Are you working or studying from home in Bangalore? Do your days look endless and tiring? Well, the tonic you need to rewind and refresh your mind is a calming trip away from the hustle-bustle of the busy city. We’re here to your rescue! A one day trip from Bangalore is perhaps the ideal retreat for students with budget and time constraints to hold them back. So take your friends out, your family for a short and fun trip, or just ride solo. These scenic destinations are best enjoyed up close. So grab your backpack, get in the car and ride into the scenic escapades like there is no tomorrow! 

Amazing places for a One Day Trip from Bangalore

Looking for a quick but exciting one day getaway from Bangalore may sound like quite a task… but not anymore. From steep hills to lush greens to scenic lakes and heritage sites, there’s something for everyone. You don’t need to worry when Yuyiii has got your back! These picture-perfect views are best enjoyed with superhit music and the laughter of your friends. Maybe even a cup of steaming coffee! Whoever says that the journey cannot be as much fun as the destination is definitely wrong.


The magnificent Mysore Palace

Mysore is an enchantment of a city. Whether you are a history buff or a sucker for beautiful gardens, Mysore is the place to be. The magnificent palaces and extensive culture make it the best one day trip near Bangalore with family. Stay for a couple of days or take a short drive and experience the royalty!

The enchanting gardens for a fun picnic

Food and Accommodations: You will find all kinds of lodges and restaurants on the Bangalore-Mysore highway and within the city itself. Don’t forget to try the Kesari Bath! Trust us.

Road Conditions: Accessible and well-maintained

Nearest Petrol Pump: Many petrol pumps on the highway and within the city

Things To Do: Sightseeing, Photography, Shopping, Trekking

Nandi Hills

Bring your friends along to Nandi Hills for a memorable time

When it comes to taking a long drive from Bangalore, Nandi Hills is a crowd favorite. Not many people know this, but the hills house one of the oldest temples in the area. Experiencing the sunrise at Nandi Hills is one of the most Bangalore experiences you can have. So, bring some friends along for trekking trails and cycling, and have the ultimate one-day outing near Bangalore

Experience the magical sunrise at Nandi Hills

Food and Accommodations: You will come across a lot of restaurants nearby that serve all kinds of delicious food

Road Conditions: Steep turns, but well-maintained roads

Nearest Petrol Pump: Chickballapur

Things To Do: Trekking, Cycling and Adventure sports like paragliding


Love Trekking? Skandagiri is perfect!

Imagine trekking under the starlight and witnessing beautiful scenery complete with a moon? Of course, we’re talking about the gorgeous Skandagiri! Climb a hill, and you’ll find yourself walking among clouds. Yes, Skandagiri is the perfect one day drive from Bangalore for couples and friends. What’s more, it even makes for a scenic road trip!

At Skandagiri, find yourself walking among clouds

Food and Accommodations: From guest houses to resorts, you’ll find great stays in the vicinity

Road Conditions: Accessible and well-maintained

Nearest Petrol Pump: Chickballapur

Things To Do: Trekking, wine tasting in the vineyards, sightseeing


Fishing fans assemble!

Looking for trips around Bangalore that are different from hills and temples? Bheemeshwari is the place for you! The small town is a haven for fishing fanatics as it is home to one of the best game fishes, the Mahseer. With fishing camps, boat rides, and nature camps, Bheemeshwari will never fail to impress.

Don't miss out on exciting adventure camps

Food and Accommodations: You can experience various jungle camps and be close to nature or stay in resorts

Road Conditions: Accessible and well-maintained

Nearest Petrol Pump: Near Muthathi

Things To Do: Kayaking, zip-lining, camping


The famous Ramanagarm rocks that the iconic movie Sholay was shot on

Bollywood buffs assemble! Remember the rocky Ramgarg terrains from the iconic movie Sholay? It was shot right here! So take an office picnic or just enjoy the filmy hills with yourself, and watch it refresh you entirely! You deserve this day outing from Bangalore! 

Come experience rappelling at Ramanagaram

Food and Accommodations: You’ll find many food joints in and around the city offering multiple cuisines

Road Conditions: Well-maintained and accessible

Nearest Petrol Pump: Balageri 

Things To Do: Cave exploration, rock climbing, rappelling


Wild elephant safaris await you at Kabini

Wildlife enthusiasts have to hear us out! Kabini is one of the most adventurous wildlife getaways near Bangalore, part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. African jungle safari and nighttime wildlife forays are now a possibility! If you’re looking to add a romantic touch to your date, you can also take midnight boat rides together. We’re swooning!

Experience exciting boat rides in the wild

Food and Accommodations: Kabini offers a wide selection of food and stays options for all budgets

Road Conditions: Accessible and well-maintained

Nearest Petrol Pump: Sargur

Things To Do: Elephant safari, Kayaking, Boating, sightseeing in Kabini

Hogenakkal Falls

You need to witness the magic of the rains at Hogenakkal

Are you looking for waterfall destinations near Bangalore? In that case, what better place to wash your blues away than a breathtaking waterfall? Hogenakkal falls are the ideal way to enjoy the spectacular rainy season in Karnataka. So bring along a special someone and make this a trip to remember. 

Wash away your weekday blues at Hogenakkal Falls

Food and Accommodations: Basic accommodation and food services are available, but it’s good to bring along packed food from home or restaurants along the highway

Road Conditions: Accessible and well-maintained

Nearest Petrol Pump: Hosur

Things To Do: Photography, coracle ride, boat rides, dips!


Beautiful reservoir among lush forests at Manchanabele

Long drives in the rainy season are just something else, aren’t they? Manchanabele is the answer to your questions! The beautiful reservoir is surrounded by a thick and lush forest, making it the perfect escapade to rewind. In conclusion, we recommend this day outing in Bangalore! 

Manchanabele is most known for it's dam

Food and Accommodations: It would be best to carry packaged food with you

Road Conditions: Accessible and well-maintained 

Nearest Petrol Pump: Mysore Road

Things To Do: Birdwatching, sunset views, picnics


Indulge in rich culture at Lepakshi

Lepakshi is a beautiful place to visit for a one day trip near Bangalore with family because of its cultural significance. Mythologically, it is known as the place where Lord Rama granted Moksha Jatayu, a demi-god who took the appearance of an eagle. Complete with historical vibes and views because it is reminiscent of the Vijayanagar rule, Lepakshi is a destination you should definitely stop by.  

Lepakshi is reminiscent of the Vijayanagar rule

Food and Accommodations: You can find decent lodges and food in the area, but it can be convenient to bring packages of food from home 

Road Conditions: Accessible and well-maintained

Nearest Petrol Station: Chillamathur village

Things To Do: Sightseeing, photography, shopping

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