashtra where you would be transported to India during the British Raj.

What we love about this monsoon retreat in Maharashtra

It's a heritage land on which the resort's English villas have been built. The rooms are so classic and cozy and they will set you in a holiday mood right away! You would be much fascinated by the seamless amalgamation of vintage vibes with modern luxury - they even have those lunettes above the doors which adds to the beautiful designs of the room.

room at citrus chamber's english villas

And wouldn't you enjoy a refreshing swim during your weekend getaway? This monsoon resort in Maharashtra also has a swimming pool. And.. and.. a jacuzzi too! Time for some hydrotherapy, my dear travelers!

Suitable for: For those with a taste of luxury and heritage and are in search monsoon retreats in Maharashtra, this is a great stay option. Great for families and corporate travelers.

Time and Distance from Mumbai to this offbeat monsoon weekend resort near Mahabaleshwar4 hr 55 min (262.6 km) via Bengaluru - Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai - Pune Hwy and NH 48

Blissful Hill Resort, Igatpuri

touchwood bliss resort in igatpuri - monsoon retreats in Maharashtra

Now you must already be knowing how magical Igatpuri becomes with its lush greenery in the monsoons! Then how about spending some days surrounded by untouched nature out in the hills. No wifi, no digital life. Just you, the rains, the hills, and your favorite ones with some tea and pakora and 90S Bollywood songs playing out of a saregama carvaan. Doesn't it all sound dreamy? So, let's fulfill this dream of yours by visiting the Blissful Hill Resort in Igatpuri.

What we love about this monsoon retreat in Maharashtra

monsoon magic in Igatpuri

You're probably now wondering... umm what's so special in the resort for a monsoon getaway? Well, it is not a resort, per se. Here, you'll get a taste of glamping or luxury clamping! Yes, my dear travelers, you'll be staying in camps and be as close to nature as you can get - that too in luxury! If not camps, you can also stay in courtyard villas. These are so elegantly adorned but you'd still smell the sense of simplicity here. 

And the highlight of the stay? As you can see in this blog's feature image, there's a Machan and yes, it is from this resort. Mark my words, it offers the most majestic 360 degree view of the entire Igatpuri valley.  Light drizzles and you're standing here with your friends or loved ones - oh so enchanting it is! And let me tell you that the resort people also arrange for some treks in the valley which even your children can do. The best part? There's a waterfall close by and they arrange sessions for "waterfall meditation".

Suitable for: Friends, families, or couples looking for a blissful experience sans technology for a quiet weekend getaway can choose this resort to be close to nature.

Time and Distance from Mumbai to the Blissful Hill Resort: 2 hr 41 min (125.8 km) via NH160

Valley Resort, Lonavala

valley resort lonavala - one of the best monsoon retreats in Maharashtra

Does work never seem to leave you? Is it like work accompanies you wherever you are going? Don't worry, our next hunt for monsoon retreats in Maharashtra will take you to one of the best workations in Lonavala. How about taking your laptop out on the balcony and having the entire view of the valleys of Lonavala right in front of you? Maybe you can take office calls with such a beautiful backdrop! (Haters gonna say it's photoshopped Haha!)

Sitting atop the highest peak of Lonavala, this Valley Resort is a dreamy place to be at, especially in monsoons! There would be mystic clouds floating over the hills and at times it would feel like you are on top of the clouds. Fascinating, I tell you!

swimming pool at upper deck resort

There's an outdoor swimming pool too where you can take a refreshing plunge after a day trek in the hills of Lonavala. There's also a spa at the resort and a massage session here would be the perfect kind of healing your body needs. Time to ace that work-life balance like a pro!

Suitable for: The resort is perfect for friends, couples, corporates, and families. Anyone who wishes to enjoy the beauty of Lonavala at its best by indulging in luxury would love to stay here.

Time and Distance from Mumbai to this monsoon resort in Lonavala: 1 hr 50 min (86.2 km) via Bengaluru - Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai - Pandharpur Rd/Mumbai - Pune Hwy

Rustic Heritage Cottage Stay, Panchgani

prospect hotel panchgani outside view

You know there are those places that instantly remind you of the bygone days? Places so full of serenity that you wish to keep going back over and over again? Rustic Heritage Cottage Stay in Panchgani is one such place that will have your heart! The Javarmandis at the property had been hosting travelers for over a century now and you would love it when you hear the stories of their legacy over a cup of tea!

The surroundings are really peaceful, with lawns where you can take a morning stroll. The lush greenery all around sets you into a relaxing holiday mood. Against this verdant backdrop are the antiques and ancestral belongings which will take you back in time. There are a few games too like carrom and table tennis which you can play with your friends or kids and have a nice bonding time with them.

What we love about this monsoon retreat in Maharashtra

beautiful heritage interiors of a monsoon retreat in Maharashtra

One of the highlights of the stay has been its fabulous food. Have you tried out Parsi food and that too homemade? You're up for deliciousness here at this resort. Both non-veg and veg menu is great and the chef is a pro at personalizing your dishes just the way you’d want it. The Doodh Puff and homemade strawberry jam - these two are my favorites from the Rustic Heritage Cottage Stay! Take my words and get yourself a bottle of the jam.

Suitable for: The stay is great for friends, families, and also couplThere arere’s lots of places for the kids to run around and they are going to love it!

Time and Distance from Mumbai to one of the best monsoon retreats in Maharashtra: 4 hr 28 min (243.9 km) via Bengaluru - Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai - Pune Hwy and NH 48

Monsoons are magical and even more so in the Western Ghats. So, now that you are sorted with the most magical monsoon retreats in Maharashtra, why don't you add all these hill stations in the state to your monsoon bucket list. Need some travel inspiration? Then, you can go globetrotting around the world through the words of these top 15 travel bloggers. Or maybe you're creating your ultimate India bucketlist, now that international borders are mostly closed. So, make sure you add these top 20 places to visit in India. Now, with 15th August holiday just around the corner, check out these amazing Independence Day getaways near Mumbai. Umm... still not sure where to book the best getaways for your next holiday? Then click here for all our handpicked getaways near your city.

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