I think we all have been feeling an intense urge to pack the bags and travel to faraway places since 2021 begin. However, most of us haven't been able to spare time from the increasing responsibilities. But what if you could find a weekend and slip away to wonderful places? Maybe not long vacations, but at least brief getaways are better than nothing, right? I've got five safe and sanitized weekend getaways from Bangalore where your Ved can pose as Don or whoever he wishes to be.

Riverfront Family Resort, Kabini

safe and sanitized weekend getaways from Bangalore

Are you an animal lover? Do you like safari tours into the wilderness? You'd have surely heard of Nagarhole National Park. Yes, it is one of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries in Karnataka. So, why not have an adventurous weekend with the creatures of the jungle? Besides, it is a perfect excuse to stay at this luxurious riverfront resort.

What we love about this safe and sanitized Weekend Getaway from Bangalore

riverfront family resort, kabini

First of all, the resort being riverfront is not a fluke. It lies right on the banks of the river Kabini. Also, if you opt for the river-facing room, you'll get a breathtaking view of the Kabini backwaters. You can slide open the French windows and walk out to the sight of people happily boating and cruising over the gentle waters.

Besides, the rooms are spacious and cosy with soft interiors, just as you'd expect. Believe me, you won't be disappointed. Moreover, the infinity swimming pool also overlooks the serene backwaters. A pool with a view. How often do you get that?

Is that it? Of course not. The in-resort amenities include a wellness spa, jacuzzi, a library with a diverse collection of books, an indoor games room, and so much more.

Now, you certainly won't be able to stay holed up inside the resort the entire day. (No matter how much you want to) This is because you get to go on exciting safaris, cruise to Bheemankolli and try out kayaking and coracle boating.

I hope you liked what you found so far. Because trust me, I'm not exaggerating. Your stay at this riverfront resort is going to be so much fun that you'll wish to go back there again and again.

serene retreats near Bangalore

Suitable for: Why don't you gift your family an amazing experience that will always stay close to their hearts. Since you're here searching for safe and sanitized weekend getaways from Bangalore, this resort is a perfect choice.

Time and Distance from Bangalore: 4 hr 50 min; 215.2 km

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Remote Homestay in Coorg

safe and sanitized weekend getaways from Bangalore

In the vibrant hill station of Coorg, this homestay is tucked away into a secluded location. Determined to keep the traditional heritage alive, the owners have worked hard to create this serene haven that feels just like home.

What we love about this safe and sanitized Weekend Getaway from Bangalore

remote homestay in Coorg

When you wish to have a simple and restful getaway, instead of a swanky and ritzy one, this is the place to go. The cosy cottages with well-maintained lawns make the homestay a perfect place to return to after a long excursion.

I think the real charm of the place is the beautiful handmade floor tiles with vintage doors and pillars. It takes you back to how the houses of wealthy landlords in the past used to be.

Even though the homestay is quite remote, it is still an easy distance from several sightseeing spots. Talakaveri, Harangi Dam and Nisargdhama are a few amazing places to add to your itinerary.

serene retreats near Bangalore

Suitable for: This homestay in Coorg is one of the safe and sanitized weekend getaways from Bangalore. If you are a solo traveller or a family looking for simplistic stays, you'll love it there.

Time and Distance from Bangalore: 5 hr 23 min; 249.9 km

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Traditional Luxury Resort

safe and sanitized weekend getaways from Bangalore

Are you ready to experience the luxury of a five-star resort? That too with a stunning view of the Vembanad Lake! Kerela, as you know, is very popular for its tropical climate and spectacular backwaters. Planning to visit the state? Why not check out this incredible resort while you're there?

What we love about this safe and sanitized Weekend Getaway from Bangalore

traditional luxury resort

To begin with, the rooms are one of the most traditionally opulent ones that you'll ever find. It blends the touch of classic Indian designs with contemporary amenities to give an extraordinary result. Moreover, sitting in the verandah, in front of the beautiful lake while sipping on fresh coconut water- now that's my dreamland. What's yours?

Meanwhile, the highlight of this traditional luxury resort is the food. Surprised? Well, the resort's multi-cuisine restaurant serves a widespread menu of dishes ranging from Continental to ethnic Keralian delicacies. Since Kerela is famous for its spices, the burst of flavours is certainly going to blow away your senses.

But wait, there's more! A state boasting a long coastline surely calls for some seafood, right? At the banks of the lake, check out the seafood stall serving mouthwatering dishes with a picturesque view.

As for your early morning and late afternoon tea time, head over to Thattukada, the resort tea shop. What! There's a tea shop as well? Sit in the lush lawns and enjoy a hot cup of freshly brewed tea with some light snacks.

serene retreats near Bangalore

Suitable for: Searching for safe and sanitized weekend getaways from Bangalore for a family holiday? Or perhaps a romantic interlude? Or maybe a getaway with friends? If yes, then this resort should definitely make it into your bucket list.

Time and Distance from Bangalore: 11 hr 38 min; 590.6 km

Heritage Beach Retreat, Kovalam

safe and sanitized weekend getaways from Bangalore

Ever heard of Kovalam beach? It is near a small village hidden away into the embrace of nature in Kerela. The serene beach is a perfect place to relax and unwind. It feels almost as if you're in an entirely different dimension. Wouldn't you like to stay at a luxurious resort in this wonderful location? I hope yes because I'm pitching for this particular heritage beach retreat.

What we love about this safe and sanitized Weekend Getaway from Bangalore

heritage beach retreat

The resort is very much concerned about your experiences. They wish to make your getaway fun and memorable. And therefore, you'll find lots of activities to choose from.

Besides, if you're visiting with your special someone for a romantic holiday, how does a barbeque by bonfire sound? Just two of you, with flickering flames casting a warm glow as you enjoy the freshly grilled kebabs. Did I set an incredibly romantic image?

Here's another one. Take a motorboat to Golden Sand Beach. As the sun slowly cascades down into the Arabian sea stretched out vast in front of you, enjoy the chilled wine with only each other for company.

Pangs of lacking romantic moments hit you yet? It certainly did to me. Guess we now know where I'm off to next.

serene retreats near Bangalore

Suitable for: After the intimate moments I visualised for you, I'm sure I managed to convey how awesome this resort is for romantic getaways.

Time and Distance from Bangalore: 13 hr 15 min; 718.4 km

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Tropical Rainforest Retreat

safe and sanitized weekend getaways from Bangalore

Sometimes the answer to all your problems is a nature retreat. Maybe a calm and quiet retreat amidst rainforests and dense hills will clear your mind to find the solution. Or perhaps it will only give you a brief yet much-needed escape. Whichever it is, this topical rainforest retreat offers the gentle peace and solace that you need.

What we love about this safe and sanitized Weekend Getaway from Bangalore

tropical rainforest retreat

The rooms are styled in peppy colours that'll immediately cheer you up. Besides, the mesmerizing view of the hills and green-scapes each day will surely refresh your mind.

Moreover, the wellness spa is highly recommended by me. The soothing massages with aromatic oils and incense are focused on healing and detoxifying. As you emerge out of the spa, you'll feel like an entirely new person.

Since you're in such a magical place, try out bamboo rafting in the Periyar river. Surrounded by magnificent mountains while gliding across the pale blue waters, it is truly a tranquil experience.

serene retreats near Bangalore

Suitable for: Are you a solo traveller looking for weekend getaways from Bangalore to enjoy solitude? Because yes, this tropical rainforest resort is for you.

Time and Distance from Bangalore: 11 hr 38 min; 590.8 km

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We also have a few offbeat places near Bangalore for a fun weekend. And if you like beaches, then we have found you a few popular ones as well. Who does not like luxury? Especially when planning a vacation, you definitely need to check out these amazing resorts with luxury all around. To get more recommendations, head over to Yuyiii.


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